The Indian model became deceased actors

German actress makes it big in India

Applause breaks out in the ballroom of the luxury hotel “Sea Princess” in Mumbai when Suzanne Bernert begins to speak in perfect Hindi. “India rolled out the red carpet for me and gave me so much love that I will be grateful for my life,” she says. When the - by Indian standards - tall, blond-haired woman says a sentence in the local Marathi language, the audience is amazed.

Bernert has just received the “Women's Achievement Award” from an environmental organization. Last year she received several awards, including one as an “international diva of Bollywood”.

After 14 years in India, 24 television series and films in three Indian languages, Bernert is now enjoying all of this recognition because she played her most highly regarded role to date in the film “The Accidental Prime Minister”, which was released in January. It is about the government of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was in office from 2004 to 2014. According to the book of a former Singh adviser on which the film is based, the real power lay with the then head of the Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi - played by Suzanne Bernert, with a black wig and sari.

As a Hindi-speaking, foreign actress with a bit of resemblance to Gandhi, she has always considered it her destiny to play the Italian-born politician, says Bernert. However, there was also a lot of anger about the film because supporters of the Congress party do not like the way their party icons are portrayed - they see it as propaganda by the ruling BJP. Complaints were filed against 13 people involved in the film - including Bernert and Singh actor Anupam Kher - among other things because of insult.

From Detmold to Indian television

Bernert was born in Detmold, East Westphalia, and her family moved to West Allgäu in Bavaria when she was still attending elementary school. That she did an acting training in Berlin