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How to use Commiserate in a sentence

What does "Commis" mean?

Compassion means expressing sadness or compassion for a person who has experienced something unpleasant. For example, if your friend is getting divorced, you can work with him or her. If someone you know has lost someone you love, encourage him or her.

Definition of obstruction

Oxford Dictionary: Express or feel compassion or compassion; sympathize

American Heritage Dictionary: Feeling or expressing sadness or pity; sympathize with.

Synonyms for commiserate

sympathize, comfort, offer condolences, be sympathetic

German antonyms of Commiserate

turn away, be indifferent

Grammatical features

  • Commiserate is a regular verb that can be used as a transitive or intransitive verb.
  • The past and the past participle of pity are "with respect"
  • The verb commisat is often followed by the preposition “with”.

Derivatives of the committee

  • Pity (noun)
  • Commiserator (noun)
  • polite (adjective)
  • Commiserative (adjective)
  • compassionate (adverb)

    Sending a sympathy card is an easy way to say thank you with someone.

How to use Commiserate in a sentence

The following example sentences will help you understand how to use a commissioner in a sentence.

1. A good teacher can always meet with her students.

2. With a man you can't press until you walk in his shoes.

3. She went to their home to be with them.

4. When Ginny said goodbye to Nero, Tanya became satisfied with her.

5. She wanted to pity the mother of the kidnapped child, but was afraid to turn to her.

6. We pity the widows who lost their husbands on the battlefield.

7. Sending a sympathy card is an easy way to say thank you with someone.

8. The team affirmed their defeat.

9. After her book was rejected by the publisher, she started a blog to say thanks with other aspiring writers.

10. Although I did not understand her grief, I felt sorry for her.

11. Your parents were very supportive. They congratulated her when she won and encouraged her when she lost.

12. I want to work with Peter's wife, children, and extended family.

13. He pretended to be helping them, but they didn't know he was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of their son.

14. While trying to interfere with the death row inmate, he was afraid of breaking the rules.

15. I felt sorry for him because I was in the same distress a few years ago.

16. His refusal to come with them about the defeat was seen as a sign of infidelity.

17. The spoiled rich girl couldn't meet her friends because it wasn't what it was like to be poor.

18. The President dealt with the mothers of the dead soldiers

19. They organized to pray with the families of the soldiers.

20. If I lost a match, she felt sorry for me.

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