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After his surprising victory in the US presidential election, Republican Donald Trump has arrived at the White House to talk to incumbent Barack Obama. A smooth handover is to be prepared at the meeting in Washington. Obama also wants to talk about how the country will return after the bitter election campaign
can be united.
Obama had already promised on Wednesday that he would do everything for a smooth transition, just as his predecessor George W. Bush did for him eight years ago. Trump is due to be sworn in as the 45th US President on January 20.
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2016-11-10 18:23Http Deutsche


What can we expect from America under Donald Trump's presidency? Will he do what he announced in the election campaign as threats or options? The construction of the wall to Mexico, the expulsion of millions of illegal immigrants, the termination of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the relativization of the assistance obligations resulting from the NATO treaty, friendly contacts with Putin? We do not know it. The policies of the 45th President of the United States are like a mysterious or dangerous black box to us. However, there is no point in testing the accuracy of the Kremlin astrology, which was so popular in the West in the times of the pre-Gorbachev Soviet Union, on a new target, the White House. It is enough to draw the right conclusions from what we know, not just suspect.
Donald Trump's foreign policy will be even more isolationist than that of his predecessor. According to the will of this president, the USA should find itself again, to its old strength, to which the military naturally belongs, but for its own protection and to assert its own interests, not as a western leading power. Barack Obama turned to the Pacific rather than the Atlantic region from the start of his first term in office. This resulted from the - fateful - misjudgment of Russia as a regional power to which one no longer needs to devote great attention to the Soviet Union as it used to be, and it was a conclusion from China's unmistakable claim to dominance in this region of the world, which is also limited by the west coast of the USA becomes. Barack Obama wanted to end George W. Bush's wars and not be drawn into new ones. What that means, Europe should have understood at the latest when the USA, after the Russian occupation of Crimea and the infiltration of eastern Ukraine, left the diplomatic search for a solution to Europe and, above all, to the Germans and French.
Even before that, at the Munich Security Conference in January 2014, the Federal President, the Foreign Minister and the Defense Minister had signaled that Germany in particular must take on more global responsibility. Joachim Gauck in particular emphasized at the time that this also included a military option. This sparked a wide discussion, but did not produce any results. Now, the day after Trump's election, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, is calling for a European defense union, more cooperation in security policy and, in the end, a European army made up of national contingents. The defense ministers of the EU want to discuss this as early as next week. That did not make NATO superfluous, but it strengthened the European pillar again, the lack of which was not only reprimanded by US President Donald Trump, who is now in office.
In the years after the collapse of the USSR, the states of the West and, above all, Germany, had reaped the so-called peace dividend through massive armaments dismantling. Now the time has come to reinvest this dividend - in security policy. Nobody takes us by the hand anymore. Europe will have to learn to walk.

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2016-11-10 18:15Gerd Appenzeller


"I would build a great wall and get Mexico to pay for it."
According to a survey, four fifths of Trump's supporters want the wall. But Trump would need the approval of Congress, and a wall would be expensive: Estimates range up to 25 billion dollars plus around one billion a year for maintenance and new patrols.
The border stretches for about 3000 kilometers. There is currently a border fence at around 1000 kilometers. It already cost more than 2 billion, so it was not expanded as planned, as the Vice-Head of Border Protection at Customs said in a Senate hearing. This fence is in the more easily accessible areas.
Mexico will not pay voluntarily. Mexico's president has said several times that this is out of the question.
“We have at least eleven million people who have entered illegally. You will have to go. "
So far, the authorities are deporting between 70,000 and 200,000 from the country every year. Trump wants to triple its staff - but even that would probably not be enough to track down and deport 11.3 million people. Mass protests are likely, they could slow down the action.
A study by the more conservative American Action Center estimates the cost of a deportation at 400 to 600 billion dollars - and possibly even more if it is really to be carried out within two years. The US economy would lose nearly seven million workers. Economic output is forecast to shrink by a trillion dollars.
"I call for a total entry ban for Muslims in the United States."
Checking everyone's religious affiliation and making it an entry criterion would be unique in the world. Trump called for this after the attack in San Bernardino, when an Islamist couple killed 14 people. Constitutional lawyers argue about whether it would be possible.
Trump later rowed back: he only wanted to ban entry from areas from which there were terrorist attacks against the United States or allies. Finally, he asked for ideology tests upon entry. Something like that would probably be possible.
"I'm going to hire the district attorney to appoint a special investigator [on Clinton]."
It's about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State. "Lock her up!" Shouts were regularly heard during Trump's speeches. He could hire a special investigator. However, that would give the impression that he was persecuting his political opponents.
In his victory speech after the election he was forgiving for the first time and praised Clinton not only for her election campaign, but also for her work in the civil service. In addition, the FBI has twice come to the conclusion that Clinton had not done anything criminal. New investigations have little chance of success.
"I want to keep NATO, but I want them to pay."
So far, NATO has been seen as a defense alliance among partners. The USA was the largest donor, but it was also decisive. That was the deal. Trump is too expensive. NATO costs huge amounts, but is of little use. He is aiming for a kind of protection money system: the others could count on being defended if they fulfill their obligations, he said. And if not? He leaves that open. You should pay a lot more anyway. There has never been anything like it before. So far, NATO has been a central element of US foreign and defense policy. What will happen is unpredictable.
In the event of a defense situation, however, the US could refuse military aid according to the treaty. The NATO treaty allows for that. Each state can freely choose the type of support. But one thing is clear: without the USA, the military alliance is militarily powerless.
"We will be able to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately."
Up to 20 million Americans would be affected if Trump abolished Obama's health insurance law. For this he needs the approval of Parliament. There the Republicans have a majority in both chambers. Obamacare has been anathema to them for years. House Chairman Paul Ryan has often called for it to be abolished.
The Democrats could block a total overhaul by filibuster in the Senate because the Republicans do not have a super majority of 60 votes there. But they couldn't prevent the law from being gutted.
"What I plan to do are big tax cuts for the middle class."
Trump's tax plan provides for huge tax cuts, larger than under George W. Bush. All income groups would benefit, including the middle class. But the upper class much more. This has been calculated by the independent Tax Policy Center. According to this, the state would get about six trillion dollars less over ten years. That would massively increase the national deficit.
In order to implement his plan, Trump would have to get new income from somewhere - or cut spending massively. Trump denies his plans would tear such a huge fiscal hole. He says the tax cuts will boost the economy. However, this is already included in the calculation mentioned.
"We have to bring industrial jobs back home where they belong."
Trump says free trade deals like NAFTA (North America) and the proposed TPP (Pacific) are damaging the US. He wants to withdraw the USA from TPP, renegotiate NAFTA and demand high tariffs for China and Mexico. That alone would probably not bring factories back, even if Mexico and the other NAFTA countries entered into new negotiations given the importance of the US economy. When asked, Trump himself said that the main thing was not to let any new jobs migrate.
China, which is the US's largest creditor, and Mexico could also impose tariffs themselves in response to punitive tariffs that harm US companies. Most industrial jobs also destroyed automation, not free trade. It goes on.
"I Will Immediately Take Back President Obama's Illegal Executive Order On Immigration, Immediately"
In 2012 and 2014, Obama gave illegal protection against deportation through an executive order, a total of around four million people living in the United States without valid papers. He would not have got a majority in parliament, so he went through the executive order. But that means: Trump could also reverse that without asking parliament.

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2016-11-10 18:33Jonas Schaible


A 27-year-old has been missing in Endingen since Sunday, the police are not ruling out a crime.
After the disappearance of a 27-year-old jogger in Endingen near Freiburg, a female corpse was found in a small forest nearby. A woman has been missing in Endingen since Sunday, and people have been looking for her ever since. The body that has now been found is probably the missing person, said a police spokesman. However, the corpse still has to be examined by forensic medicine.
The 27-year-old went jogging on Sunday afternoon and wanted to be home after an hour. However, she did not return. The police do not rule out a crime. But a misfortune is also possible.
In search of the jogger, the police used special divers for the first time on Thursday. They searched the bottom and the water of two lakes in the community, said a police spokesman. At one of the two lakes, the water had been drained for the search.
At the same time, police officers searched the huts in the vineyards, and helpers from the Technical Relief Organization (THW) used drones with thermal imaging cameras.
The case caused great consternation in the 9,000-inhabitant town on the Kaiserstuhl. Also because the Freiburg police now have to deal with such a case for the second time within a few weeks. It was not until October 16 that a medical student was found dead in Endingen. Apparently she had been raped before she died.
A week after the fact, a jogger found the body of the 19-year-old in the water of the Dreisam. The student is said to have been cycling home from a party when they met their future killer. From external features of the body, the police concluded that the young woman had fallen victim to a sexual and violent crime. So far it is unclear whether the perpetrator drowned her or whether she herself fell into the river and drowned, for example as a result of an injury. In both cases, there is no trace of the perpetrator so far.

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2016-11-10 16:55Sü


After Donald Trump's election victory, the US Dow Jones stock index rose to a new record high at the start of trading on Thursday, reports AFP. The index rose 0.9 percent or 120 points to 18,757.78 points in the first 25 minutes of trading. Analysts explained the price increase with hopes from investors that a Trump administration in Washington would relax strict regulations for banks or pharmaceutical companies and invest heavily in infrastructure.
JP Morgan's share price jumped 4.7 percent on Thursday. The shares of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer gained 0.3 percent, the construction machinery manufacturer Caterpillar 2.7 percent. There was also good news from the job market - the department store chains Macy’s and Kohl’s profited with strong price increases, as did the clothing company Ralph Lauren or
the Shake Shack fast food chain.
The Nasdaq technology index also went up, by 0.7 percent to 5287.53 points. The more broadly positioned S&P 500 also climbed 0.7 percent to 2177.75 points.
The development is surprising - during the election campaign, prices in the USA rose steadily in the case of advantages for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and fell in the case of Trump's verbal derailments. Clinton had been seen as the guarantor of stable development; Trump stood for uncertainty.
The Dow Jones started in positive territory on Wednesday. In contrast, prices on the stock exchanges in Asia and Europe fell in an initial shock after Trump's surprising victory in the US presidential election; in Europe, however, they recovered quickly. The German share index, for example, closed in positive territory on Wednesday and continued to rise on Thursday.
In Asia, the stock exchanges also turned positive on Thursday; the Nikkei in Japan, for example, rose 6.72 percent. In China, too, prices rose. Disparaging remarks by Trump about the head of the central bank, Janet Yellen, could also cause prices to rise. On the day the Fed raises interest rates, "some very bad things are going to happen," he said. The US Federal Reserve did not make any changes in its key rate decision before the election - the key rate remains at 0.25 to 0.50 percent. Many experts have since expected the rate hike in December
he follows. That changed with the victory of Trump. Rising interest rates make alternative investment opportunities more attractive than company stocks.
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2016-11-10 18:27Http Deutsche


It is a smaller, slim man who is led by the police officers into room B 33 of the Traunstein Regional Court in the morning. Black anorak, jeans, well-groomed beard, dark hair. An inconspicuous man - Michael P., 40 years old, dispatcher at Deutsche Bahn. P. caused the Bad Aibling train disaster in February, in which twelve people were killed and 89 were injured, some seriously. It was one of the biggest train accidents in the history of the Federal Republic.
Until shortly before the two regional trains collided on the single-track Holzkirchen – Rosenheim line, P. had been playing on the cell phone while on duty, he had let both trains run, then had pressed the wrong button when an emergency call was made. Now he is on trial on charges of negligent homicide. The law provides for up to five years imprisonment.
In his indictment, public prosecutor Jürgen Branz gave a very precise account of what had happened in the early morning of February 9th - until exactly 6:47 a.m. when the two trains collided and wedged together. At 5:11 am P. started playing the online computer game "Dungeon Hunter 5" on his smartphone.
He played actively until 6:40 a.m. while he checked the level crossing map and slipped a line while reading. At 6.43 am he gave the train in Bad Aibling free travel to Kolbermoor with the "special signal Zs1". He was "no longer aware at this point in time" that the train was coming from the opposite direction. He recognized his mistake at 6:46 a.m. and made an emergency call, followed by a second. However, these did not arrive because, according to the indictment, he "pressed the wrong button on the desktop radio".
It is very quiet in the room when the public prosecutor reads out the names and dates of birth of the twelve killed. The 89 casualties and the exact injuries follow with almost cruel-looking accuracy: open lower leg fracture, pelvic fracture, whiplash. Immediately afterwards Michael P. has the floor. He stands up to "personal words to the victims and their relatives". He said he was “seriously guilty”. He knows "that I can no longer undo this". P. speaks in a low voice and a strong Bavarian accent. He was “with his thoughts with the relatives” and hoped “that they can come to terms with all of this”. It's a brief explanation. The word “sorry” does not appear in it, as the family lawyer Friedrich Schweikert notes during a break in the session. "I didn't hear it, nor did those affected."
P.'s defense attorney Ulrike Thole makes a confession on his behalf. He admits the lack of service, as well as the smartphone games. The use of these electronic media during work is expressly prohibited according to a service regulation of the railway.
It was a mistake at work, a wrong, forbidden behavior - with disastrous consequences. The process stands in this area of ​​tension. “The man is punished enough,” says a spectator who lives in the same community as Michael P., a 3000-inhabitant town near the Chiemsee. During the break, a 23-year-old, who was sitting in the front of the train that day and was seriously injured, said: “I can't be really angry with him. I just want that through the process I can finally come to terms with the whole thing ”. Many of the injured are still suffering from the psychological consequences of what happened to this day.
After the accident, a technical failure and possible complicity on the part of Deutsche Bahn had been discussed again and again. The investigators were unable to discover anything about this. For the public prosecutor's office, the case is clear: “The accident is exclusively due to the wrongful conduct of the accused. The review of the entire system did not reveal any other cause of the accident ”. However, the proceedings will go into more detail as to whether the accident could have been prevented by further technical security options.
Six days of hearing are scheduled for the taking of evidence, the verdict is expected at the beginning of December.

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2016-11-10 16:29Patrick Guyton


Endingen (AP) - After the disappearance of a 27-year-old jogger near Freiburg, police officers found the body of a woman. It is very likely that the woman who has been missing since Sunday afternoon, said a police spokesman. It was discovered today. A crime cannot be ruled out. The corpse must first be examined by forensic medicine. The police had searched for the missing person for the fifth day in a row, including in some huts in the vineyards.

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2016-11-10 18:18


February 9: At 6.47 a.m. on the outskirts of Bad Aibling, two trains crash into each other on a single-track line. One railcar is thrown off the track, the other drills into a wagon of the other train, literally slitting it open. Ten victims are found dead and almost 90 inmates injured. In the evening it was announced that the accident was due to human error.
February 10: Prime Minister Horst Seehofer and Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (both CSU) visit the site of the accident. "Bavaria mourns," says Seehofer. After that, the rescue work begins.
February 11: The number of dead rises to eleven. A 47-year-old died in a clinic from serious injuries.
February 12th: The third and last black box is found in the rubble. The tachograph records relevant information while driving.
February 14: Hundreds of mourners commemorate the victims of the train accident in a moving ecumenical service.
February 16: Prosecutors confirm that human error led to the disaster. An investigation is in progress against the dispatcher. "If he had behaved properly, ie dutifully, there would not have been a collision," said the Chief Public Prosecutor Wolfgang Giese.
February 17: Dobrindt rejects fully automatic safety systems in train traffic. At the end of the security chain, there must always be a person, he says in the Bundestag.
February 20: Eleven days after the accident, train traffic on the route from Holzkirchen to Rosenheim is resumed. Some travelers have a queasy feeling, others are relaxed.
March 7th: During an ecumenical service in Munich's Liebfrauendom, the Catholic and Protestant churches pay tribute to the help of the helpers in the train accident. At a reception, Seehofer said to the helpers: "I bow to you on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria."
March 28: Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) tells the "Bild" newspaper that the dispatcher pressed the wrong button when the two train drivers triggered an alarm. As a result, the emergency call did not arrive on the trains.
April 12th: The dispatcher arrives in custody. When reading his smartphone, it turned out that the 39-year-old was playing computer games on his cell phone in violation of the regulations until immediately before the disaster. The victims' sympathy for the man turns into anger.
April 13: The death toll rises to twelve. A good two months after the accident, a 46-year-old from the Rosenheim district died in hospital from his serious injuries.
July 18: The Traunstein public prosecutor's office brings charges against the dispatcher. She accuses him of negligent homicide and negligent bodily harm.
September 22nd: The Traunstein Regional Court allows the indictment to the main hearing and announces the start of the trial for November 10th. Seven days of negotiations are scheduled until December 5th.
October 7th: A memorial in memory of the victims is inaugurated near the site of the accident. The three-meter-high sculpture resembles an erected railroad track and is intended to symbolize the force of the collision between the two trains.
November 10: Almost exactly nine months after the train accident, the dispatcher has to answer in court. Read more about this here.

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2016-11-10 07:47Augsburger Allgemeine


Brad Pitt has been exonerated in the custody dispute between the former Hollywood dream couple "Brangelina". The authorities responsible for child and family affairs in Los Angeles have stopped their investigations against the star actor for alleged child abuse, reported US media. Still-wife Angelina Jolie (41) had accused him of hitting his 15-year-old son Maddox during a flight for no reason, as the celebrity website "TMZ" reported. The incident is said to have occurred on a flight from France, where the family owns a large property, to the United States.
According to "TMZ" Jolie and Pitt, their children and witnesses who were on the same private plane were questioned by social workers. Everyone would have cooperated. The Los Angeles Family Authority concluded that Pitt did not mistreat his son, USA Today and CNN reported, citing a source who saw the authority’s report. According to "TMZ", however, there should have been a dispute that "ended with physical contact".
Pitt presented his new film "The Allied" in Westwood, California. The actor - with a white shirt, black suit and no wedding ring - looked narrower in the face, but in high spirits. The 52-year-old posed smiling and exchanged niceties with fans, as reported by People magazine. At the same time, he thanked them for their support after the separation. Our colleague Marion Cotillard (41) was there. The spy drama starring him and Cotillard can be seen in German cinemas from December 1st.
After Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, the rumor mill had simmered over an alleged affair between Pitt and the French Oscar winner. Cotillard firmly rejected this and at the same time announced that she was expecting the second child from her husband Guillaume Canet. Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September and sought sole custody of the six children. Pitt wants joint custody and the latest decision by the authorities to close their investigation is likely to be very important. In a temporary solution, the two had agreed that the children would live with Jolie for the time being and that Pitt would have the right to visit. The couple got married in August 2014 after a ten-year relationship. (AFP / dpa)

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2016-11-10 16:35


Freiburg - All hope was in vain. The police found a female body in the vineyards around Endingen on Thursday. The criminal investigation department assumes that it is probably the missing jogger Carolin Gruber (27).
The body was discovered during a search on Thursday. The police had searched for the missing person for the fifth day in a row and searched huts in the vineyards. It was found in the vineyards between Endingen and the neighboring village of Bahlingen.
Was the young woman murdered? That should now clarify an autopsy.
Dismay in Endingen. A neighbor to BILD: “The news of Carolin's death is spreading very quickly in the village. Everyone feared it, but refused to admit it. We are all shocked that she is no longer alive. "
The young woman was extremely popular in Endingen. Together with her husband Boris (29), she got involved in the carnival friends and in the sports club.
Dozens of police officers had been looking for her for four days. Finally, divers went into a lake, another was pumped out.

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2016-11-10 16:19SASCHA BAUMANN


The Chancellor declares Trump's entry into the German canon of values ​​as binding for a good dialogue, the other parties, with the exception of the hooting AfD, are sure that it will be difficult with him, and the supposedly liberal bulwarks of German journalism whisper that they are mutually exclusive Do not let their ideal world be trampled by an “avowed macho and eco-ignorant at the head of the most powerful state in the world” and certainly no compromises to their lofty goals are imaginable.
It is understandable and maybe even sympathetic to quarrel in the face of the election victory of a truly bizarre self-promoter. The somewhat premature mourning for the dying West is pathetic, but understandable. But after moments of sadness and trauma, the realization should grow that things have to change in this country if we want to prevent a comparable radicalization in Germany.
In dealing with right-wing populism, large sections of the hypocrites have taken refuge in a Manichean worldview, a moral two-class society in which there are progressive decent and backward villains. Trump, the liar and anti-social, has found his place in this worldview. There is no escape from this front position. With the "more of the same" the trenches become deeper.
The decent gesture is then garnished with the idea that social inequality is the cause of this advance of unreasonable and blatant reactionaries. This paternalization from the old apartments in the gentrified neighborhoods, the bourgeois suburbs and from the chair, wants to bring the “left behind” home into the moral realm with redistribution.
But it could be that this is not the point at all. That would have been the case with Bernie Sanders, but the Trump voters and probably also the voters of the AfD (which, in case of doubt, would lower taxes rather than raise them) demand less economic participation than cultural and identity-based participation. In Trump, the "backwoodsmen" have found a billionaire who speaks in a way that only seems allowed at regular tables.
As an alternative to the Stalinist political correctness of the elite universities, which hardly hide their contempt for the non-elites, Trump is hard to beat. He dated beauty queens, threw himself at wrestlers in front of the cameras and wasn't too good for a cheap TV format. In this way a child of the upper class became a man of the people, a weapon against the establishment, which also despised him in Manhattan.
To believe that there are sensible things going on in politics is the hope above all of those who have recognized for themselves that they have leased them. German politics and journalism are facing the shards of their worldview, they have lost touch with reality. The blow is harder than it was with Brexit. He seems even crazier to many.
Six out of ten Germans believe that politics and business control the media. Mainly because of the coverage of the refugee crisis, the German media were insulted as the “lying press”.
Source: The World
Perhaps the painful encounter with reality is an opportunity. The media and politics have both failed.The feeling of potential populist voters in this country is that politicians are not just in cahoots, but secretly have common interests. The modernization of society has left more people behind than Hartz IV.
Like the AfD, Trump does not want an economically egalitarian society, but one in which the views of those who have been excluded by the discourse watchdogs are heard and respected. To believe that the AfD can be dealt with with an even more puristic form of political correctness is currently the most common form of “more of the same”.
If you understand pop culture as a reservoir of secret longings and inspiring parallel worlds, the success of television heroes like Dr. House, Barney Stinson or Mr. Big from “Sex and the City”, a kind of double of Donald Trump, an indication, especially in Germany, that the clinical language of German television entertainment banality has long been spurned - while excessively cynical, also aggressively political Incorrect language is perceived as liberating and amusing.
Confusing an indecent language with an indecent way of life is a Protestant tendency. That is why EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger was recently demonized as a homophobic racist for his bumpy punch lines. While the politician interviews, which are often authorized to death, are accepted - however yawning they are.
As a Teutonic counter-model to Dr. House is allowed to apply to Witta Pohl in the "Drombuschs", who set integrity and self-exaltation against the adversities of everyday life. The Drombuschs spoke like participants in a church convention panel. In this series from the 80s, the Biedermeier of the Bonn Republic speaks.
The world has changed since then, but parts of the elite have not yet realized that their morality was the superstructure of a life in a protected niche of freedom that the Americans and their troops militarily secured. Things become different and we in them. This is also a chance if we learn and listen to the left and take them seriously without devaluing them.
Three quarters of Germans now criticize the fact that the mainstream parties are moving further and further away from everyday reality. As a current N24 Emnid survey shows, the image is cracked.
Source: The World

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2016-11-10 10:44Ulf Poschardt


He raises the mood against migrants, questions NATO and wants to isolate his country from globalization: Donald Trump came to the White House with populism and rabble.
Could such a politician also be successful with us?
Continue reading with

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2016-11-10 13:25


(ap) The opposition in South Africa failed again with a vote against President Jacob Zuma. In the parliamentary vote, 214 members voted against the initiative of the Democratic Alliance, only 126 voted. Zuma's African National Congress announced that it would remain loyal to the President.
Zuma is accused of corruption and a number of other scandals. Last week, a state regulatory agency proposed that Zuma and other government officials' relationships with the Gupta family should be examined by a commission of inquiry.
The often heated parliamentary debate was marked by heckling and insults. Opposition leader Mmusi Maimane accused Zuma of violating the constitution. Water Minister Nomvula Mokonyane said the opposition was only preventing the government from tackling poverty and other problems. Several members of the opposition had called for a secret ballot so that ANC MPs could vote without fear of reprisals from their party.
Zuma had already survived a motion to vote out in April. At the time, the Constitutional Court convicted him for spending millions of dollars on his private residence. Zuma apologized for this breach of the constitution.

South Africa's parliament rejects no-confidence motion against Zuma
diepresse.comSouth Africa's parliament rejected no-confidence motion against Zuma
tt.comMexican parliament rejects gay marriage

2016-11-10 18:22Andreas R


Hamburg. Moderator Reinhold Beckmann (60) leaves the "Sportschau". He wanted to say goodbye at the end of the current Bundesliga season, Beckmann told the "Hamburger Abendblatt". Beckmann has been part of the team of moderators for the ARD broadcast for 13 years. "I've been thinking about this for a year or two," Beckmann told the newspaper.
For his report series “#Beckmann” he has been “almost non-stop” since the beginning of 2014 and has seen and learned a lot. These are experiences that made him think about where he would like to set priorities for himself in the future. He is very excited to deal intensively with topics and people. “I would like to concentrate even more on this in the future. And that just takes time, ”said Beckmann.
Beckmann currently moderates the “Sportschau” alternating with Gerhard Delling, Matthias Opdenhövel and Alexander Bommes. Before joining the “Sportschau”, Beckmann built up the sports editorial team for the pay TV broadcaster Premiere.
In the 1990s he worked as head of sports and programming for Sat.1, where he developed and hosted the sports program “ran”. His talk show “Beckmann” ran from 1999 to 2014 on Das Erste, and the report series “#Beckmann” has been running there ever since.
From epd / sid / RND

Reinhold Beckmann stops with ARD “Sportschau”
tt.comBeckmann leaves ARD-Sportschau after 14 years
haz.deBeckmann stops at the sports show

2016-11-10 17:15Hannoversche Allgemeine


Dusseldorf. Compared to October 2015, the number of citizens with persistent payment difficulties rose by 131,000 (plus 1.9 percent). The current over-indebtedness rate in Germany is 10.06 percent, the highest since 2008.
One speaks of over-indebtedness when a debtor can no longer pay for his liabilities.
Creditreform board member Helmut Rödl expects a further increase in private over-indebtedness for 2017 as well. According to him, the total debt volume of private individuals in Germany is currently around 235 billion euros. The average amount of debt per case of overindebtedness is 34,300 euros.
The growing number of old people who have payment problems is a particular concern, said Rödl. In 2016, around 174,000 people aged 70 and over must be classified as over-indebted, and 504,000 of the 60 to 65-year-olds are over-indebted. In a multi-year comparison from 2013 to 2016, the number of affected people aged 70 and over increased by 58 percent.
Germany is threatened with a major problem of old-age poverty, said Rödl. “The problem is getting much, much bigger.” After 60 years, over-indebtedness is no longer under control and those affected “only drop out of the list by dying,” said Ralf Zirbes from Creditreform. The experts also see a problem in the fact that most older people do not talk to their children about financial problems.
In contrast, among young adults under 30, the number of over-indebtedness fell by 28,000 to 1.66 million.
As Creditreform further determined, the cases of over-indebtedness that have been added since October 2015 were almost equally distributed among the sexes: 68,000 cases of over-indebtedness were attributable to men, 63,000 to women.
For the fifth time in a row, the overindebtedness rate in the new federal states (10.43 percent of the population) is higher than in the old federal states (10.00 percent). In the west, 5.37 million people are considered indebted, in the east of Germany it is 1.12 million adults.
From epd / RND / fw

More than one in ten in Germany is over-indebted
augsburger-allgemeine.deMore millions for Patscherkofelbahn
tt.comNew base at 4.5 million

2016-11-10 16:26Hannoversche Allgemeine


Jonas Kronseder, trainer of the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, is dissatisfied despite the success in the cup quarter-finals in Köpenick. After all, the personnel situation gives the Bundesliga club's coach reason to hope for improvement.
What coach Jonas Kronseder had to see at first, he didn't like at all. And even if the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg had reached their goal, namely the semi-finals, with a 3-1 victory (21:25, 25:13, 25: 7, 25:19) in the cup at Köpenicker SC, said Kronseder then first: "That was not acceptable. We played badly in the first set." Vilsbiburg only lived up to his role as favorites in sets two to four - and that is not enough for Kronseder in the current situation. "We have to be more confident," he said and mentioned the 9:20 deficit in the first set. "After that we did better. At times the way I imagine it would be."
After his team botched the start of the season in the Bundesliga with two defeats in the first two games and is at the bottom of the table, the coach is currently adopting a more critical tone. Even after a success, he therefore addresses the weak points first. "We have room for improvement in acceptance and defense," said Kronseder. “The attacking game and the serve were good.” He knows his team has a lot of potential and the goal of the season is a place in the top four. Accordingly, the coach challenges his players and counteracts them early if he doesn't like something. And he didn't like the first game of the season in Wiesbaden (1: 3) at all.
In the course of the analysis, the 29-year-old became a little more indulgent. "Of course we have to find each other first," he said. Seven entries and five exits in a 14-woman squad are not manageable overnight. Even in preparation, some things took longer than Kronseder would have liked. "Injuries also played a role," he said. Captain Mona Elwassimy is long-term injured, the entrances Naoko Hashimoto (outside), Saana Koljonen (Libera) and Kerley Becker (middle block) were injured, and national player Lena Stigrot was missing (muscle torn).
Now, with the exception of Elwassimy, everyone is fit again, and the return of Stigrot in particular had a positive effect in Köpenick. With 20 points, the 21-year-old was the best point collector and most valuable player, reinforced both the offensive with hard attacking blows and the defensive in the block. Stigrot played in the diagonal position, which was more unusual for her, as a replacement for the recently weak Liana Mesa Luaces, who at 38 years old no longer looks so fresh. "She did very well and is a permanent option for this position," said Kronseder. It is quite possible that he will keep this change, because the two outside Srna Markovic and Keao Burdine have also improved. For the next two games in the league against Erfurt and Suhl, Kronseder demands two clear wins and six points. "We're only at 60 percent," he says - and he wants that to be understood as a threat, also for the next cup opponent and top favorite Stuttgart.

The return of the rocker
haz.deReturn to the old welfare

2016-11-10 18:44Sü


Oh Qatar, now that too. In the emirate on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, there should be no alcohol around the games of the 2022 World Cup. It is only allowed to serve in special places, as it is said, far away from public places - i.e. in the desert.
What a terrific diversion by the World Cup organizing committee. Should the football world pounce on it. This is a great way to divert attention from the real problem: that the World Cup is actually taking place in Qatar.
Up to now, no one has had the courage to reverse this decision, which was made in 2010 by either senile or corrupt FIFA officials. For this reason, too, any reform spirit of the newly formed Fifa does not find acceptance.
You don't want to think through the silly alcohol topic through to the end. It is not worthwhile to even begin to weigh the pros and cons. Anyone who decides on a tournament in Qatar knows about the customs and practices to be respected in this cultural area. Apart from the Fifa officials, to whom it was apparently not clear that a World Cup on the Arabian Peninsula was not feasible due to the hot temperatures and they simply moved it to winter.
As long as construction workers for the World Cup infrastructure live inhumanely in Qatar and die far too often, neither fans nor players will be happy about this fantastic event. A bad decision turns into a good one - with or without alcohol.

Qatar wants a World Cup without alcohol
stern.deWorld Cup 2022: Qatar wants to ban alcohol in stadiums

2016-11-10 18:26Michael Rosentritt


Who is the man who is supposed to be to blame for the devastating train accident in Bad Aibling? What does he look like? Will he show remorse? Will he confess the act? Not only the surviving dependents of the fatalities at the Traunstein regional court are eagerly awaiting the start of the trial against the Deutsche Bahn dispatcher on Thursday morning. Uninvolved listeners are also sitting in the jury room of the Upper Bavarian court and want to see the man who, according to the prosecution, is responsible for the death of twelve men and the sometimes life-threatening injuries of 89 train passengers. The railway employee had disappeared from the scene since the accident nine months ago.
When the 40-year-old is shown into the conference room shortly after 8.45 a.m. - accompanied by his two lawyers - all eyes are on him. With the hood of an anorak, the bearded man only tries to partially cover his face when entering. Numerous television cameras are aimed at him, and a flash of lightning flashes down on the rather short, curly-haired man as he takes a seat in the dock. He now takes off his anorak, everyone can look him in the face.