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So I decided to pop over to a local ice field 2 jumps away to set up a bit of an ice mining operation. I set up a spare Iteron Mark III and all the equipment for the ice harvesting (Ice Harvester Upgrade and Harvesters). I know Ice Mining might not be as profitable for a retriever, but I thought it would be worth the experience. I like to experiment around ... that's what Eve is all about right?

Anyways, it was interesting to say the least. I anchored three giant secure canisters. That was like finding real estate in a highly developed city. There were cans everywhere (check out the screenshot to see what I mean). It was very difficult to place all three relatively close to each other. I managed to get them all within 10km of each other and I'm thinking I can fill up each one and collect all of them in a single Iteron haul.

I also managed to check the time and profit potential of it. In about 8 minutes I recieve only 2 ice blocks. Since I am not refining them, I am only going to estimate the wholesale price of the iceblocks which run about 115 ISK each. That means an estimated 1-2 million ISK an hour depending on how much down time I experience. Not very profitable, but 8 minute cycles means I can mine while doing homework or playing some other video game haha.

I think just embarking on the new adventure into an ice field was worth the unprofitable hour or two of my time. I've done less meaningful things before.

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