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Neuva vehicle

Neuva vehicle

Neuva vehicle (ノ イ バ ー ・ フ ォ ル ツ ォ イ ク)

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Neuva vehicle (ノ イ バ ー ・ フ ォ ル ツ ォ イ ク Noibā Forutsoiku) is a major antagonist in The Brave Police J-Decker.


When Neuva was young, his mother, Eva Fahrzeug was apprehended and sealed away for unethical human experimentation. Later in his life, he began working with Excellent Co, taking on the alias "Tony Crusader". He worked alongside Victim O'Rand, eventually killing him and replacing him with a robotic duplicate who would help him to achieve his goals.

A while after Victim was apprehended for his attacks against the Brave Police, Neuva helped him break out, meeting up with the now heavily-damaged Victim and killing him again, repurposing his Super AI unit into another robot. He then proceeded to launch an attack against the facility where his mother was being held and freed her, boarding the Big Mother flying fortress with her to cause chaos throughout the whole world.

The pair did manage to cause chaos and destruction throughout much of the world through their ability to control machines using the Fahrzeugronne Chip (including those with Super AI), but ended up being stopped by the Brave Police, although they were able to avoid arrest. They later returned, attempting to kill Yuuta Tomonaga, but were stopped at the last second, and fled back to the facility where Eva had been held to return to being frozen forever.