How To Clean Mens Ugg Slippers

8 best slippers for men who value comfort

Slippers have a funny reputation: they are often viewed as simply lounging around or just getting free in hotel rooms.

The truth, however, is that every man owes himself a nice pair of slippers.

In fact, the best slippers are not only comfortable and comfortable on your feet - they look great too.

To help you find the right slippers for you, we have compiled this review of the 8 best items we could find in the market today.

First place went to Ucot Men's Ascot Slippers - the absolute best slippers overall, with the sheep's wool lining and the noble look that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

However, we are aware that they will not suit every taste.

So we have many more options for you:

Like our No. 2 selection - Homeideas men's slippers made of wool with memory foam - which are extremely comfortable with their non-slip soles and beautiful ventilation.

All in all, we got all of our needs covered.

And we didn't stop there:

We've also put together a fantastic illustrated guide to help you take proper care of your slippers - so they will last longer and look better.

But before we do that, let's look at the top 5 things to consider when buying slippers.

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Short Summary

Before you buy: 5 things to consider when buying slippers

To say that there is no such thing as a 'conventional' men's shoe may seem like a stretch, but it's true that there is a wide choice.

Choosing the right couple for you can be challenging (but shouldn't be daunting), and it's important to remember that a certain style that works for another man may not work for you.

Let's break down the buying process a bit so you can make the best choice.

1. Comfort. Is. King.

So what's the point of wearing slippers if they're not comfortable? Yes, slippers can keep your feet warm on those chilly winter nights if you sit back with a drink and a book, but they have to be comfortable or you will soon get tired of them.

And again, a certain style and cut that is comfortable on someone else may not be comfortable on you. Slippers should be comfortable at all times.

So before buying, make sure the slippers you can choose can be worn around the house for an extended period of time.
If not then why?

2. The material

Most of the best men's shoes are made of real leather or suede. Both materials wear well over time and offer durability and comfort.

Natural animal skins also make for a more cozy environment for your feet (again, it's all about comfort) and help keep them warm on those long, relentless nights in mid-February.

Cotton is another material used to make slippers that offers comfort as well as the convenience of easy cleaning. Just throw them in the washing machine if necessary.

Natural fibers like cotton also have the advantage that they are cheaper than leather and suede.

Note: Scratches and stains on animal skin slippers may require professional cleaning to restore them to their original shape.

3. The fit

When we get the right fit, let's return to tip 1 (comfort). Because of its importance, it is worth pointing out. It only makes sense to try on slippers at your favorite store, as the size will vary between slippers and your everyday slippers.

Buying slippers online is more difficult. So, carefully read the size chart for each pair and look out for reviewers stating that a particular pair is big or small.

4. The guy

There are many types of slipper designs:

You will have no problem recognizing slipper shoes and loafers. They almost never come with laces, and you can easily pull them in and out. They also cover your entire foot - toe to heel - although parts of your upper foot may be exposed depending on the design.

Moccasins are traditionally made from animal skin. They're lightweight but durable, and even great for occasional outdoor use - like receiving the mail, etc.

Mules and clogs do not cover the top of your heel, but rather your toes and toes. While anyone can wear them, they are great for men with back problems or other health issues that make it difficult to put on traditional slippers and shoes.

If keeping your feet warm is your top priority, or if you have cold feet all the time, the slippers are the place to look. They cover your ankles and are cut to withstand the chill of a log cabin vacation too.

Many slippers are designed for indoor and outdoor use and have a sturdy sole. They're usually weather treated too.

Orthopedic slippers have built-in support in the insole for people who suffer from back pain or heel pain. The insoles are often available in gel or padded versions. If you suffer from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, orthopedic slippers are the way to go.

5. The hardness of your soil

The harder the ground, the thicker the soles. This is important if your home or apartment has hardwood floors or other types of uncovered hard surfaces, but not so important if carpeting is your choice.

Now that you've got some buying tips, let's take a look at our reviews of the best slippers for men.

The 8 best slippers for men in 2020

one. UGG men's ascot slipper


Not every slipper has a natural wool lining like UGG Men's Ascot, and there is a difference.

Made in Australia, the Ascot is lined with sheep's wool and envelops your feet in warmth and comfort. But there is more. UGG is a popular worldwide seller and receives a ton of positive reviews for many reasons including:

  • The outside is made of soft, water-repellent suede or leather, with which you can use the UGG Ascot for indoor and outdoor use. The Ascot has the same style as a loafershoe.
  • The rubber outsole - described as robust yet inconspicuous - is solid and offers good traction and comfort.
  • The wool lining is comfortable, but also adapts to your foot with prolonged use. The longer you wear the Ascot, the more comfortable it becomes.
  • Leather is thick and grainy with sturdy seams that are designed to last.
  • You will love the classy look of the Ascot, which is ideal for home shoes, but is also suitable for occasional outdoor use. If you don't feel like taking off your slippers to walk the dog, so should you.
  • The Ascot is all about durability and you should be able to use each pair for several years without any problems.

While Ascot's suede design is water resistant, you should always take care to remove any spills and stains immediately. UGG manufactures cleaning and maintenance products to help your slipper retain its original appearance, including water and stain repellants.


  • Sheep's wool lining
  • Comes in suede or leather
  • Classy look for inside or outside


Bottom line

Lots of people love the UGG Ascot and for good reason. The natural wool lining is unbeatable and it has a classic loafer look that is even suitable for casual outdoor clothing.

two. HomeIdeas men's slippers made of wool with memory foam


Your feet can get tired even if you don't spend most of your work day standing or walking. So why not baby with the best slippers for men?

All you need to do is use a pair of HomeIdeas men's woolen slippers with memory foam. Made from breathable, extremely comfortable wool, they are at the top of the list for men's slippers.

There are many reasons why we like these slippers so much:

  • It's hard to beat when you combine a layer of memory foam with an elastic sponge heel - and with an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) pillow, which provides additional softness and flexibility.
  • Wool will keep your feet dry and odorless as it offers a high level of ventilation. They are certainly among the best slippers for sweaty feet.
  • They are supplied with non-slip soles that provide a secure footing on any interior surface. The waterproof thermoplastic rubber soles do not deform easily and do not leave scratch marks on hard floor surfaces such as wood. Better yet, they reduce foot stress.
  • You will also love the tranquility that the soles provide. You can easily move around the house without worrying about waking up your loved ones.
  • They are available in different sizes and in three colors: caramel, gray and black.
  • They are hand and machine washable.
  • HomeIdeas offers a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.


  • Ultra comfort
  • Non-slip soles
  • Well ventilated


Bottom line

You can find HomeIdeas Men's Woolen Memory Foam Slippers in multiple reviews of the best men's slippers, and for good reason. Whether it's your comfort or the safety of non-slip soles, these slippers are well worth the investment.

3. RockDove men's Moc slippers with odorless SILVADUR material


Let's face it: slippers can stink. That is just the reality of anything that will be on its feet for any length of time. If this foot odor is particularly important to you, the Moc slippers by RockDove Men are the absolute choice.

Why? Well, they're made from an odorless substance called SILVADUR, which keeps your feet odorless and bacteria-free by regularly releasing silver ions.

But even if you aren't that concerned about the smell of your feet, there is enough to recommend these slippers.

For example: Your insole is covered with high-density memory foam, which makes it pillow-like and soft. Hence, walking around in them is a dream.

They also have a cotton knit upper and a moisture-wicking lining that ensures a highly breathable combination - ideal for relaxing on hot days.

There's even a small arch support so your feet don't get too tired while walking around.

The soles are made of sturdy rubber, which gives you good traction. And they stay on your feet very easily without swaying or slipping, so these slippers don't rub your feet raw.

The only real downside is that they aren't as durable as you might want: some reviewers claim they gave up after just 6 months.


  • Help your feet stay odorless and bacteria-free
  • High density memory foam insole
  • Robust rubber sole with non-slip traction


  • Less durable than many others on this list

Bottom line

Fantastic for men who are worried about their feet smelling and great for anyone else who wants comfy, cool looking slippers.

Four. Step-in slippers for old friends


Seattle-based Old Friend Footwear makes slippers that are unique in many ways, not least because they use 100% sheepskin in the construction of many of their models.

This also applies to the Old Friend step-in slipper design, which is lined with soft, silky sheepskin.

The upper is made of soft suede which is comfortable and durable.

Note that Old Friend also makes slippers with terry, acrylic and checked cotton linings. Like the sheepskin lining, they all offer exceptional comfort. The sheepskin lining is removable.

The step-in slipper also has an open toe design that promotes better air circulation and breathability, which in turn prevents your feet from overheating and / or sweating.

It also comes with a durable rubber sole, which means you can use it for light outdoor applications if you so choose.


  • Sheepskin lining
  • Suede upper with Velcro fastener
  • Open design


  • The sole feels stiff to some wearers

Bottom line

Old Friend Footwear makes slippers that feel like old friends because of their comfort and relaxed feel. The Old Friend Step-In Slipper is lined with sheepskin and very breathable.

5. Acoc Men's Moc Slipper


It is not easy to find a slipper that is suitable for an astronaut. This is exactly what you will find with the ACORN Men's Moc Slipper, which astronauts have been wearing on every NASA Space Shuttle mission since 1982.

It all started in 1976, however, when Maine nature lover David Quinn designed a slipper sock for his friends and colleagues outdoors.

The popularity of the Original Slipper Sock led to other Acorn designs, including the Moc Slipper, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. And as mentioned, good for space.

The Acorn Moc is just one of many high quality slippers made by Quinn's company - a line that includes Classic Comfort, Studio Comfort, Spa Comfort, and more.

Unlike many slippers for men or women, Acorn slippers are made from a blend of 100% polyester which makes them perfect for men who are animal conscious. You won't find any natural skins in the construction of the Acorn Moc.

The upper material looks like (synthetic) suede and fur and is very durable. Unlike real suede slippers, you can machine wash your Acorn Mocs so they look as good as new.

A natural compound feed helps the Moc achieve maximum breathability and moisture control. Your feet will stay comfortably warm without having to worry about excessive sweat. The foot cushion is multi-layered and offers outstanding comfort with every step, while the arch support offers maximum stability.

Another reason to love Acorns Mocs is their non-slip outsole.

Again, you can wear these slippers just about anywhere: in your house, in your hammock, around the fireplace, or just to pick up the mail or do some other short job.


  • Perfect for an active lifestyle
  • The lining prevents excessive sweating
  • The outsoles are suitable for outdoor and indoor use


  • Some reviewers don't like the feel of the acorn emblem

Bottom line

Acorn's Mocs offer stability and comfort every step of the way - even when you are “walking around” in space. Excellent craftsmanship makes this a high quality choice for all men.

6. Deer Stags Men wherever Indoor Outdoor Socks Slippers


Wait a second - did anyone say the Deer Stags indoor outdoor sock slippers are like "sweatpants for your feet"? Yes, and whether that's a case of exaggeration or not, it's not a bad way of describing the comfort level of these slippers.

Deer Stags' shoe game experience dates back to 1929 so they obviously know a thing or two about how to keep your feet comfortable and snug. With the men's sock slipper 'Wherever' you can enjoy comfort, whether you are at home or outdoors.

And their versatility extends to their style too. They go great with your pajamas for lounging around the house, but you can also pair them with some great looking jeans without worrying about it.


Because of their micro suede upper, which has a classic, stylish look and excellent embroidery details.

Make no mistake, these stylish, comfy slipper socks are in large part great for indoor and outdoor use thanks to their thermoplastic rubber outsoles that provide support while withstanding the less forgiving terrain of the outdoors.

Not that we're saying you should wear your stag on a hike - you need to be careful not to damage the suede upper, after all - but they're perfect for a leisurely stroll around town or something simpler like this Newspaper or mail.

You can even wear them in the cafe.

Of course, comfort is key when it comes to slippers. Deer Stags' soft lining and padded insole provide shock absorption and comfort throughout the day, whether you're wearing socks or bare feet.

You'll appreciate that the support feels as solid and stable as your regular shoes.

The 'secret' is the patented S.U.P.R.O. by Deer Stags. Sock lining that even provides additional heel padding.


  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Superior insole comfort
  • Solid, non-slip outsole


Bottom line

Deer Stags company knows a thing or two about making comfortable footwear that is suitable for a variety of uses. The indoor sock slippers are perfect for at home or for a casual getaway from home.

7. Tamarac By Slippers International Men's Scruffy Clog Slippers


There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself after a hard day's work. You deserve it. Your feet deserve it.

The Tamarac Scruffy Clog Slippers from Slippers International are exactly what the two of you need when you want to kick back and decompress after a long day. They're made with a leather upper while the lining is made of fleece to keep your feet warm on colder evenings.

You'll also enjoy the Tamarac's memory foam insole, which comforts your tired feet and cushions every step. The last thing you want to do after a long day is walking around in shoes - or without shoes - which increases the physical and mental stress.

Since it is a clog-style slipper, it is open at the back and allows you to take it on and off easily. The hard rubber outsole offers enough traction to make the Tamarac suitable for occasional outdoor use.

In case you're wondering, Slippers International is a Massachusetts-based wholesaler of men's, women's, boys 'and girls' shoes, including slippers, shoes, boots, and sandals.

The Tamarac deserves many rave reviews and for good reason because we believe they are the best leather slippers for men.

Critics like that the Tamarac's solid sole makes them good for indoor and outdoor use and the ease with which they can slip into. While the Tamarac may feel a bit tight at first, they break in easily and quickly to ensure a perfect fit.

You can get the Scruffy clog slippers for men in different colors: black, navy, allspice, root beer and anthracite.


  • Offer long-lasting comfort
  • The solid sole is also suitable for outdoor use
  • Thick, comfortable clog heel


  • Some reviewers say the insole gets too warm

Bottom line

The Tamarack is a favorite that has garnered over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. You won't find a better men's leather slipper and it's great value for money.

8. Baffin Unisex Cush Insulated Slipper


Previously, we talked about “sweatpants” for your feet - a description (not ours) that was used when discussing Deer Stags' indoor outdoor sock slipper.

Now we're going to talk about 'sleeping bags' for your feet, which is a fitting description of the Baffin Unisex Cush Insulated Slipper.

If you imagine that, the Cush slipper looks a bit like a sleeping bag thanks to a nylon exterior that keeps the cold out and the heat inside.

One would expect Canadian Baffin to know a thing or two about how to keep feet warm on the coldest days and nights.

Additionally, Baffin understands that comfortable slippers are not only suitable for indoor use, but also for people who take their slippers with them when camping or when traveling.

Baffin is committed to creating shoes, not just slippers, that can withstand the elements and provide superior comfort at all times.

That said, there is a lot to like about the Unisex Cush Insulated Slipper, aside from its general comfort (and the fact that they are suitable for both men and women).

  • The Cush Slipper has a drawstring that you would see on the outside of your jacket or, yes, on a sleeping bag. The drawstring prevents the slippers from coming off during prolonged use.
  • As mentioned, the nylon outside keeps out the cold, while the down-filled insole provides warmth and comfort whether you are walking, lying or standing.
  • The insole is "Polar Proven" and hugs every curve of the foot.
  • The synthetic outsole offers excellent traction and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. While you wouldn't wear these slippers on a long hike, you can still comfortably walk short distances outside.
  • The cord also makes it easier to put on and take off the slippers.
  • The insole is warm, but not too warm to make your feet sweat.


  • Provide excellent warmth
  • Unisex
  • Good for indoors and outdoors


  • Some reviewers suggest that the insole could offer more cushioning

Bottom line

They understand the comfort of a cozy sleeping bag and the Baffin Cush Insulated Slipper offers the same feeling. Whether you are at home or on a camping trip, these slippers have the comfort you deserve.

How we chose our best slippers

Many things go into making a good slipper and we have considered many factors. Comfort is at the top of the list, of course, but other things separate a good slipper from a bad, including design, durability, stability, etc.

We also examined the versatility of each slipper, especially since many of them have a dual inside-outside capability as well as the traction of their soles.

Price is another factor, and we always recognize the fact that the best things are not always the most expensive. However, we always strive to include products for a variety of budgets.

Caring for Your Slippers: The Basics (A Simple, Illustrated Guide)

Once you have found slippers that best suit your needs and are always comfortable, you will quickly enjoy their many benefits. But you want them to last a long time, and shelf life choices are an important consideration. "

However, you can be proactive by properly caring for your slippers to ensure you have a long, happy life. Below are tips for caring for your leather, suede or cotton slippers.

By consistently cleaning the outside of your leather slippers, you can extend their lifespan. However, make sure that you use products such as enzyme-free liquid soaps that won't ruin or discolor the leather.

After you've washed the outside of your leather slippers, let them air dry for five minutes before shining them with a soft cotton cloth. You should also use a leather shoe conditioner to keep the exterior soft and moisturized. This will make your slippers age better. Baby wipes are handy for cleaning the inside of your slippers, especially those lined with fleece.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about caring for suede slippers is that you can't machine wash them, hand wash them - or in any way that submerges them in water. If you spill anything on the suede, you will need to blot (don't rub) a clean towel until it's gone.

If your suede slippers are waterproof, you can wipe up any spilled material with a damp towel. If the stain is stubborn, invest in a suede cleaning kit that comes with an eraser and a stiff suede brush. Soft sandpaper can remove mud and scratch marks.

As with real leather slippers, use a baby towel to clean the inside of your suede slippers. Baby wipes are good for interiors made of fleece and cotton.

One of the best things about cotton slippers is how easy they are to clean. You can toss them in the washing machine (just make sure you use warm, not hot, water), or you can hand wash them in a sink filled with warm, soapy water.

If you're using a sink, soak your slippers in the soapy water for about 10 minutes before rinsing them off. Once you've rinsed the soap out, let your slippers air dry.

Why slippers are best against everyone else

Comfort. Cosiness. Easy on your feet. There are many reasons slippers are better than the others when it comes to home shoes. While many slippers are suitable for outdoor use, our focus is on their many benefits for home use.

1. Slippers keep you healthy

Many experts agree that cold feet increase the chances of catching colds or the flu. For some reason, cool feet decrease your body's ability to fight off disease and disease. In addition, slippers protect against foot infections, as opposed to walking around naked in your house.

2. Wear slippers, keep your house clean

Most of us would flinch if we understood the number of bacteria, grime, grime, and other nasty things that we pull off the soles of your shoes. So take off your shoes at the door and put on your slippers instead. You and your house will be better off for it.

3. Slippers prevent accidents

Slipping on wood, linoleum, or tile floors is an accident waiting to happen while you're wearing socks. Most slippers - at least the best - have non-slip soles that will serve you well when walking to the door or dealing with a saucepan boiling over on your stove.

4. Comfort means productivity

Household chores can be difficult to take care of when your feet are cold. Studies show that productive workers are relaxed workers, and nothing shows “relaxed” but a nice pair of warm, comfortable slippers.

5. Slippers are lifesavers for your socks

Tired of buying new socks every time your current socks develop? Wearing your socks at home increases wear and tear, but slippers give both your socks and your feet a break.

Slippers aren't the only game in town, of course, although we highly recommend them for home use. Let's take a look at other types of shoes - namely, flip flops, sandals, and shoes - and how they compare to slippers when worn around the house.

Flip flops

Some men swear by flip-flops, some don't. Not that there is much to love or hate, but flip flops may be more of a personal taste than other types of shoes. However, here's the thing.

Podiatrists say that you should only wear flip flops occasionally, such as on the beach or in the swimming pool, as they offer almost no protection or support for your feet. And because flip-flops have flat soles, they put undue tension on the plantar fascia and pull it off.

Reason enough to limit your flip-flop usage to a few cases. We don't want to continue our ambush of the flip flops, but they're also dangerous because they don't attach to your feet like slippers, sandals, or shoes. You certainly don't want anyone caught in a step or an escalator.


There aren't many differences between sandals and flip flops, although easy to tell apart, and there are many of the same potential dangers of wearing sandals around the house for long periods of time.

For one thing, most sandals have flat soles that add extra tension to your plantar fascia. Second, sandals are usually not as tight as slippers and can fall off and break down.


Nothing against shoes because we all wear them, but there are many reasons not to wear them around the house, not least to give your tired feet a break at the end of a long day.

As mentioned earlier, the soles of your shoes collect a lot of unhealthy, nasty things throughout your day - things that you shouldn't knowingly put on the floors of your home. Some newborn parents insist on wearing shoes around the house to avoid the risk of slipping, while others like to wear them because they are tired of stepping on children's toys (if you've ever stepped on a Lego, you understand theirs Pain).


That completes one more review and, as always, we welcome your suggestions and comments.

Have you worn any of the slippers on our list? Is there any other couple that are your favorite? We'd love to hear from you.


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