How does bad oyster taste

Oysters How can the freshness be recognized?

Oysters are one of the luxury foods. No wonder that the valuable shellfish are mainly served on festive occasions such as Christmas or New Year's Eve. But to avoid an unpleasant stomach upset, the delicacy should only be eaten fresh. But how do you recognize the freshness of oysters?

Oysters: fresh or spoiled?

To make sure that the oysters are still fresh, the following applies first of all: The shell must still be completely closed and must not show any damage. The freshness of the oyster can also be seen in the meat of the oyster, which should be firm and by no means mushy. In addition, the smell gives an indication of whether the delicacy is still edible or already spoiled: a fresh oyster only smells of iodine; if it smells strongly, it is spoiled.

To make sure that the oysters do not go bad, it is advisable to consume them quickly after buying them, ideally on the same day. However, if stored correctly, they are still suitable for consumption up to three days after purchase. The best way to do this is to put the oysters in a bowl, cover them with a slightly damp cloth and place them in the bottom refrigerator compartment.