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part One

A more detailed introduction (please read in full)

Marie Waas turned 18 this spring. She has long blonde hair to her shoulders and a sexy figure. And actually she is a completely normal girl with a completely normal family in a completely normal village. Her parents work in the local bank branch or at the local agricultural machinery dealer, Marie and her 16-year-old sister Finja go to the high school in the neighboring town 10 km away ... So everything is normal, but there is something that Marie's family differs from other families distinguishes: If Marie or Finja have done crap, they will be punished like everyone else with means such as house arrest, pocket money reduction, cell phone handover ... But not only that, sometimes the Waas family has a popovoll for the girls. Even for 18 year old Marie on the bare bottom. But Marie accepts that as long as she lives at home, she has to submit to her parents. At the end of the day she is also happy that, unlike Finja, she only `clapped` 3 times this year.

But there is this ritual for Sylverster at the Waas family, which distinguishes the Waas family from others. Every year Ms. Waas fills an Advent calendar for her daughters in the run-up to Christmas. You shouldn't think anything special, if it weren't for an empty white A4 note in the bag instead of sweets or small gifts on the 23rd. This note is the first part of what the Waas family calls the New Year's confession. In a nutshell, this goes like this: On the 23rd, the two girls fetch the white slip of paper from the Advent calendar and then, during the day, write everything they did in the past year on this slip of paper that their parents don't know about, and accordingly couldn't punish for it. Then the girls put the note in an envelope and put it on the kitchen table this Christmas Eve just before mass. On New Year's Eve, after coffee, both of them are punished for their misconduct. But since you have confessed `voluntarily` you get a Ben-U-Ron suppository after the Popovoll. So that the bottom doesn't hurt so much when everything has been paid for, even if Marie is actually 4 and Finja has not received any suppositories for 2 years.

In the middle / end of November Marie and Ms. Waas are alone at home baking a birthday cake for Marie's best friend when Ms. Waas suddenly speaks to her daughter: “Marie, you are now 18 and you are an adult and I talked to Dad about that yesterday I'm going to finish the Advent calendar for you and Finja. "Marie doesn't know what her mother is getting at and answers her while she is beating the eggs into the dough pot:" Yes, what? Even if I am an adult I would like to have another one! ”“ Of course you get that too! ”Marie's mother reassures me and then explains further:“ It's just like that, Dad and I were in disagreement about whether you are too old for New Years Eve - Confess or not. So we decided that it would be best if you were allowed to decide for yourself. ”Marie, who usually only perceives a Popovoll as uncomfortable and painful, feels as if her mother has offended her. New Year's Eve suddenly without the annual ritual, and thus without the feeling of starting the New Year completely free? Marie can't even imagine that. “But isn't that part of it?” She asks and Ms. Waas notices that Marie firmly assumed that it will be the same this year too. Therefore Ms. Waas makes the following offer to her daughter: “You don't need to answer immediately. Think about it, sleep 1 or 2 nights and then you let me know. But no matter how you decide, as soon as the advent calendar is full, nothing will be changed. ”Marie assures her mother that she will think about it and then let her know. Then they both turn back to the cake and other issues.

The next day, Marie is invited to her best friend Jana's birthday coffee. The big party with friends will take place on the weekend, so today there is only coffee with family and your best friend. After all the other guests had left Marie helped a little tidying up and now the two young women are sitting in Jana's room and gossiping about God and the world. In the middle of the usual gossip, Marie becomes a little more serious: "Jana, I need your advice!" To which Jana happily asks: "Who is it about? Leon or the sweet Mats? "" No, not because of Junx, "replies Marie and then explains:" We have such a ritual for Christmas or New Year's Eve, which is actually totally childish. But somehow I can't imagine what it's like without him. Now mom asked me yesterday whether I still want the ritual this year or not and I should let her know the days. ”There is a short pause and then Jana asks:“ But you don't mean this strange thing where you get spanked? That you told me about 5 years or so ago? When I wasn't allowed to celebrate New Year's Eve with you? ““ Yes! “And Marie turns bright red. Jana puts an arm around Marie and explains in astonishment:“ I didn't understand then what is great about being spanked. I'm soooo glad that 2 months ago I hopefully had to let my pants down for the last time because of the 6 in maths. ”“ A Popovoll is also totally nasty, but it has something liberating. That’s something else. You also get the Popovoll? "Explains Marie and asks whereupon Jana says:" Yes, but lately, thank God, less and less and now I'm an adult anyway. I thought you knew that! "" I suspected it for the last few years but didn't know for sure. I'm also glad that I hardly clap any more. ”Interrupts Marie. There is another short break in which the two girls sit next to each other in silence. Then Jana breaks the silence: “Marie, can it be that your decision is already made? But you don't know how to tell your mother? ”Again Marie blushes and stutters:“ Yes, I think so. ”Then Jana gives her the tip:“ I can imagine that you are attached to Christmas rituals, with us it will be yes Even the living room is locked every Christmas before the presents are presented, although we are all adults now. But not why you want to be spanked. But that's your business. Somehow tell your mother that only you two understand. "" What do you mean? "Asks Marie, who doesn't know exactly what your best friend means. "By somehow saying something to Bettina like ..." Jana thinks about it shortly before she continues: "Mom, I can't comb my hair again this year for Christmas, we need the brush for something else like every year. And now I don't want to let go of my pants anymore! I have my 18th today! "

Marie thanks her for the fact that Jana listened to her despite her 18th birthday and then the two of them celebrate until Marie has to go home at half past ten.

The next afternoon, Mr. Waas is still at work, Finja attending riding lessons and therefore Marie and Mrs. Waas alone at home. Marie sits down on the sofa with her mother who is watching TV. Actually to say the sentence that she put together all morning in school. But instead of just saying it, she stares at the television. After Marie sits tense for a long time next to her mother, she asks: “Marie, is something?“ “No,“ replies Marie, only to contradict herself immediately: “Yes! For Christmas I need paper for my annual list. ”Ms. Waas smiles:“ You mean from the advent calendar? ”Marie nods and Ms. Waas then tells her:“ I was right, Papa was of the opinion that you would take advantage of it you're 18 now. ”That said everything and Marie goes back to her room to work on her chemistry lecture.

Time flies and it's December 23rd. Marie and Finja have been on vacation since yesterday and therefore slept in for the first time today. Mr Waas has already woken up his two daughters at 10 am to pamper them with breakfast. After breakfast, the two girls go to the advent calendar, Marie in safe knowledge, Finja with what they consider to be an unpleasant expectation. Both of them open the little bag with the number 23 embroidered on it on their Advent calendar and take out the blank piece of paper that is supposed to be in it. Mr. Waas is now standing behind his daughters and asks: "You know what to do with it?" Whereupon Finja starts to twitch loudly and Marie's "YES" drowns out that she didn't want it, that she only applauded 2 weeks ago, and it would be too old for suppositories. At the end Finja makes it clear that she will not fill out the slip and then disappears upstairs to her room. Mr. Waas calls after her: "Finja!" But Marie stops him with the words: "I'll do it." Then she goes after Finja. In their room, she sits down on the bed with her sister and discusses the whole thing with her. Marie explains to Finja that she should see it as a ritual which is part of the end of the year, she even asked for it this year ... At the end she warns her little sister to make the mistake she made when she was 16, namely not to fill out the slip of paper. Because then, according to Marie's warning, her parents would appreciate the length of the list and really hurt their bottom afterwards. Besides, there would be nothing to relieve pain.

When Marie thinks she has convinced her sister, she goes into her own room, sits down at her desk and fills her note with content. When, despite thinking again, she can't think of anything else, she folds the piece of paper. Then she puts it in an envelope, seals it and writes `Marie` on the front.

Until the next afternoon, on Christmas Eve, no more words are said on the notes. But when Marie, shortly before going to church and putting her envelope on the kitchen table, she is relieved that someone with `Finja` is already there.

Part II

There is clapping, but no applause.

The Christmas holidays and the days thereafter pass and it is the afternoon of December 30th. Mrs. Waas calls her daughters for traditional coffee and cake. Both come down from their rooms and sit at the dining room table. On the way there, Marie fell that the "beloved" brush, which has probably never been combed with, was already lying on the coffee table, two single, still wrapped suppositories, the cream jar and the two envelopes. She gets a little warm at the sight of it, but now leans on a large piece of cherry cake. At the end of the coffee table, Mr. Waas raised the floor to his daughters: “Finja, Marie once again a year is coming to an end. This is always a good reason to get rid of contaminated sites. To then start the new year free and full of good resolutions. So please go to your room and put on your pajamas. Mom or I will then call you back down one after the other. "

So they both go upstairs and Marie cheers her sister up: “You are very brave!” Then she goes into your room, puts the pajamas ready and strips down to her underwear. With the slip she thinks for a moment because she has to take them off one way or the other, but since she has volunteered, she imagines a chance that it may stay on. So she puts on her pajamas and sits in front of the computer to shorten the waiting time. Since Finja is called first, it takes a while until it is her turn. But then she first hears her sister walking into her room crying and then calling her mother: "Marie, will you come down please!" Marie goes down into the living room. Her parents are waiting for her there, her father with her envelope in hand. Marie notices that there is only 1 suppository left on the table, but Finja's pajamas and panties are neatly folded up on the armchair. Mr. Waas speaks to Marie: “Marie, Mama and I are proud of you and your desire to hold on to rituals. I didn't expect you to make that decision, mom did. But now I don't want to keep you waiting. ”Then Mr. Waas tears open the envelope and unfolds Marie's note. He and Ms. Waas read through the list and then, like every year, Mr. Waas says: “These are actually only small things, but in general it makes sense to us that you get a Popovoll for it. Please take off your pants! ”Marie takes off her pajama pants and gives them to her mother, who folds them up neatly and places them with Finjas. Marie hesitates with the panties and her father asks her: "The panties too!" "But ..." Marie tries, but her father interrupts her: "Nothing but, you know that the Popovoll is on the naked!" So Marie pulls the panties and gives it to her mother too.

Then Marie's parents sit down next to each other on the sofa while Mr. Waas takes the brush in hand. Ms. Waas asks her daughter: "Marie, you know how to lie down!" Marie lies down on her parents' laps. So that Marie presents her bottom to her father and her head lies in her mother's lap. Then she puts her left hand on her back and her father holds her tight. Ms. Waas strokes a strand from Marie’s face and then Mr. Waas asks: “Marie, are you ready?“ “Yes!“ Replies Marie and then she feels the first painful brush hitting her left buttock. Even while Marie tries to hold back an ouch, there is already a clap on the right. After the 5th or 6th beat, Marie can no longer pull herself together and lets many people hear loud "Ah", "Uhh" and "Ouch", and she begins to fidget. Mrs. Waas caresses Marie's face and comforts her: “You are very brave and you got over it right away.” But Marie knows that it will take a while, because her father increases the force with which the brush hits her bottom. Marie tries to kick herself free but that's why she is only held tighter. So the first big tears roll down Marie's face. At this moment she regrets that she even asked for this Popovoll. Because while the brush alternately hits your buttocks in quick succession, they are now burning like fire. Then Marie finally notices how her father no longer "works" her buttocks himself but rather the transition from the bottom to the thighs. Finally, because she knows that she will soon be over it. On the other hand, she knows and notices that this area is particularly sensitive and therefore the brush is particularly painful there. Mrs. Waas speaks comfortingly and reassuringly to Marie, but she doesn't really hear that because she's now whining and howling like a castle dog. At the end Marie stops fidgeting and just lets it cry over her. Also, she no longer feels the individual hits of the brush, but only a slightly pulsating pain all over her bottom. Then the clapping on Lisa's bottom suddenly stops and Mr. Waas announces to her: “Marie, you did it! You can get up! ”Marie stands up shakily and does not cover her shame with her hands like in front of the Popovoll, but just plunges as quickly as possible into the comforting arms of Mrs. Waas. Even if Marie can only cry because of her painful bottom, this liberating feeling arises in her that she told her best friend about.

After she has calmed down a bit, Mr. Waas addresses Marie by name. Marie sobs a barely understandable yes and her father continues: >> Since you confessed to us about your misconduct and were very kind and brave during the popovoll, you will now get a suppository so that your butt does not hurt so much for so long . Because now everything is settled and forgiven. Marie, please lie down on the sofa so that we can insert the suppository for you. "

Marie timidly detaches herself from her mother's comforting arms and very carefully lies down on her back on the sofa. When she first sits down on the sofa, she squeals because her battered bottom hurts a lot when it comes into contact with the fabric cover of the sofa. Finally she lies down and continues crying and sobbing all the time: “Ouch, my bum“ Mrs. Waas lifts Marie's legs and calms her daughter down further: “It will be better in a minute, you survived it. I know it hurts! ... “Marie feels how her father puts cream on her rosette. Marie doesn't care that he has just seen Marie's shame and is now fiddling with her asshole, she just wants to cry because of her bottom. Then she sees, blurred by the tears, how Mr. Waas unpacks the suppository. When she feels the thick tip of the uvula on her rosette, she wishes that it would finally disappear in her and develop its pain-relieving effect. She used to always hate those things, but at the New Year's confession it was somehow always different.Now she finally feels how her father first inserts the uvula and then his finger deep into her bottom. The finger felt strange but not uncomfortable in the buttocks but then Mr. Waas pulls it out again and announces: “So Marie, all over, you can go to bed now. Marie jumps up, lets her mother hug and comfort her again, and then goes upstairs without putting on her pants again.

Following a spontaneous suggestion, she does not go to her room but to that of her sister.

Marie sees Finja weeping and lying on her stomach on the bed with a red bottom. She asks Finja, sobbing: “Is your suppository already working?“ Marie gets the answer from Finja: “Yes, thank God something. Tell me, did you piss your pants? ”Only now does Marie feel the warm, moist rinsal along her legs and nod, crying harder again. “It doesn't matter, it happens to me every now and then. Come and lie down with me! ”Marie lies down next to her sister, also on her stomach, and cuddles up to her, crying.

After a while, Marie calms down, among other things because of the effect of the suppository. Then they talk for a while about what they have just experienced and mutually confirm the special liberating feeling that comes up more and more.

The two sisters fall asleep next to each other unusually early, at times when only kindergarten children go to bed.

Marie wakes up around 10 when she notices someone spreading her hot buttocks. She looks sleepily into the face of her sister who, also oversleep, explains: "Mama gives us another suppository." Marie already feels the cold cream on her rosette. Then Mrs. Waas puts on the suppository and then, like this afternoon, Mr. Waas first inserts the suppository and then her finger deep into Marie's bottom. Then Mrs. Waas pulls her finger out again, says good night to her daughters and leaves the room.

“Did Mum and Dad put their whole fingers in your buttocks when you gave your suppository?” Marie asks her little sister and she says yes. “They didn't do that otherwise. Somehow a strange but also not an unpleasant feeling. "Marie muses to herself and Finja confirms that:" That's true, but we can talk about it tomorrow. Now let's sleep. "

Marie gives Finja a kiss and both of them quickly fall asleep with one suppository each in their red buttocks.

The next morning, both of them wake up inspired by the New Year's confession and feel free of all the legacies of the past year, ready to celebrate New Year's Eve and start the New Year fresh.


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