What is a local authority reference number

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By providing a reference number when submitting a review, you will help the reviewed company to identify your order or your interaction with the company, to respond to your review and to resolve any problems.

This, in turn, can help consumers reading your review by giving them a more complete picture, as well as providing valuable input to businesses looking to provide great service.

Who can ask for the reference number?

Any company that has claimed their profile page on Trustpilot and their business account can ask reviewers for their reference number when submitting a review. This applies regardless of whether the company subscribes to the fee-based or free Trustpilot services.

What is a reference number?

A reference number can e.g. B. an order, order, booking, invoice, customer number or the like. be.

If the company you are reviewing chose to ask their reviewers for their reference number, you will be asked to provide this information before submitting your review. Once you've chosen the number of stars you want to give and start writing your review, a box will appear asking for the number:

Who can see my reference number?

If you provide your reference number, only the reviewed company and Trustpilot will be able to see your number after you have submitted your review.

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