Who had Ewing 2 license plate

A license plate for two cars? Change indicator!


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  1. Hello, I have the license plate number for cars in connection with mobile homes. In my opinion, the road tax is not fair for both vehicles as I am only allowed to drive one vehicle.
    My question: do you know whether the constitutionality of this tax has ever been examined by the Constitutional Court or before the European Court of Justice?
    By the way, I live in the Saarpfalzkreis with around 43,000 residents and I am the only holder of an exchange number, what is the point of this law?
    I once intervened with a high-ranking politician (of my color) from the Ministry of Transport, he said that anyone who can afford a car and a mobile home shouldn't complain about the double tax.

    Kind regards

    • I don't know that either, but it's all unjust, but the economy rules us, not the politicians. After protests by insurance companies and the state finance authority, the significantly better and more logical model of other countries that also have the variant of the exchange number was abandoned. As for the politician's comment that anyone who can afford such vehicles can also pay full tax for both, testifies to the arrogance and excessive greed of the so-called representatives of the people. As long as we say yes and A, em keep doing the same thing.

  2. Hello,
    I have to say that the finance minister's bill with the exchange number to achieve additional income did not work out (see registration figures). The reason for this is the lack of design (not adopting the Austrian model).
    On the contrary: The Austrian model would have given more incentives to buy a 2nd or 3rd vehicle.
    For example in my case. The plan was for me to get a Bulli that I drive now and then, on weekends during the holidays, etc. But since I've read about these very rigid rules, I won't do that.

    As the German vernacular says Herr Schäuble: Better a sparrow in hand than a pigeon on the roof. It is better to stimulate the economy (auto industry) and thus indirectly fill the state treasury than to initiate such an unattractive law and rather to have produced costs (20 million). The numbers speak for themselves in 2115 instead of the forecast 54,000 new registrations per year.
    Congratulations, great thing!

  3. I actually had to buy a convertible with a variable license plate, but with two taxes it is fine for me
    a little too expensive. Will probably wait whether we get a decent model or leave it.

  4. I also see a big disadvantage if I want to sell or deregister a vehicle that has a license plate and only want to drive one. If I understand correctly I have to deregister both vehicles and allow the remaining ones with a normal license plate. The whole thing is then associated with costs and effort.

  5. What actually happens if just one vehicle is deregistered and a new one is registered?
    Will the remaining vehicle receive approval?
    What is the cost of license plate and new registration?

    • Hello Michael S.

      in such a case, the other car should also be deregistered. The costs vary depending on the position.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

      • Hello, is that really the case? I have deregistered my motorhome and continue to drive with my car and the associated license plate number. In the meantime, I have changed my insurance for the car without the bonus "change number plate" and will soon be registering the motorhome without the change number plate bonus.
        Can I leave the license plate on the car or am I obliged to exchange it for a normal one?
        At the moment I enjoy the advantage that the police officers cannot do anything with the exchange number. Mr. Schäuble probably didn't think so.

  6. After many comments on the change number plate, I can also imagine a completely new model.
    For me it would be interesting to ONLY drive one vehicle on weekdays (to the company - i.e. everyday car) and the other vehicle on weekends plus public holidays (no one of the colleagues needs to be interested in what else I drive).

  7. I moved to a district of Hanau in 2011. Since then I have had to find out that registered cars are parked here - or rather without license plates. License plates are removed from other vehicles and mounted on cars without. There is no “w” on these license plates, so there is no change code. It has been going on for years - even today. That should be displayed or is there another trick that I don't know? These cars are parked in public spaces without a license plate.

    • Hello Wolfgang H.,

      it is possible to report this to the police or to the public order office. However, this does not guarantee that a procedure will actually be initiated.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  8. Hello
    Rather, it should be reported on this topic, the absolute nonsense,
    20 million euros for nothing.
    Every citizen who thinks and acts sensibly has foreseen something like this
    And when will the adjustment come.
    But some lobbi will be behind it
    In any case, I fell on deaf ears at the Ministry of Transport

  9. Now we have a coronapadimia! The registration offices, sensibly, do not want so much public traffic!
    That is why you can also register and de-register vehicles online!
    This is only not possible with changing license plates.
    Technically, that shouldn't be a problem? The vehicle is recognized !! but then the message comes up: ”With a change number it is not possible to log in and out” ??
    That can only be chicane?
    Then you have to go to the traffic office at the same time as there is a health risk. In long queues, in wind and weather, you have to stand outside to report your car on or off ??
    Schilda sends his regards

  10. At the time I was so happy that there were finally exchange plates. And then this bullshit. Somebody probably didn't want people to enjoy it. There are exactly 2 change number plates in the Augsburg district. That probably says it all.