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Kiba Inuzuka(Kiba = fang / fang) is a Chunin from Konohagakure and was in the same class as Naruto Uzumaki. After graduating from the Ninja Academy, he joined Team 8 under Kurenai Yuuhi with Hinata Hyuuga and Shino Aburame. Kiba has a wild character and is almost always with his Nin-KenAkamaru, with whom he also fights together. He has an exceptionally good sense of smell and a rather animal fighting style, in which he usually acts together with his Nin-Ken.


As a child

As a child, Kiba already had the distinctive, fang-shaped face paint - which represents fangs and is the symbol of the Inuzuka clan - and the brown, spiky hair. Instead of a jacket, he wore a thick, beige sweater and short, gray trousers. Even then he wore the typical blue ninja sandals.

As a genin

As a Genin, Kiba still had brown, spiky hair. His eyes are black and relatively small. His face painting and his pointed teeth are striking. In Part I, he wears a gray jacket with a fur collar and a hood, which he has mostly pulled up. He also wears dark gray three-quarter trousers with a pocket for his shuriken and kunais attached to the right leg and to the back. He wears a mesh shirt and chest protector under his jacket. The simple outfit is completed by typical, blue sandals.

As chunin

In the Shippuden he wears a black leather jacket over his mesh shirt and trousers of the same color. He has also exchanged his blue headband and blue sandals and is now wearing both in black. His headband, which is now permanently visible, makes his hair look shorter, although it is roughly the same length as in Part I. In the fourth Shinobi World War he exchanged his clothes, like most others, for the standard uniform of the Konoha-Nin.

The Last

Two years later he wears a variant of his gray fur jacket with continuous fur on the edges and a hood and three-quarter sleeves. He also seems to have discovered the new variant of the standard uniform, which he wears underneath, for himself. He also wears brown three-quarter trousers, fingerless black gloves and matching boots of the same color, which were also standard clothing at the time. His hair now stands out less wildly from his head, but lies straight as a half-length haircut. In addition, he grew a rather inconspicuous goatee.


At the age of 30 he continues to wear his gray fur jacket with the power pack underneath. He's also still wearing black three-quarter trousers and flat shoes of the same color. A chain with a pendant can be seen around his neck. His hair is now up to his shoulder and is brushed straight back. His goatee is now also much more pronounced. On the other hand, he no longer seems to be wearing the headband.


Kiba has a wild and animalistic character, which is also reflected in his fighting style. He's uncompromising and extremely self-confident, which is why he likes to brag about his abilities. In addition, he has no inhibitions about teasing his friends and enemies or provoking them - so he was completely convinced of himself and his victory before the fight against Naruto and mocked Naruto, whom he classified as weak. Because of these traits, Naruto Kiba could initially stand even less than Sasuke. In general, he is very combative and never avoids a fight, on the contrary: During the second part of the Chunin selection test, he even wanted to defeat more fighters, although his team already had both scrolls. His uncompromising attitude is also reflected in his great honesty, for example in front of his assembled team and Hinata's family that they fainted at the sight of Naruto in the hospital. Despite his rowdy demeanor, Kiba is a good-hearted person who gives everything for his friends. So he tries to protect his team from harm - for example, he advises Hinata that she should not play against Neji or Gaara under any circumstances and tries to protect Akamaru from Sakon and Ukon. “What sets him apart is that he can be a very good listener and that he was able to win the unconditional trust of Shino, so that he is now the one whom Shino trusts the most.[9]spoiler

Relationship with Akamaru

Akamaru is Kiba's loyal Nin-Ken and almost always with his master. In the past, Kiba often carried it around on his head, but in the Shippuden Akamaru has grown so big that Kiba can ride on him. As usual in his clan, Kiba has a closer relationship with his dog than with any human being and they understand each other blindly, so Akamaru can understand and react to every word of Kiba and Kiba derives whole sentences and facts from his barking. Their mutual loyalty goes so far that the two risk their lives to save the other. They use this intimate relationship to their advantage in combat, through their deep bond with one another and their blind understanding they are able to unleash powerful combination attacks in combat or confuse the opponent, as they act as a perfectly attuned team.


This information only appears in the novels:

At the ninja academy

“During his time at the Ninja Academy, Kiba attracted very little attention and was even referred to as a" problem child ". According to Shino, he was almost as bad as Naruto, if not on his level. He could not sit still, disrupt class or, quite the opposite, slept during class. It was also not uncommon for him to make rockets or other things that were not part of the class. There was no stopping him during the breaks and he ran back and forth across the schoolyard. This went so far that Shino, who was watching him, would accept anyone as a teammate, just not him.[9]spoiler

Chunin selection test

After Team 8 has registered for the Chunin selection test, they first meet the other Genin of their year. The entire team passed the written test, although Kiba Akamaru had other participants copied. During the second test, they quickly manage to acquire the scroll they need by setting a trap for another group. Kiba desperately wants to collect several scrolls and so they meet Team Gaara, which is currently challenging three Ame-Nin. But when they watch in horror how Gaara slaughters the three without any effort, Kiba changes his plan and the three make their way to the tower.

With too many teams left, selection competitions are held where Kiba meets Naruto. At the beginning he is confident of victory and believes that Naruto has no chance against him. After a tough fight, however, he succumbs to Naruto. He then followed the third test and the subsequent attack on Konoha from the stands, but passed out just like most of the rest of the audience.

Hunt for Sasuke

After Sasuke makes the decision to join Orochimaru to gain more power, Kiba is sent off as part of the Sasuke rescue team to bring him back to Konohagakure. The Sound-Five try to stop the team and Kiba meets Sakon, who is hiding his brother Ukon. In the following fight they manage to bring Kiba to the brink of defeat, who cannot achieve anything even with his strongest techniques. When Ukon intrudes into his body, he sees no other option than to kill himself in order to drag him to his death. When this fails, however, he and Akamaru, seriously injured, flee through the river to a nearby forest. There they are soon tracked down by their opponents, but Kankurou appears at the last moment and saves their lives. He manages to kill the two opponents after a short fight. After Kiba and Akamaru underwent emergency surgery in the hospital, Kiba resolves to train a lot more so that Akamaru never has to suffer like this again.

This information only occurs in the anime:

New Chunin selection exams

During the new Chunin selection exams, Kiba, Shino and Hinata took part in the first part of these, the written test, in Konoha. The tasks Shikamaru set were actually easy to solve, but the system he developed, according to which the three team members were sent to different rooms, made it difficult to achieve the required total number of points. As with the last test, the last question decided whether or not to pass the test. According to the question asked, a team member should be voluntarily sacrificed in an emergency scenario. However, Kiba and his comrades knew that sacrificing a friend was not an option and based on this answer they got ahead. After Kiba and his comrades were able to pass the first part, they were one of the first 30 teams that arrived in Sunagakure in time to take part in the second part of the test in the demon desert. After the report on the team's performance was passed on to Tsunade because the third exam had to be canceled, Kiba and his teammates deemed them suitable for promotion to Chunin.

In an 8-man team

In the Shippuden has become Kiba Chunin and Akamaru is now so big that he can ride on him. Originally, Naruto wanted Kiba and his team to accompany him to the secret meeting with Sasori's spy, but since they already had a mission, they had to cancel. However, after Sasuke defeated Orochimaru and went in search of Itachi Uchiha, Kiba was assigned to the eight-man team based on his sense of smell to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. It was here that Kakashi noticed that Kiba has a better sense of smell than all of his Nin-Ken. In their search for Sasuke, however, they only meet Tobi, whom they can't hold a candle to. However, through him they learn of Sasuke's victory over Itachi. Unfortunately, Tobi and Zetsu also manage to find Sasuke before them and take him away, which is why the mission fails.

Pain's attack on Konoha

During Pain's attack on Konoha, Kiba fights with his mother Hungry mind-body from Pain until this from God pain is called back because he has to find out that Naruto is not in the village and therefore destroyed it. However, Kiba's mother interprets this differently and assumes that she chased the enemy away. It turns out that this is exactly why Kiba's father left his family. Kiba and his mother survive Pain's attack on the village and witness Naruto's victory over Pain. Later, Kiba is present when the villagers celebrate Naruto.

Meet the Kage

After Shikamaru Nara explained to the other Shinobi of his class that they would have to take care of Sasuke themselves, otherwise a cycle of revenge would arise, Kiba sets out with Sakura, Sai and Lee to meet the Kage to look for Naruto. When Sakura confesses her love for him and asks him to give up his search for Sasuke, Kiba asks Sakura if she isn't Naruto truth want to tell what Sakura is preventing. She secretly intends to look for Sasuke herself, which is why she has to put Kiba and the others out of action with sleeping pills, as they would otherwise prevent them. After the subsequent encounter of Team 7, in which Naruto is hit by a poisoned Kunai, they travel back to Konoha and Kiba fights a word with him. He believes that Naruto should have killed the weakened Sasuke when he had the opportunity.

Fourth Shinobi World War

In the fourth Shinobi World War against Tobi, Kabuto Yakushi and Tobi's Zetsu Army, Kiba is assigned to the 5th Special Division of the United Shinobi Armed Forces. He is under the command of General Mifune together with his sister Hana Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Ino Yamanaka.

Right from the start, Kiba's division was ready to help the second division in the fight against the Zetsus advancing underground. After these were brought to the surface of the earth, Kiba fights together with Akamaru at the side of his teammates against the seemingly endless masses of Zetsus, of which several thousand were able to march past the battalions unnoticed underground. Shortly afterwards, the battalions have to fight several revived people, who consist of nothing but well-known ninja. The first night, Kiba is responsible for the watch along with Hinata and Neji, among other things. When Neji almost collapses, completely exhausted, Kiba recommends the closest medical company camp. Neji, however, does not follow this advice and confuses Kiba with his Nin-Ken due to his poor eyesight.