What does aera mean in Arabic

Arabic insults in German (translation)

In this post we have listed Arabic insults and translated them into German.

You will find the following words in this post:

  • ahbal
  • Ba'arah
  • Cawa / Wild el cawa
  • Chansir
  • emshi
  • esku
  • Harami
  • Humar
  • Kafir
  • Kelb
  • Sharmuta
  • Ya Charra
  • Zemmel

What does ahbal mean?

"Ahbal" means in German: "Fool".

What does Ba'arah mean?

"Ba’arah" means in German: cow.

What does Cawa mean?

"Cawa" means in German: "whore" or "hooker".

"Wild el cawa" means in German: "son of a bitch" or "son of a whore". ("Tahan" is another name)

What does chansir mean?

"Chansir" means in German: pig.

Since Muslims do not eat pork and refuse to eat it, “chansir” is used as an insult.

"Chansir" is used as an insult and as a name for the animals pigs.

Further spellings of Chansir are: "Khanzir" and "Chinzir".

Example from the rap with "Chansir":

  • Sinan-G - Song: "Food No. 1" - Song line: "Fuck every Chansir, come with the Arabis"

What does emshi mean?

"Emshi" means something like "Hau ab" or "Geh" in German. Another expression for "get away" is: kawwed.

What does eskut mean?

"Eskut" means something like: "Shut up".

What does Harami mean?

“Harami” means: thief.

You can find out what “Haram” means here.

What does humar mean?

"Humar" means: donkey

Instead of “Humar”, “Himar” is also used in some translations. Another expression for donkey is "behim".

What does "Kafir" mean?

“Kafir” is the Arabic expression for “unbeliever”. In Europe the words "kafir" and "kuffar" are common. In this post we explain them.

What does Kelb mean?

"Kelb" is Arabic and means in German: dog.

Example: "You are a Kelb!"

The expression should always be understood as an insult.

"Ibn el Kalb" means in German: "son of a dog". You can find out more about the insult "son of a dog" here.

Kelb should not be confused with “Qalb”. “Qalb” means: heart.

Examples from the rap with "Kelb":

  • Kollegah & Farid Bang - song: "4 elements" - song line: "Sometimes I would like to be Das Bo, this Kelb"
  • Kollegah & Farid Bang - song: "Düsseldorfer" - song line: "I shoot the kelb, it lies there disfigured"
  • Majoe - song: "Banger Imperium" - song line: "If you talk to me, then in the right tone (Kelb!)"
  • Soufian - song: "Where are the packs" - song line: "Fuck off, you Kelb"
  • 257ers - song: "Jibbitbongbier" - song line: "Kelb, mother-in-law's prince"

What does Sharmuta mean?

"Sharmuta" means in German: bitch. The term Sharmuta has been explained in detail in the article “What does Sharmuta mean?”.

What does "Ya Charra" mean?

"Ya Charra" means in German: "You piece of shit".

What does Zemmel mean?

"Zemmel" means "fagot". It is a derogatory term for men with same-sex behavior.

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