How to Charge Trident of the Swamp

Demon's Souls: Virgo Astraea and Garl Vinland, that's how you defeat the final boss in world 5-3

TP: 3055
Reward: Virgin Demon Soul
Souls: 23,400

Almost there. You don't have much in front of you in this painful swamp. After the filthy colossus you have to face Astraea, even if the fight - as with all arch demons - plays a little differently than it is the case with the "usual" bosses.

Indeed, you feel a bit like an uninvited guest, a troublemaker in this refuge for the outcasts. The real boss is not so much Astraea, but rather her strong companion Garl Vinland. Astraea doesn't even defend itself against your attacks under certain conditions.

After entering the arena, you will see a few outcasts in front of you. None of them will attack you. Garl Vinland is the only one who lingers on the left in a hostile attack position, but does not come any further towards you unless you want to pass him to his protégé. Essentially, you have two avenues to win the boss fight.

Ranged combat

Go down the right side and past the outcasts (or kill them, it doesn't make a difference). You pass a crystal lizard and come to a wooden shelter.

Stand there at the very edge and equip your best bow. Now Astraea can be easily targeted and killed with arrows. How long this takes depends on your character values ​​(strength, mobility), the bow and the arrows. You have nothing to fear. You can ignore Garl Vinland. After Astraea's death, you can still fight him or just leave the game and return. He then leaves behind his dark silver armor and matching shield.

Close combat

It depends on whether you do Garl Vinland or not. If so, beware of his huge weapon and take advantage of his simple combat behavior including the inability to charge directly in your direction. Be careful when he charges his miracle: the pressure wave should not be underestimated. Otherwise, he will be closer to Astraea to protect her. If he's out of the world, you can talk to Astraea before she commits suicide.

If you can make it past Vinland without killing him (preferably by dropping to the right), you have to wade through the swamp, which is causing you a disease. In that case, Astraea fights back with a divine miracle, but still has little to respond to your attacks.

Activate the last keystone, take the Ring of Sincere Prayer, next to it the Virgin Demon Soul and 23,400 souls to level in the Nexus.