Know who you're standing in front of

"Know who you are standing in front of!"

Angela Breidbach's House of Remembrance
in the small synagogue in Erfurt

In front of the Torah shrine of the Small Synagogue Erfurt is on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 3 p.m. an installation by the Hamburg artist Angela Breidbach to experience in the place for which it was created.
The starting point for Breidbach's “House of Remembrance” were found objects - two historic bathroom mirrors from 1924 from Walter Gropius built Haus Auerbach in Jena, which was given to her in 1995 by the new owners of the house. In a highly metaphorical way, she brings the two mirrors into a location reference to the Torah shrine, above which the words “Know who you are standing before” are written in Hebrew letters. Here they are reminiscent of the Mosaic Tablets of the Law and activate the shrine's historical tasks. The mirrors, in which the pictures of the Auerbachs, according to Breidbach, are more or less still contained, thus become tablets in memory of the Jena Jewish scholar couple persecuted by the Nazi regime Anna and Felix Auerbach. The viewer can enter the house virtually; In front of the mirrors, he symbolically takes on the suppressed perspective of the perpetrators, which dissolves when he deciphers texts in them that have been entered in mirror writing on a paper curtain.

At the opening on September 21 at 3 pm, Angela Breidbach gives an introduction to the work and reads passages from Anna Auerbach's “Family Chronicle 1850-1905” (with the kind permission of the Leo Baeck Institute New York). Gotthard Lemke, Jena, plays the accordion.

The artistic installation is accompanied by documentation on 11 panels. After the opening, it can be seen on the women's gallery of the Small Synagogue until October 18, 2015. The exhibition was realized with the kind support of JenaKultur and the church district of Jena.

Dr. Angela Breidbach is a visual artist and holds a doctorate in art history. She lives and works in Hamburg, where she researched for four years at the University of Fine Arts. In her art and writings, she has dealt extensively with issues of memory. She currently teaches theory at the Institute for Philosophy and Art Studies at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and artistic design at the btk Berlin / Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Her habilitation thesis on shadows in contemporary art is in print.