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Voiced by:

Tony Marot (French)
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Lupita Leal (Latin American Spanish)
Taís Feijó (Brazilian Portuguese, Seasons 2-3)
Lina Mendes (Brazilian Portuguese, Season 4)

Character information

Powers and abilities:

Miraculous transformation
Inability to be filmed

Oh, what did you bring, what did you bring?

—Daizzi, "Sandboy"

Daizzi[3] is the kwami ​​of Jubilation[4] who is connected to the Pig Miraculous.[5] With his power, Daizzi's wearer can use the pearl anklet to transform into a pig-themed superhero.

Daizzi is currently dormant in his Miraculous within the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

When the situation requires it, he temporarily becomes active to help Rose Lavillant to transform into the superhero Pigella.


Daizzi is 10 centimeters (or 4 inches) tall[2] and is light pink with a large black mark around his left eye. He has pink eyes, a pink antenna on the top of his head, floppy pig-like ears, a pig snout, and a thin, curly tail.


Not much is known about Daizzi, except that he is excitable and curious. He also has a strong desire to have a wielder of his own, implying that, like Ziggy, he is one of the least active kwamis.


Daizzi can fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects. He can also carry objects that are larger and / or heavier than him.

As a kwami, Daizzi is able to transform the holder of the Pig Miraculous into a pig-themed superhero, although it is unknown what the transformation looks like or what powers the transformed person gains. As a kwami, Daizzi is able to transform the holder of the Pig Miraculous into a pig-themed superhero and gives the user the superpower Present, allowing those who receive the gift to see their deepest desire and feel joy from it.


Before Season 2

When the concept of jubilation came into existence, Daizzi came into existence. Before the Miraculous jewels were created, Daizzi and the other kwamis traveled all over the universe, unable to interact with humans. Then, thousands of years ago, a mage created the Miraculouses. When his Miraculous was not being worn, Daizzi was dormant in the Pig Miraculous, which was stored inside Master Fu's Miracle Box.

At some point over 200 years or more ago, Daizzi was last activated by an unknown owner who didn't own a lamp.

Season 2

During Season 2, Daizzi was dormant in the Pig Miraculous.

In "Sandboy", Daizzi was celebrating Nooroo's birthday in the Miracle Box with the other kwamis and was excited when Tikki and Plagg arrived. After interrupting pollen to ask what the two brought as presents for the occasion, he marveled at Tikki's gift, a yellow marker. The kwamis thought it was a paintbrush and played with it until Xuppu started the party. When the time came to contact Nooroo, Daizzi got into his required position. In the effort to contact him, but the kwamis contacted his wielder instead. Upon hearing the villain's voice, the kwami ​​shuddered at the thought of being his slave. To prevent the discovery of their whereabouts, the kwamis broke off the connection and realized that if they contacted Nooroo's wielder rather than Nooroo himself, then someone must have been akumatized and that Tikki's and Plagg's wielders were in danger.

Season 3

During Season 3, Daizzi was dormant in the Pig Miraculous.

In "Kwamibuster", he was activated along with his kwami ​​brothers and sisters to help Multimouse enact her plan to rescue Tikki and Plagg. During the confrontation, Daizzi was one of the few kwamis to avoid capture. After Kwamibuster's defeat, Daizzi and the others cheered for Marinette as their plan was a success and was returned to Miracle Box.

In "Miracle Queen", he was activated alongside Stompp, Roaar, Ziggy, Barkk, Mullo, Orikko, and Fluff, by Queen Bee with the intent to use them against Ladybug and Cat Noir. After being commanded to transform her, they all collectively withheld their transformation phrases. Upon hearing Master Fu renounce his title, they and the others protest but Master Fu does so anyway, resulting in the Miracle Box changing shape and form. After failing to escape, Queen Bee throws off their respective Miraculouses, and they, alongside their kwamis, are returned to the Miracle Box by Ladybug.

Season 4

In "Truth", Daizzi was accidentally released from the Miracle Box when Marinette tried to figure out its functions. In his eagerness, Daizzi was awed by everything he saw. Particularly, he was interested in Marinette's lamp. During a video call on his new guardian's computer, Daizzi and the other kwamis surrounded the screen in amazement, and upon seeing Marinette's friends, Daizzi found them very cute, wanting Alya as his wielder. However, he was told by Trixx that Alya was already taken, and she was his wielder. He wondered why Trixx had an owner but not the rest of them. When Marinette leaves for her date with Luka, he and his siblings hide with the Miracle Box. When they hear the titular villain break into Marinette's room, Ziggy panics at the thought of being discovered by Hawk Moth again, but Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat him.

After the titular villain's defeat, Daizzi and the others saw that Marinette was sad about breaking up with Luka to the point of tears. He didn't know exactly how to help, but he joined with his friends in giving their new guardian a group hug.

In "Lies", Daizzi was seen playing with the other kwamis.

In "Gang of Secrets", he was seen talking with some of the other kwamis until his guardian arrived home. Later, he and the others hear Marinette voicing her distress about being condemned to a life of secrets and lies forever because of her alter ego. When they hear someone coming, the kwamis, including Daizzi, hide in the Miracle Box. After the Gang of Secrets had been defeated, Daizzi and the others look on as Marinette unveiled her secret to Alya.

In "Furious Fu", hearing that Master Fu was returning, Daizzi, along with his friends, expressed a desire to see him again despite Marinette trying to keep them hidden for their safety. When his new guardian voiced concerns about leaving the Miracle Box unguarded, Daizzi realized if someone stayed to guard the box, the others could go, but then the kwamis cheated their way out. As a result, they thought all of them would be going, but they were stopped by Marinette. As a last resort, they used the "puppy dog ​​eyes" on her, and Marinette reluctantly agreed. However, Daizzi and his siblings had a hard time keeping quiet while in Marinette's bag but were pleased to hear that Master Fu was doing well and had become a great painter.

Upon returning home, Daizzi realized that Su-Han had returned to reclaim the box as he was the previous guardian before Master Fu's incident. With Su-Han's strictness, he and the other kwamis sadly returned to the box. After seeing Ladybug's valiant actions against the titular villain, Su-Han realized that Master Fu's choice wasn't so bad, allowing Daizzi and the kwamis to stay with Marinette.

In "Guiltrip", Daizzi flew out of the Pig Miraculous and met Rose Lavillant commenting how cute each other were. He aided her by transforming into Pigella. She dove into the sentimonster along with the heroes to find Reflekta. Afterwards using Present to project her dearest desire, the trio was able to de-akumatize Juleka, and by climbing out, they were able to defeat the sentimonster. With the job done, Daizzi and Rose detransformed, and he went dormant in his Miraculous once more, returning to Ladybug.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug / Multimouse

Daizzi first met Marinette in "Kwamibuster" when she enlisted Daizzi and his fellow Kwamis help to save Tikki and Plagg from the titled villain as Multimouse. The Pig Miraculous is one of the few Miraculouses that the temporarily mouse-themed heroine didn't use, but she did hide herself in the kwami's mouth for a short time.

After the events of "Miracle Queen", Marinette becomes the new guardian of the Chinese Miracle Box. Daizzi enjoys wandering free around his new guardian's room and quickly grew to like her friends, which came in handy when Ladybug picked her friend Rose to serve as Daizzi's new on-and-off user of the Pig Miraculous.

Rose Lavillant / Pigella

The first time that Daizzi sees Rose is through a video call screen of her with the rest of Rose's and Marinette's friends, and because kwamis aren't able to be seen or heard through technology, Rose had no idea that Daizzi and his fellow kwamis are in her friend's room. When they met in person for the first time, both of them immediately find the other to be very cute, and get along very well.