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Hyphenation for 'trekker'

Showing how to split the syllables of 'trecker'.

The hyphenation (or word hyphenation) at the end of a line is done for economic reasons (a word no longer fits completely on a line) and aesthetic reasons (the page is filled more evenly). In many languages, including the German language, the main basis for word separation is breaking up compound words into their components and then breaking them down into syllables.

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A tractor (plural tractors, from the Latin trahere, 'to pull', or 'to drag'), also called a tractor, field tractor, bulldog or even just tractor, is a tractor that is used in agriculture to pull and drive agricultural machinery. Since tractors are used on unpaved ground and arable land, they are designed for high off-road mobility and robustness. Modern tractors therefore often have all-wheel drive and a differential lock.
In addition to agriculture, tractors are used in forestry, municipal operations, horticulture, emergency services (fire brigade, THW), airports and construction (road construction, earthmoving, gardening and landscaping). In northern and central Germany, tractors are also referred to by the term tractor, which is derived from the Low German word trecken ("to pull"). In southern Germany, the terms bulldog or tractor are sometimes used as a synonym for tractor. In Austria and Germany, the official traffic law name for a tractor is a tractor.

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