How to help a choking baby duck

The police help a suffocating baby while his mother looks at him helplessly

Two police officers from Palm Beach, Florida acted quickly when they saw a mother trying to help her asphyxiating 14-month-old child.

Ana Jaramillo de Graham was sitting in a department store when she saw that something was wrong with her daughter. Little Lucia choked on a nugget and suffocated.

The screaming mother was so loud that the police officers, Robert Ayala and Rafael Guadalupe knew they should help.

The video from the security cameras was shared on YouTube. The description informed viewers of what happened in the department store on July 21.

Policeman named Ayala was busy with the baby while Policeman Guadalupe tried to calm the mother down.

“I sat on the floor and I had a panic attack. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay with her, ”Graham recalls.

The passers-by and the employees of the department store quickly gathered around the mother and her daughter. The audience saw Graham hysterically hold Guadalupe's hand.

As Graham later said, she was shocked to see Lucia's eyes "wide open" while she tried to "do something with her mouth." The girl could neither cough nor speak.

The doctor had apparently told Graham long ago what to do in situations like this, but she was too afraid to concentrate.

Fortunately, Lucia was saved. Graham thanked the cops for interfering and handling the situation.

"Thank you, if you hadn't done that, Lucia wouldn't have been with us anymore," said the grateful mother.

But what to do if a child chokes?

Ask the child to cough vigorously. If you see the foreign body, you can try to take it out.

If you don't see the foreign body, give your child strong blows between the shoulder blades. If the child is under two years of age, sit down and lay the child on his stomach on his leg.