What is energy consumption in India

comparison of Sunhours and Energie consuption in India and Germany

Hours of sunshine

In India it was hot in January with an average sunshine duration of 6 hours a day. In Marienberg, the temperature was around 0 ° C and it was usually cloudy, so the average sunshine duration compared to India was much lower. In April we had an average of 7.5 hours of sunshine per day in Germany, in India it was almost twice as high with 11.5 hours per day. The costs for solar technology are similar in Germany and India. In India, however, solar technology would be twice as effective. Although this is true, few Indian homes have solar panels on their roofs. In Germany, a larger number of residents receive solar power. From this it can be concluded that it would be useful and important to further develop and promote electricity generation from solar energy in India.

Energy consumption

In January, energy consumption in India and Germany is quite similar. In April, however, much more electricity was consumed in India. This is mainly explained by the fact that in January significantly more electricity is needed in Germany for lighting and heating systems. This consumption falls in April, as the outside temperatures have risen and the days are much longer and brighter. In India, on the other hand, more electricity was consumed, because air conditioning systems are used for cooling in many homes. Electricity consumption is generally higher in India than in Germany, since the apartments are cooled and lit all day and night.