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AXA PKV with success

AXA health insurance with significant sales increases - These days, the corks should pop at AXA health insurance in Cologne before the turn of the year: As the company has now announced, it was able to increase its sales in full health insurance by 30 percent in 2011. Although the French parent company is active in all insurance lines, private health insurance makes up the lion's share. So it's understandable that the company based in Cologne was very happy.

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[Adsenseresp] So the insurer has to do something better than others, because growth in the PKV new customer business of over 30 percent is a house number that can certainly serve as a model for other PKV providers. But what is AXA's recipe for success?

Advantages with AXA health insurance
AXA health insurance tariffs could contribute to the success of the insurer. The company certainly has a diverse range of products to offer, which covers low-cost entry-level tariffs as well as high-quality premium products. The care of the insured is also ensured with a nationwide network of branches and agencies throughout Germany. It is to be hoped that the company will not attract customers through cheap premiums alone, because this trend is actually becoming apparent in the industry - and has already brought one or the other established insurer into surprising financial difficulties in recent months.

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