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Earn money quickly with online casinos - the big shitty


Online casinos are a kind of "pastime" for millions of users and offer digital ones Gambling entertainment. The use of online casinos becomes particularly dangerous, however, if the focus is not on fun, but on the intention of "quick money". Numerous information pages and casino portals promise ultimate casino strategies, which should bring you easy money when playing in the online casino. You should be careful in front of such information pages if you are interested in playing in online casinos. Basically, nobody in the world has anything to "give away" and if it is "absolutely sure"If there were strategies for online gambling, then these would probably be practiced to the" immeasurable "by every casino user. Any casino fan would amass insane winnings and quit his or her normal job. I hope that you now realize that the operators of online casinos would go bankrupt immediately if there were 100 percent secure winning strategies in place. You should therefore be very careful if you are promised "quick money" on information sites and casino portals. Playing in online casinos is a big fraud for most providers, with only the casino operators making money and "scooping" big. If you want to protect yourself against online casino fraud, you should definitely visit portals like and find out more before playing.

The rip-off practices of the casino operators and info sites

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Since an online casino is based on special software, all games and slot machines are programmed and "scripted" down to the last detail. Basically, gambling should have something to do with chance, fate and luck, at least that's what casino enthusiasts say. In an online casino, however, there is no such "real" component of happiness. Everything is programmed and the software determines which user wins and who ends the digital casino visit with a loss. It's no surprise then that over 90% of users lose. The casino software, which is used by the respective casino operator, uses algorithms to calculate when the casino wins and when the user should be "hooked" with a small profit. This is one of the worst casino rip-off practices that you should absolutely beware of! Basically, the casino software knows "everything" that should mean that it might let you win two or three rounds with small stakes in a game such as roulette - but as soon as you become braver and play with higher stakes, it "sags" Online casino the previously paid out winnings as well as your stakes. In addition, "demo casinos", where you can register without obligation and test the casino offer with virtual coins, are a well-known rip-off method! The demo casinos “trick” you into thinking that playing in the online casino is incredibly easy and successful. You will be amazed how many wins you will make within the first few rounds of the game - no matter which game you choose! The intention: The casino operator would like to "fix" you again so that you can have fun, make an initial deposit and switch to the real money casino. When you arrive here, you will unfortunately feel how the casino software will exploit you ...

Because of this, casino tricks and winning methods are widely advertised

Getting Rich With Casino Scams?

Beginners and newbies in particular wonder why there are so many info sites and blogs that write about casino tricks and winning methods. One thing can be said for sure: every portal or blog operator does not do this for a “good cause” and because he wants to educate mankind about how he made money by playing in the online casino. Sure, it's about earning money - but the only thing that matters is that the portal and blog operator collects money through advertising and commissions. As part of what is known as “Affiliate Marketing”, the info pages always link to various online casinos that pay the portals to bring new users to them. This is the reason why “100% safe casino strategies” are being written euphorically. People who have searched Google for search terms such as “casino tricks” or “earn casino money”, for example, should be encouraged to play and deposit money.

Conclusion:Anyone who wins something in an online casino is only lucky. There are no sure winning strategies or casino tricks that offer immeasurable wealth through digital roulette, blackjack or other games! Online casinos should be used with the utmost caution, because here it is not luck, but software that decides when to win and when to lose. You should never trust casino portals and info sites, as they only work with rip-off strategies! If you want to play in the casino, do so in Las Vegas or a casino in your area, you will be lucky here, but there are no black sheep among the licensed casinos.

Everything you do in life comes back to you, these "casino strategy webmasters" will probably be cheated many times in life ...