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How are seawater cultured pearls created?

The breeder initiates the growth of a pearl by inserting a mother-of-pearl core into the shell and a piece of tissue from another shell. A so-called pearl sack is then formed in which the core used is surrounded by layers of mother-of-pearl, which over time form a pearl.

How are cultured pearls grown?

Cultured pearls grow like natural pearls inside the shell. The difference is that the pearl's growth is not triggered by a natural accident, but by conscious human intervention. This consists in inserting a small part of the mantle tissue of one shell into another shell - usually together with a mother-of-pearl core.

In which shell are pearls?

There are many shells that are capable of forming pearls, but only a few species are in demand for jewelry making. In the case of sea shells, this mainly includes the genus Pinctada. These are also used to grow pearls:

The pinctada maxima is used for growing South Sea pearls, the Pinctada margaritifera cummingii for growing Tahitian pearls, for Akoya pearls one uses Pinctada martensii, Pinctada chemnitzii and, more recently, a cross between these two species. An example of a clam that can produce natural pearls that are of no value is the blue mussel. Many a person who was surprised to find tiny pearls while eating was disappointed to find that no one is interested in them. Small pearls are less common in oysters, but they are not in demand either.
In freshwater mussels, the pearl-forming genus of the margaritifera native to Europe and North America is of importance.

In Asia, the genus Hypriopsis is very important for pearl formation. In Japan one finds the Hyriopsis schlegeli, in China the Hyriopsis cumingii. Both types are used to grow freshwater pearls.

Where do pearls grow?

Pearls grow in bivalve sea clams and freshwater mussels as well as sea snails such as abalone (Haliotis), conch snail (Strombus gigas) or the top snail (Trochus niloticus)

What pearls are there?

Almost all pearls that are made into jewelry today are cultured pearls. Wild natural pearls can actually only be found in museums or as collector's items. The most important pearls are Chinese freshwater pearls or Japanese Akoya pearls grown in the sea, dark Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia and white or gold South Sea pearls from Australia, Indonesia or the Philippines.

Why are pearls so valuable?

The pearl is a natural product. Only a small percentage of a large harvest meets quality criteria such as high gloss, clean surface finish and beautiful shape and is valuable. Misshapen pearls with many clearly visible growth marks and little sheen can be acquired for little money; they are not considered valuable.

Which pearls are the best?

The South Sea pearl is known as the queen of pearls and is considered to be the most valuable pearl. It is usually of impressive size and has a beautiful sheen that seems to come from inside the pearl. South Sea pearls are available in white and gold tones. The breeding areas are mainly in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Which pearls are expensive?

With similar quality criteria in terms of pearl luster, purity of the surface, roundness of the pearl shape and pearl size, the freshwater pearl is the cheapest variant, followed by the Akoya pearl, then the Tahitian pearl and finally the most expensive cultured pearl, the South Sea pearl.

What are Swarovski pearls?

These are synthetic pearls. They have a core made of Swarovski crystal, which has been coated with rubbed mother-of-pearl.

What do pearls say?

In ancient times, people had no explanation for how a pearl was made. Fascinated by its perfection and rarity, they believed it was a gift from the gods and gave it a mystical meaning: Even today, the pearl still stands for purity, beauty and love.

What does "throw pearls before swine" mean?

Pearls are considered something precious. They have a value that swine cannot understand or appreciate. So the saying means: something valuable and useful is offered; but this cannot be recognized and appreciated in its importance by those who are supposed to benefit from it.

What does give pearls mean?

In ancient times, pearls were considered a gift from the gods, a symbol of purity and love at weddings, and a manifestation of power with spiritual and secular rulers. A pearl gift is still something special today. Pearls have lasting value. With good quality and care, they will give you a lifetime of pleasure. That is why it makes sense to give pearl jewelry as gifts on special occasions, on an occasion that you will remember fondly later on, e.g. for a wedding, wedding day, passing an exam, birthday, Valentine's Day ...

Pearls are a very individual, personal gift in several ways. Not only does the giver have to think about which pearl jewelry will best suit the recipient. Pearls are natural products and therefore no pearl is exactly identical to another. In addition, the shiny pearls reflect their surroundings, the skin on which they are worn. When two women wear the same necklace, the shine and hue can look so different, as if they were different pieces of jewelry.

Where can I buy pearls?

A supplier who specializes in pearls is passionate about what they do, knows a lot about pearls and carefully selects pearl strands and individual pearls piece by piece from a large number of pearls. In the best case scenario, the supplier has a particular interest in explaining to his customers exactly what defines the quality and beauty of pearls. Only then is it possible for you as a customer to collect enough information and knowledge to develop your own judgment about the quality and which pearls suit you or the woman receiving the gift.

With us you will not only find a large selection, but also a particularly high quality that stands out from mass-produced goods and detailed personal advice. Do not buy based on price alone: ​​Do not fall for sellers who advertise their pearls in superlatives and provide them with quality criteria that do not even exist, such as: B. AAAA +++. In reality, AAA is the highest quality level. There is no more than that! Don't be fooled by brand names: the pearls with the luxurious names come from the same pearl farms, but with a surcharge for the brand name only. If you are familiar with the quality criteria for pearls, you can save a lot of money.

If you buy pearls online, look for a shop with an independent rating seal, such as Trusted Shops. The customer opinions usually give you a pretty good picture of the quality of the goods and the customer service. Also pay attention to the return options.