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Andrew Milling

When am I satisfied? When they cry like I cried The big day is coming, Carag! Then at the latest you will atone for choosing the wrong side. Or maybe sooner. Much earlier.
- Andrew Milling's mail to Carag (Holly's secret, Page 155)

Andrew Milling




Andrew Milling is a puma converter and the main antagonist of the WoodwalkersBook series. He tries to harm people with the help of other Woodwalkers.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Andrew Milling is sporty, muscular and tanned, with gray-blond hair and unusually dark eyes[3]. These are colored contact lenses, the actual color of the eyes is yellow[8]. He has a well-cut, angular face[9] and bright white regular teeth and often wears jeans, a white shirt and elaborate cowboy boots[3].

As a cougar, he's huge[10] and has cinnamon-colored fur[11].

Biography Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

Milling grew up with his parents in a rented apartment on the outskirts of a small town. His parents are both Woodwalkers: his father often goes hunting at night, which is why he is tired during the day, gets fired from his lumberjack job, can no longer find work, starts drinking and eventually dies from it; his mother seldom transforms into her second form. Milling himself often travels to the Sierra Nevada to take photos and make films, where he meets Elijah, who is also a puma converter, at a film workshop for schoolchildren. The two become friends and spend a lot of time together. After Milling finally became a nature filmmaker, he met Evelyn, a film producer and also a Puma converter. He has a daughter with her, June, and the family moves from Los Angeles to the Rocky Mountains. During his filming in Sweden, Milling met the moose walker Theo, with whom he quickly became friends.
In November eight years before the start of the WoodwalkersStoryline Evelyn and June go out into the snow in their puma form, where they are killed by a hunter. Milling finds this out through the hunter's website and tries to get the skins back, but only has enough money for Evelyn's. He kills the hunter in his second guise and resolves to become so powerful that no one can stop him, especially not because of money - which he finally succeeds in. Elijah, however, cannot endure Milling's grief and bitterness and cannot deal with his plans for revenge, so that he finally breaks off contact.
In order to get other converters on his side, Milling argues a lot with the suffering that humans inflict on animals and converters. He campaigns against hunting and the destruction of nature, but keeps a secret that he is not innocent himself: He once sold some people a wilderness area, which was then destroyed. The lynx-walker Arula, who used to live there, learns about it, but Milling threatens her so that she is forced to go into hiding. He continues to look for her so that the truth does not come out and he loses his allies.

Woodwalkers [edit | Edit source]

Milling plans a day of revenge against the people and gathers numerous allies around him, who come from all over North and South America and represent his misanthropic ideals. He is particularly interested in Carag, who he notices through an alleged attack on a campsite, so that he offers the boy to become his mentor. Carag accepts, which earns him respect, especially from the teachers at Clearwater High, but gradually finds out that Milling is spying on him - from Mr Jones and Rudy, but also from Theo. At a meeting at the Sierra Lodge, Carag learns of Milling's past and his hatred of people, so that he generally feels worse and worse about the man. This pressure also ensures that Carag initially fails his intermediate exam and finally he informs Milling that he does not want to support him in his plans. From then on, Milling became increasingly aggressive towards him and even tried to kidnap him, but apart from Mr Bridger - and Theo, who apologized for his espionage and renounced Milling - none of the teachers believed that the man had bad intentions. Only when Milling Carag's foster sister Melody kidnaps and Miss Clearwater witnesses the resulting fight between him and Carag does the headmistress believe the boy, notify the council of the converters and have a protection zone set up around Clearwater High. Now the other teachers are also opponents of Milling, but the council hesitates for a long time to actually convict the man due to a lack of evidence. Even the Ralstons do not believe Carag that milling is dangerous.
Milling succeeds in hiring the triple converter Goodfellow, who becomes one of his strongest allies. He also pulls the Clearwater High wolf pack on his side; henceforth Jeffrey Carag spied on for him and convinced other converters of Milling's ideals, including Berta and her father. During a school exchange in Costa Rica, Carag learns that Milling has numerous allies there too, so he uses a television interview to warn converters and people alike about the man. Milling then attacks him, Xamber, Mr. Bridger and Holly by sabotaging Mr. Bridger's car, but Brandon is able to prevent anyone from being harmed. Carag goes with Tikaani and Holly to the Sierra Lodge to confront Milling, but because he is supported by Sheila and Goodfellow, the three of them have to flee. However, you learn some information about the planned day of vengeance and also that Milling is urgently looking for something or someone named Arula.
As the day of vengeance approaches, Milling begins to let his followers carry out attacks on the people. Carag and his friends set up a Secret Ranger Club to counteract this and encourage such groups in the rest of the country as well. Frankie, who happened to work undercover for Milling for a while, learns more important information at Milling's base in New Orleans and Sierra manages to track down Arula. However, the two are discovered and attacked by Milling's henchmen, so it takes Arula a few days to reveal what she learned about the Puma converter. At the same time, Milling's Day of Vengeance begins, on which he incites his allies to kill people and especially their children. As a result, many of his followers turn away from him, including the wolf pack, but the remaining ones are all the more cold-blooded. There are violent arguments in which there are also some victims, but Milling himself remains in the background. He only shows up when he and his supporters besieged Clearwater High, but Carag manages to stab him in the back. Milling captures him and is about to kill him, but Miss Clearwater, Mr. Bridger and Miss Calloway use Carag's distraction to block Milling's ability to transform. At the same time, Miss Clearwater reveals what Arula has found out about Milling's knowledgeable wilderness destruction, so that his last followers turn away from him. Milling is picked up by members of the council the next day before his trial takes place a few days later. There it is decided that Milling's property should be confiscated and used for poor and disadvantaged human children and converters; Milling himself becomes life imprisonment in the zoo Sunny Meadows sentenced.

Carag's transformation[Edit | Edit source]

Milling becomes aware of him through the newspaper article about Carag's unsuccessful attempt at hunting. He calls the Ralstons on the pretext that Carag has won a competition and that he wants to hand over the prize to him personally. Carag immediately notices that Milling, like himself, is a Puma converter. He flatters himself with compliments to the Ralstons and gives Carag the "prize" - an expensive pocket knife and his business card. In private, Milling advises him to go to Clearwater High, which, to Carag, sounds more like an order.
One day after Carag's arrival, Milling sent him an email inquiring about Carag's progress and advising him not to make friends with too many herbivores.
After Carag's fight with the wolves, Milling calls him during class. He congratulates him on his victory and invites him to a meeting at his Sierra Lodge to discuss a few things with him.
At this meeting he first asks Carag if he would like to drink a beer and nods approvingly when the latter says no, before asking him about his pocket knife. Then he tells Carag about his story and how he came to his success before he asks Carag about his family - he knows that Carag tried to find them, but failed. Carag protests angrily that his family is by no means dead, and leaves Milling alone at the Sierra Lodge.
He writes another email to Carag after he and Brandon accidentally wrecked a car that night. He congratulates Carag for the action and Carag would like to show Miss Clearwater the mail to prove to her that Milling wants to harm people - but then has to discover that the message has automatically deleted itself after 120 seconds.
Shortly before Carag's intermediate combat exam, Milling appears with Sheila and his bodyguard to watch this exam. His people are sent outside, but he thanks him for being here and sits down with the teachers. After Carag's fight, Mr. Brighteye confirms with interest that Carag is his best student.
After Carag fails his transformation test, Milling speaks to him in private. He wants Carag to join him and doesn't even deny spying on him. He says that he could track down Carag's family for him and tells him that he should make up his mind by the next evening.
Carag calls him back after his escape from the hunting dogs and tells him that he will not support him. Milling gets angry with him and hangs up shortly afterwards. Carag notices a fly converter in the room: Milling's spy, who has reported to him about Carag for months.

Dangerous friendship[Edit | Edit source]

Carag keeps thinking of Milling's threat. While reading the newspaper, he learns that Milling has bought up two large companies and is becoming more and more powerful - and also that he has started a competition for people with a special relationship to nature, which will certainly serve to find new converter allies. A little later, on his first learning expedition, Carag saw posters from Milling: Milling wanted to be elected to the congress, which unsettled not only Carag but also Holly. Wing thinks it is good to have a converter in Congress, but Carag explains that Milling despises converters with weak secondary figures. Dorian fears Milling may shut down Clearwater High, which Brandon confirms. However, he also says that if the school closed, Milling would mess with all the converts in the West, which only partially calms Carag.
At the Ralstons, Carag finds out that Anna supports Milling as an election worker. When he tries to talk her out of this, he confesses to her that Milling is no longer his mentor. Donald blames Carag for it and doesn't believe him that Milling is dangerous - even when Carag reveals that he was being monitored. The Ralstons want Carag to reconcile with Milling, only Melody also finds Milling unsettling, so Carag asks her to stay away from him.
In order to win him over to his side, Milling tries to kidnap Carag. He sends Sheila and Derek to catch him in the swimming pool, but thanks to Henry Carag escapes. Theo takes him and his friends back to Clearwater High, but they are followed by a black SUV that is guaranteed to be Milling himself. However, Theo manages to reach the school, where Miss Clearwater welcomes them. She doesn't believe Carag that Milling is behind the matter, nor can he prove it.
Carag had previously suspected that there was another spy at the school and tried several times to catch him, but without success. After the swimming pool incident, his friends help him with his search: They ask Leroy, who was the only one who knew about the excursion, but Leroy denies everything. Shortly afterwards, Carag receives a call from Milling personally in which he tries again to get the boy on his side. He talks about walkers killed by hunters and how similar Carag is to him, then tells him that his parents are alive but don't want to see him. Carag doesn't want to believe him and asks where his parents are, but Milling refuses to tell him more as long as Carag doesn't support him. Carag threatens to warn people about him, but Milling hangs up without a word. Mr Bridger, whom Carag seeks advice shortly afterwards, tells him not to believe Milling.
The next day the friends wonder what exactly Milling could do to people. It's worse than death - thanks to Lou, Carag concludes that Milling is seeking revenge on his family, likely by killing human children. The friends notice that Milling has a lot of campaign events in schools ... and maybe scouting out how to get hold of these children. When Carag sees the bad-tempered Theo shortly afterwards, he realizes that he Millings must be a spy. Theo does not deny it and reports on his long friendship with Milling, but apologizes sincerely to Carag. He reveals that there is still a croissant spy and decides to withdraw from Milling's alliance.
Soon after, Carag learns from the Ralstons that Melody has been kidnapped. Instead of a ransom, the perpetrator demands that the hunt in the Rocky Mountains be stopped, which Carag finally confirms that Milling is behind it. Together with Tikaani, Mr Bridger, Holly, Brandon and the raven twins, he goes on a search, and finally Lou joins them. After a long search and a fight against Derek and two other bears, the friends find the hiding place, a small cave in the mountains. There is not only Milling in his puma form, but also the bear Mina and a grizzly. Lou lures this away so that the friends can take up the fight with the others. Carag engages in a fierce duel with Milling himself, in which Milling almost manages to kill him, but thanks to Shadow and Brandon, Carag also gets into this situation. However, he hesitates to kill Milling, so this frees himself and now runs towards Melody to kill her. This is thwarted by Miss Clearwater, who attacks him as an eagle and drives him to flight. She later apologizes to Carag for not believing him, but also says that she has informed the Council of Converters, which will stop Milling if it plans further attacks.

Holly's secret[Edit | Edit source]

Despite his victory over Milling, Carag remains troubled because he doesn't believe his enemy will give up so easily. From Theo he learns that Milling has found a special ally who could become his deputy and apparently has something to do with Clearwater High. Theo asks him to be careful: Thanks to Milling's influence in the converter council, Carag's enemy has not yet been arrested by the latter. After all, Miss Clearwater had created a no-go zone for Milling and his allies around the school. Carag also reports the rumors to Mr Bridger, and the teacher agrees to keep your eyes peeled.
During his study expedition with Jeffrey and Nell, Carag discovers that a bank has been robbed overnight. He wonders if Milling is behind it, because Nell had found a strange note with Puma weather at the scene. Brandon doesn't believe him, but Carag decides to check Milling's handwriting - but finds that he has no such note.
When Carag and his friends fight against Jeffrey's pack, they are attacked by a swarm of bat-walkers, through which the wolves win the fight. He tells Mr Bridger about it and both suspect that Milling sent the crush, even if Carag cannot explain the reason for it. However, Miro casually reveals that the wolves asked Milling for the bats, and also that they recently joined him. Since Carag cannot fall asleep, he asks Milling via SMS what has to happen in order to be satisfied, but immediately regrets the message because he reminded Milling of himself. He goes to Miss Clearwater to tell her about the wolves - there is again too little evidence, but the headmistress agrees to report it to the council as soon as they have more evidence. She also has a handwritten note from Milling, the same handwriting as the note at the crime scene. Milling has already replied to Carag's SMS: He will be satisfied when people cry like he did back then.On this big day at the latest, Carag will atone for choosing the wrong side, but maybe even earlier.
When it turns out that the new teacher Mr. Goodfellow is not only behind the current break-ins in Jackson Hole, but also has two animal figures, Carag comes to the conclusion that Milling must have had contact because of Milling's note. It quickly becomes clear to him that Goodfellow must be Millings' special converter and future deputy. The next time Carag meets the triple converter, it confirms his suspicion. The friends succeed in catching Goodfellow, so that an interrogation with the teachers takes place soon afterwards, in which Carag is also allowed to be present. There Goodfellow raves about Milling and its goals, which worries Miss Clearwater, since Milling has a lot of influence, including in the Council. Still, she doubts Milling could acquit Goodfellow.
A little later Jeffrey sneaks out into the forest so that Carag follows him. He fears that Jeffrey might want to meet with Milling and speaks to him about it when he is discovered. Jeffrey refuses to be talked about and calls on some of Milling's allies, including Sheila, some lynxes and the bats. During the fight that is now beginning Jeffrey disappears unobtrusively, Carag later only notices the helicopter with which Milling takes off from the nearby hill. Miss Clearwater realizes that Jeffrey has joined Milling but does not know what to do about it as it is not a criminal offense to ally with someone.
When Carag returns from visiting his family the following Sunday, there is great excitement at Clearwater High. He and Mr Bridger learn from Frankie that Goodfellow has escaped: Millings' ally has pretended to be the council's courier and helped him escape. Carag is certain that it was Jeffrey who informed Milling of Goodfellow's situation.

Alien wilderness[Edit | Edit source]

On the visiting day for the initiated at Clearwater High, Carag also discovers a puma, which he initially takes for Milling and is terribly shocked, but finally recognizes as his sister Mia.
A little later, Jeffrey appears with the rest of his pack at Miss Calloway's anthropology station and insults them and their lessons. He is of the opinion that people hate Woodwalkers because they are better than them - this is also what Milling says, about whom Berta's father would quickly like to know more. Berta arrives and raves about him, so that Carag realizes that Jeffrey must have advertised him. Carag leaves the room frustrated and notices two high school students watching a YouTube video Millings in which he talks about his big day and incites other converters. The two tell Carag that they are already looking forward to the big day.
Carag and Mr Bridger are concerned that Milling may have found out about their plan to take Xamber to the hospital, especially since they are not as well protected in the hospital as they are at school. Carag soon receives a mail from Millings, in which the latter threatens to kill his father if he tries to prevent him from pursuing his plans. Carag is happy to be able to temporarily forget about Milling in South America and asks Frankie to help him save the deleting emails in good time. Frankie shows him how to take screenshots and hopes Milling will soon leave Carag alone.
On the plane, Carag overhears Tikaani talking to the other wolves about Milling as if she had already met him as a human. Confused, he confronts her and learns that the pack had met Milling last week. He has only discussed secret matters with Jeffrey, but Tikaani has noticed two things: Sheila is worried about something called Arula, and Milling seems to have his allies guarding the Sierra Lodge.
At dinner the next day, Manuel speaks disparagingly about people. Carag thinks he sounds like Milling and it turns out that his enemy has many followers in South America and Manuel, King and Domino also admire him. He also has jaguar converters on his side that kill watchdogs. Carag tells the Ticos about Melody's kidnapping and Milling's planned attacks on the people, but although they understand that the kidnapping was wrong, they support the fact that Milling is ambushing illegal loggers. Manuel also plans to work for Milling and has already applied to him. Carag reports to Mr Brighteye about it and asks his opinion about Milling, whereupon the teacher says that he considers Milling and Goodfellow, now his deputy, to be very dangerous. When Carag suspects Miss Calloway might like Milling, Mr. Brighteye reacts surprisingly sharply, but does not talk about it further.
Carag thinks about the best way to thwart Milling's plans in South America and decides to use the television interview that Señor Cortante gave him - even if Holly and Brandon don't think it's a good idea. He also accidentally mentions the interview to Jeffrey and he immediately reports it to Milling. Soon after, Carag receives a threatening email from his enemy, warning him one last time not to get in his way if he doesn't want anything to happen to his family. This time Carag takes a screenshot, which he shows a little later to Señor Cortante and Miss Calloway - right after the interview in which he actually warned about Milling before the broadcast was aborted. Señor Cortante admits that he underestimated Milling and decides to let old police contacts play. Miss Calloway also keeps Milling she Andy calls for scary dangerous.
Back at Colegio La Chamba, the Ticos finally listen to Carag's warnings, only Manuel is still on Milling's side and tells King that too. Carag is looking for Miss Calloway to use her strange nickname and learns that she was with Milling for a few months, but broke up with him when he became more and more sinister and violent. Carag is relieved that his teachers do not support Milling.
Back at Clearwater High, Mr. Bridger reveals that Milling was planning to buy up the TV station and a television show in Costa Rica, but that deal fell through after Carag's interview. Carag knows Milling is angry with him now, but decides to take Xamber to the hospital anyway. There Mr. Brighteye and Miss Calloway keep watch at night and notice some suspicious bats, so that Carag and Mr. Bridger decide to get Xamber back from the hospital. He is confused about it and Carag tells him about Milling, to which Xamber reacts understandingly. Mr Brighteye notices suspicious weather, but Carag, Mr Bridger, Xamber and Holly set off with the car. It quickly turns out that the brake is defective - an ally of Millings must have sabotaged it. Brandon manages to stop the car as a bison, but is seriously injured in the process. Carag shows Miss Clearwater