Moneyball Art Howe exactly

Art Howe Quotes in Moneyball (2011)

  • Billy Beane: Kind, you got a minute?

    Art Howe: Yeah. Take a seat.

    Billy Beane: You can't start Peña at first tonight. You'll have to start Hatteberg.

    Art Howe: Yeah, I don't want to go fifteen rounds, Billy. The lineup card is mine, and that's all.

    Billy Beane: That lineup card is definitely yours. I'm just saying you can't start Peña at first.

    Billy Beane: Well, I am starting him at first.

    Billy Beane: I don't think so. He plays for Detroit now.

    Art Howe: You * traded * Peña?

    Billy Beane: Yeah. And Menechino, Hiljus, Tam are all being sent down.

    Art Howe: You are outside your mind.

    Billy Beane: Yeah. Cuckoo.

    Jeremy Giambi: [knocking on door] You wanted to see me?

    Billy Beane: Yeah, Jeremy, grab a seat.

    [Jeremy sits down]

    Billy Beane: Jeremy, you've been traded to the Phillies. This is Ed Wade's number. He's a good guy, he's the GM. He's expecting your call. Buddy will help you with the plane flight. You're a good ballplayer, Jeremy, and we wish you the best.

    [Jeremy sighs, and exits]

    Billy Beane: Jeremy's gone, too.

    Art Howe: You're killing this team.

  • Billy Beane: I want Dye in right, Justice DHing, Peña on the bench, Hatteberg at first, and anyone but Mags first out of the pen.

    Art Howe: You want Peña on the bench?

    Billy Beane: That's right. So you can play Hatty.

    Art Howe: Peña is not only the best first baseman on the roster, he's the only first baseman on the roster.

    Billy Beane: Listen to me, Hatty gets on base more than Peña. In fact, twenty percent more.

    Art Howe: And his fielding?

    Billy Beane: His fielding does not matter.

    Art Howe: I've heard enough of this.

    Billy Beane: Have you?

    Art Howe: And I, uh ... I disagree with you, plain and simple. And moreover, I'm playing my team in a way that I can explain in job interviews next winter.

  • Grady Fuson: Artie, who do you like?

    Art Howe: I like Perez. He's got a classy swing, its a real clean stroke.

    Scout Barry: He can't hit a curve ball.

    Art Howe: Yea, there's some work to be done, I'll admit that.

    Scout Barry: Yea there is.

    Art Howe: But he is noticeable.

    Matt Keough: And an ugly girlfriend.

    Scout Barry: What does that mean?

    Matt Keough: Ugly girlfriend means no confidence.

    Scout Barry: OK.

    Billy Beane: [Puts head into hands out of frustration with the conversation]

    John Poloni: Now you guys are full of it. Artie's right. This guy's got an attitude and an attitude is good. I mean it's the kind of guy who walks into a room and his dick has already been there for two minutes.

    Phil Pote: He passes the eye candy test. He's got the looks. He's great at playing the part. He just needs to get some playing time.

    Matt Keough: I'm just saying his girlfriend is a 6 at best.