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Refill Epson printer cartridges yourself: Instructions (with experience) for refilling Epson ink cartridges!

Printer ink is expensive - that's why many owners of an Epson inkjet printer are looking for it Alternatives to the Epson printer cartridges, when it says “change printer cartridge please” again.

A way out appears here next to compatible ink cartridges (still) the replenishment to be. Because yes You can refill Epson printer cartridges yourself- The question is how? And in the case of Epson, is it really worth it?

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For this reason we have given you in this post the most important tips for correct refilling(from our many years of experience), as Instructions for the cartridges of the main Epson printer models compiled. So you don't have to worry about getting dirty hands or a clogged printhead the next time you fill up with ink.

Find out here how to dispose of printer cartridges correctly!

Table of Contents

  1. General tips for refilling printer cartridges.
  2. Refill Epson ink cartridges yourself.
    1. Refill Epson ink cartridges 16, 18, 26, 29.
    2. Epson ink cartridges 33, 34, 35, T0711, T0712, T0891, T0892; Refill T0611, T0713, T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284, T1291 and T1301.

1. General tips for refilling printer cartridges: (top)

In this chapter we will give you first of all general advice at hand to you Problems with Refilling your printer cartridges to save. You should definitely read through (and take heed) - regardless of the manufacturer of your inkjet printer.

  • Do not wait until the cartridge is completely empty before refilling: As soon as the ink level indicator leaves you no choice but to change the cartridge, Is it late. Refilling such an empty ink cartridge with ink usually leads to air pockets in the printhead - and thus too unattractive stripes on your printouts. Certainly not a desired effect. It is best to do the refill while it is still at least a thirdthe old printer ink is in the cartridge.
  • Set the cartridge to be filled even before the start of the first work step with the nozzle plate on a piece of absorbent paper (e.g. kitchen roll) or close the ink outlet opening if it is not required for the refilling process. In this way you prevent that when the ink is injected, the base - or even your favorite shirt - is “beautified” over the long term. This also has the positive effect after filling that some ink is sucked out of the nozzles, which means that a continued good ink flow is guaranteed is. Because (almost) nothing is more annoying than a dried out printer cartridge.
  • Release the cartridge after filling still at least 5 minutes on the mat stand. This will suck up any ink that may come out of the nozzles and will not contaminate the interior of your printer.
  • Do not choose the cheap universal ink for refill ink: Even if this significantly reduces printing costs - optimal printing results don't expect any here. This guarantees only high quality ink, which costs at least around 10 euros per 250 milliliters.
  • Note the ink level: And do not fill the cartridge past this point. Otherwise, not only can ink leak (hopefully onto a piece of kitchen roll), but also subsequently your printer will not work properly become.
  • Use your own syringe and cannula for each color (including black).
  • To your hands from contamination due to (difficult to remove) printer ink to protect, the use of rubber gloves is recommended.
  • Refilled cartridges are used by most printer models not accepted, say as “empty” or “not original” displayed. Around to solve this problem you can either Reset the cartridge / chip, replace the original chip with an alternative chip or simply ignore the message (the easiest way). In case you are for the third option you must decide subsequently keep an eye on the ink level manually. You can do this e.g. B. by Weigh the ink cartridge empty (before refilling). Then, after some time of use, weigh them regularly. Once you are at it When it approaches your curb weight, refill it.

As already mentioned you can Printer cartridges so refill. The only thing that matters is professional refill instructions - as you can find them in this post. And above all, compliance with this.

However, if it is you too insecure should be your printer cartridges to refill yourself, then you stay as alternative still her to fill up. This service is offered by so-called Ink stations which can be found in abundance at least in larger cities.

2. Refill Epson ink cartridges yourself: (top)

As already mentioned you can refill almost all Epson cartridges with ink yourself - and in most cases this is quite easy. For most cartridge models it is simply sufficient here to drill a hole in the top, to fill in the ink and to close the hole again. Additionally there is for most of the manufacturer's printer cartridges so-called chip resetters, which reset the count of the cartridge chip to full, so that you can continue printing without any problems.

The catch is that this method especially rather unsafe, unclean and therefore disadvantageous is. In addition, there are now as good as so-called refill cartridges for all important Epson cartridges, which can be refilled easily, cleanly and safely. These are beyond equipped with alternative chips, which automatically reset the ink level to full. These Epson refill cartridges thus represent a real alternative to refill yourself.

We have you Nevertheless, the refill instructions for some of the most important Epson printer cartridges and inkjet printers are listed below. In principle, as already mentioned, the same procedure can be used here.

  • Remove the sticker from the top of the cartridge with a box knife or spatula. This will usually allow you to spot a weak spot in the wall. Say a point at which it is a little thinner.
  • At this point, drill an opening with a small hand drill.
  • Close the ink outlet on the bottom of the cartridge with the safety cap with which it was delivered. If you still have them. Otherwise there are special locking devices available for purchase for this purpose.
  • Now draw out the desired amount of ink (Find out about the standard filling quantity of the respective cartridge) with a syringe with a filling tip on.

Refilling Epson printer cartridges yourself is generally not too time-consuming. What it is, however, is quite unsafe, unclean, and unfavorable. Special refill cartridges are therefore (now) a real alternative.

  • Fill the cartridge slowly and carefully, so that the ink has enough time to spread and not overflow.
  • Pull the syringe back out of the cartridge and seal the opening with some hot glue.
  • Remove the guard and reinstall the cartridge in your printer.
  • If you have a chip resetter, you must of course reset the cartridge chip before reinserting it. If not, you usually have no choice but to continue printing without the automatic fill level indicator and keep an eye on the fill level of the cartridges yourself.

It is important to mention at this point, that you have automatic firmware updates for your Epson inkjet printer deactivate. These updates could otherwisethe use of refill products (or non-original cartridges) suddenly from a certain point in time prevent. To do this, look for in the control panel for the “Epson Software Updater” (Epson software updates). Here you select your printer model and go to "Auto Update Settings". There you select “Never” as the interval.

2 a. Refill Epson ink cartridges 16, 18, 26, 29: (top)

These find z. B. Use in the following Epson inkjet printers: Epson XP-245, XP-322, XP-332, XP-342, XP-345, XP-435, XP-315, XP-510, XP-600, XP-700, XP-800 (as well as their premium variants ). The Epson WorkForce WF-2650, WF-2860DWF and WF-2865DWF. The Epson Expression Home printers between XP-235 and XP-445 as well as XP-5100. The place where you need to drill the hole and fill in the ink can be seen in the picture below.

2 B. Epson ink cartridges 33, 34, 35, T0711, T0712, T0891, T0892; Refill T0611, T0713, T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284, T1291 and T1301: (to the top)

These find z. B. Used in Epson inkjet printers Epson Expression Premium XP-530, XP-540, XP-630, XP-635, XP-640, XP-645, XP-7100, XP-830 or XP-900. The WorkForce Pro WF-3700 and WF-4700 series. The Epson Stylus SX series, Stylus Office series and the Stylus S series. Here you drill the hole directly where the sticker bears the trademark of the cartridge (an orange).

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This brings us to the end of our guide and we hope that we have been able to help you refill your Epson ink cartridges with our tips and instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us in the comments.
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