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No matter what job you do, what career goal you are aiming for or where in the world you are currently trying to find your place ... You will only pursue your goals with joy and commitment if they match your inner values. A short exercise on how to identify your most important values ​​is presented to you in this post.

Values ​​influence our satisfaction

Like all people, you also have individual values, according to which you align your life. Often this is done unconsciously. Most of my clients get stuck when I ask them what is really important to them. They do not know their values ​​or cannot put them into words.

This can become a problem if the actual values ​​do not match the desired goal. For professional orientation and your own career planning, it is therefore important to deal with the inner value system.

No two value systems are alike

Some of our values ​​overlap with those of other people, but no list of values ​​will be 100% identical.

For example, the following values ​​are important to me:

Perhaps one or the other value will also appear in your list, while others are not so important to you.

How do you come up with your own list of values?

Step 1: Write down 20 important values

If you search for "values" on the internet, you will find many word lists of different lengths. Here I have listed 60 typical values ​​that you are welcome to add:

Write down 20 values ​​below each other. Write down values ​​that are personally important to you and that arouse a positive feeling in you or trigger something in you. Free yourself from values ​​that may be expected of others. This is about you.

Step 2: Make a ranking

Now you systematically compare the listed values ​​with each other. You can do this in different ways:

  • Variant a) Write the values ​​on 20 index cards, which you can move back and forth flexibly, so you can create a ranking in sequence.
  • Variant b) Write down the values ​​in a Word document and move them back and forth.
  • Variant c) Score points behind each value if it is more important to you than the one with which you are currently comparing it. You will collect different numbers of points behind each value. The values ​​with the most points are most important to you.

Whichever variant you choose, the result will be a ranking of your values.

Step 3: reflect on your most important values

Now look at the three to five most important values ​​and question them intensively:

  • What feelings do they trigger in you?
  • Why is this value important to you? What is he doing to you
  • To what extent is this value fulfilled in your life?
  • What consequences do these values ​​have for your life?
  • What values ​​are you proud of?
  • etc.

Use the knowledge for your future goals

In counseling, it is very important to me to identify and reflect on values ​​together with clients. Because in the interplay with previous life experience, professional expertise and individual strengths, values ​​are good indications of which goals you should pursue if necessary or how you will make decisions in the future.

Important: The procedure presented here is only intended for self-coaching and does not replace advice from experts.

Have you made a list of your values ​​and don't know how that should help you? Get in touch and together we will find a solution.

Greetings from Canada, Susan

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