How to fix a behringer truth b2030a

Behringer Truth B3030A (pair)

When it comes to studio recording, you want HONESTY. In fact, depending on how important your art is to you, you should demand that too! That's why we developed the new B3030A and B3031 studio monitors that don't reproduce anything other than the TRUTH. They also sound good as stereo speakers in your video surround system, of course, but they are actually designed for studio applications where every note you sing or play is "under the microscope".

Built according to a legend

Our TRUTH B2030A and B2031A monitors have been so successful we have sold thousands of them to some of the most critical ears on our planet, ears that demand a neutral sound from a true reference monitor. So we knew from the first moment we started this project that these monitors were going to be special, and indeed, they are.

Years of research and development

Over the past two years, our research and development department has been tasked with creating the “perfect” studio monitor. Since the TRUTH B2031A became the industry standard, our engineers have decided to keep going there and see how far you can go to the limit. They tried out different drivers and housing shapes as well as existing technology and future technologies. When the dust settled, they chose an ultra-high-resolution 2 ”ribbon tweeter and a long-throw Kevlar membrane speaker in a torsion-resistant aluminum chassis.

Why Kevlar?

Glad you asked. Kevlar has a very good stability-to-weight ratio, which is why it is used in bulletproof vests. Kevlar gives our woofers the strength to reproduce extremely high-energy levels of body-crushing bass signals without distortion. And due to their low mass, Kevlar drivers can react much faster than cardboard cones, which is important for a clear reproduction in the midrange. Our Kevlar speakers can reproduce the deepest notes cleanly without blurring the midrange.

What kind of funny looking tweeter is that?

Ribbon tweeters bring a level of accuracy and perfection in high frequency reproduction that was previously unattainable with studio monitors. They produce a wide horizontal radiation while the vertical alignment remains narrow. And because our ribbon tweeter is almost weightless, it can react immediately and quickly to changes in the high frequency range. Now you can not only hear the lovely sound of a flute, you can also hear the breath that goes through the instrument. You hear the bell bars swinging against each other. You can hear fingernails on the strings of an acoustic guitar.

Another reason ribbon tweeters are so incredibly precise is their ability to reproduce frequencies well above normal hearing. Although we cannot hear these “ultrasound” tones directly, the lower harmonics they create affect the way we perceive space. For example, a 30kHz. Signal is too high to be heard directly, but we can hear the first subharmony (15kHz), the second subhormony (7.5kHz) and the third subharmony (3.75kHz). All of these sub-harmonies sound together with the root note and produce amazing authenticity.

Power to the people

However, it takes more than just a “bulletproof” loudspeaker and a high-tech ribbon tweeter to build a studio monitor in this class. It also requires amplifier power, plenty. And the most important thing: the amplifier output must be perfectly matched to the speakers. That is why we have developed all components from scratch.

We have built a 225-watt power amplifier in biamped technology (including a phase and time-correcting active crossover) into every B3031A (110 watts for the B3030A) to guarantee that you always have the power reserves you need to really do it to make loud.

Designed to work in your environment

The ideal environment for listening is a “linear” room that has neither too many reflections nor too much absorption. But since all rooms are acoustically different, the TRUTH monitors can be operated in a wide variety of environments. Switches allow you to adjust the bass and treble characteristics for optimal reproduction in your listening environment.

The lineup is also critical. If possible, all loudspeakers should not be positioned directly on walls for a clean bass reproduction. But do not worry, the B3030A have switches for room adjustment so that they can be placed directly on walls or in corners. One or two switch positions are sufficient to enable honest bass reproduction.

No fatigue, wide radiation area

Some of our competitors' studio monitors have a defined focus of sound radiation, an optimal listening position for a pair of speakers. Our horn design is designed for a wider, more open listening area. This means that you don't have a hole in the carpet where the sound sounds best. You can move freely in the area of ​​the stereo image to find the ideal position for the individual instruments or effects in the mix.

You will also feel no "listening fatigue", an effect that occurs when you are exposed to strong high mid-range and treble signals for hours, a great advantage in all the night-long mix sessions that strain your nerves.

Hearing is believing!

We could keep boring you with all the technical details, but hearing the TRUTH will make you believe.

From the “bulletproof” Kevlar loudspeaker to the silky sheen of the ribbon tweeter, we believe that nothing comes close to the B3030A / B3031A in this price range.

Compare them with the competition and own BEHRINGER!


  • Ultra linear frequency response with individual frequency diagrams
  • Integrated 80 and 35 watt power amplifiers with enormous power reserves
  • Ultra high resolution, 2 ”velocity ribbon converter for the ultimate in sound reproduction
  • Widely deflecting 6 ¾ "woofer with deformation-resistant Kevlar cone and die-cast aluminum chassis for the ultimate bass response
  • Controlled dispersion properties and an extremely large "sweet spot" thanks to the innovative BEHRINGER Wave Guide technology
  • Active crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters
  • Adaptable to a wide range of acoustic conditions and subwoofer operation
  • Separately controlled limiter for overload protection of bass and treble
  • Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors
  • Servo-balanced inputs with XLR and 6.3 mm TRS connections
  • High-quality components and extremely robust construction guarantee a long service life
  • Conceived and developed by BEHRINGER Germany
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