How to hook a hose bait

Aluminum rim as a hose holder

    I had an aluminum rim lying around at home for a long time, which during my lifetime developed too strong an attraction to curbs. But now this rim serves me as a tube holder, as the latter also had no fixed place in the garden.

    The simplest solution would of course have been to dowel the wheel directly to the wall using long screws. But that seemed a bit too unstable to me, because the screws could bend or they would have to be anchored very firmly in the wall in order to achieve the necessary pressure of the rim on the wall.
    Therefore I welded an assembly aid from iron scraps. Probably something like that can be realized more easily, but I always tend to overdimensioning :-). I also had exactly these iron scraps at home and didn't want to buy anything extra.

    Let's go - step by step

    I started with the cutting.

    The length of the assembly aid is around 30cm, with the length of the support surface being around 20cm. The main body consists of a 50x50x4mm shaped tube on which I welded two L-profiles (for screwing to the wall). The rim itself rests on a 25x30x2mm shaped tube.
    The distance from the wall is about 13cm for my bike. However, this value can vary from rim type to rim type.

    When everything is cut to size, it can be welded together.

    So that the rim does not wobble when installed, it should be screwed at at least 3 points. For this I welded two smaller L-profiles into which I then drilled two holes (13mm) with a distance of 6cm. This corresponds approximately to the screw spacing of a 5-hole rim.
    Then the 3rd hole must be determined. To do this, the rim is placed on the assembly aid that has not yet been completed so that two holes in the rim coincide with the two holes that have just been drilled. One of the three remaining holes should now be exactly above the shaped tube: mark and drill.
    M12 nuts are now welded to the back of the drill holes.

    Before painting, I drilled the mounting holes (8mm).

    Before painting, the shaped tubes should be cleaned with petrol or similar in order to remove the oil layer on the metal.

    Now the thing has to be on the wall, with size 8 dowels and 6x60 screws.

    I mounted the rim with 2x M12x30 and 1x M12x65 screws. Since the hose holder is located under a roof overhang, there is no need for stainless steel screws.

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