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Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty: Short Hair

We've talked about some fashion items that guys don't love: gladiator sandals and high-waisted jeans. But what about beauty choices? I am a sucker for short hair. (A pixie cut reminds me of Tinkerbell! So cute!) But guys seems to beg their girlfriends to grow out their hair. My boyfriend basically cringes when I say I'm going to the hairdresser - even if my mane is scraggly and full of split-ends. What gives?

Also, a funny story from my short-haired friend ....

My blonde friend L. has an adorable short hair cut. One night, she was at a party, when a guy walked up to hit on her. As the most backhanded compliment ever, he said, "Most guys hate short hair, but I think you look cute." Um, what? Critical dude alert!

Have you girls noticed the same thing? Do guys prefer when your hair is long? Or have you had awesome luck with short hair? What do you think: Is short hair guy-pretty, girl-pretty or both?