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Temperance Brennan

I don't believe in love ... I believe that dopamine and norepinephrine simulate euphoria due to certain biological triggers, such as smell, symmetrical facial features ... "”— Temperance to Booth

Temperance Brennan






forensic anthropologist



  • Michael Stires (Ex-Affaire)
  • Tim Sullivan (ex-boyfriend)
  • Mark Gaffney (one night stand)
  • Jared Booth (gated)
  • Andrew Hacker (dated)
  • Seeley Booth (husband)

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Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan is the daughter of Christine and Matthew Brennan. She works as a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute and uses bone remains to help solve criminal cases. Bones has a relationship with her partner Special Agent Seeley Booth and together they have two children, Christine Angela Booth and Hank Booth.

Biography Edit source]

She is a passionate scientist who always makes decisions based on empirical and rational principles. This is why her social skills are very limited and she often seems cold, distant and sometimes even suspicious. Temperance Brennan and her brother Russ were abandoned by their parents as children. Since Russ, who was 19 years old at the time, left her, Temperance grew up with foster families. When an unknown woman is identified, who turns out to be Brennan's biological mother, she gets in contact with her brother Russ again and finds out that her maiden name is Joy Keenan and that her parents belonged to a group of bank robbers. The parents had left Russ, whose original name was Kyle, and Temperance to protect the two children from the other members of the criminal gang. Brennan's father Max Keenan is still alive, but had to remain hidden for a long time as a wanted criminal because he was suspected of killing the FBI's vice director. However, he was acquitted. Brennan has a good relationship with her colleagues at the Jeffersonian. Angela Montenegro calls Temperance Brennan her best friend. Brennan's steadfast partner in the investigation is FBI agent Seeley Booth. The relationship between the two becomes closer and friendlier through many shared and often life-threatening events, but a romantic relationship only develops later. Brennan has several short relationships, including a particularly close one with FBI agent Sullivan. Sullivan plans to take Brennan to the Caribbean, but she turns down the offer. In addition to her work at the Jeffersonian Institute, Brennan writes crime novels about forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs that have become bestsellers. In her spare time, Brennan practices karate, which is useful for some aggressive assaults during her investigations. In episode 5.22 she decides to lead a research project in the Moluccan Islands and leaves the Jeffersonian Institute for a year. When she comes home early, she realizes that her partner has started a romantic relationship. After Vincet Nigel-Murray's death in S6 / F22, Booth and Brennan spend a night together. In episode 6.23 it is found out that she is expecting a child from Booth, a girl who will be named Christine Angela.

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Personality [edit | Edit source]

Temperance is a highly intelligent and emotionally distant scientist who is only supported by her assistant and later colleague Dr. Zack Addy is outdone. She is an atheist and takes a very critical opinion on religion, as she can justify all miracles logically and empirically. This attitude often leads to arguments with her partner Seeley Booth, who is a devout Catholic. She and her team are often referred to as "blinkers" by FBI agents.

Due to a lack of social skills, Brennan often finds it difficult to understand jokes, comments and hints correctly. She works as a part-time writer and has already published several detective novels that relate to her own work. The main character in these novels is called Kathy Reichs (this refers to the book for the TV series, which is based on the life of the athropologist and author Kathy Reichs, who in turn has published books in which the main character is called Temperance Brennan).

Because of her lack of knowledge of popular culture and current events, she is often teased by her peers. A recurring saying from Brennan is: "I don't know what that means". Often there are unwanted arguments or misunderstandings because she means things exactly as she says them (you still have blood on your hands S6 / E22) or, for example, telling a priest that God is obviously only fictitious. She doesn't seem to think much of any other job besides her own. (Office workers work like bees without any part of their own thinking).

She does not consider psychology to be a real science, this attitude is particularly evident when she worked with Dr. Lance Sweets (Season 3 or later) collaborates. She is extremely reluctant to talk about her family or her past.

Character [edit | Edit source]

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) works at the Jeffersonia Institute in Washington DC and has a relationship with (from the end of season 6) her partner Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). Together they work on cases in which the victims can only be identified with the help of their bones. Both privately and professionally she is almost exclusively called "Bones" by him (refers to her work with bones). The relationship between the two main characters becomes more and more intimate in the course of the series, they spend a lot of time together, have "intimate" conversations about their past and families. They travel together to Washington State, Las Vegas, Los Angels, England and China. Although they deny a romantic interest (relationship), they are clearly jealous when the other has a partner (Sully, Marc, Rebecca, Hannah, Cam, Andrew, etc.). They also admit their love for each other at different times, but these are blocked by the other (S5 / F16 and S6 / F09).

Brennan's best friend is Angela Montenegro, she also works with the entomologist Dr. Jack Hodgins, the anthropologist Dr. Zack Addy (until the end of season 3), the pathologist Dr. Camille Saroyan (from season 2), the museum director Dr Daniel Goodman (until the end of season 1), the psychologist Dr. Lance Sweets (from season 3) and the assistants (Wendell Bray, Daisy Wick, Vincent Nigel - Murray, Dr. Clark Edison, Colin Fisher, Finn Abernathy and Arastoo Vaziri).

At the age of 15, Brennan was abandoned by her parents, who turned out to be bank robbers over the course of the series. She then became a foster child, which is accompanied by unpleasant memories (she was locked in a trunk for two days because she dropped dishes S4 / F21). She went to Burtonsville High School in Maryland until 1994 and then studied at Northwestern University. She says her enthusiasm for anthropology developed when she saw the movie "The Mummy". She also speaks at least eight foreign languages ​​(Spanish S1 / F13, French S1 / F1, Latin through studies, Chinese S2 / F16 + S4 / F11, German S2 / F04, Norwegian S4 / F21, Japanese S4 / F23, Farsi S8 / F7) can do three martial arts, is a licensed hunter and sniper with the NRA. Despite her many talents, she is always amazed at the ability of her partner to correctly identify suspects from the gut. She attributes these subliminal cues to body language (S1 / F13, S2 / 05, S2 / 07).

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Seeley Booth [edit | Edit source]

Has been a permanent partner of Temperance since Season 1. The two gradually develop a friendly and later a romantic relationship. During the 6th season, the two spend a night together. Temperance tells Seeley in the season finale of the 6th season that she is pregnant by him. The two name their daughter after Temperance's mother and after their best friend: Christine Angela. In season 10, Temperance becomes pregnant again. The two are very happy about the addition of the family soon. After Booth succumbs to his gambling addiction again, their relationship is put to the test.

Angela Montenegro [edit | Edit source]

Has been Temperance's best friend since Season 1. Angela always tries to have fun with Temperance like going to clubs for example. The two can also talk about anything. Angela becomes pregnant shortly before Temperance and has a son, together with Jack Hodgins named Michael Staccato Vincent.

Vincent Nigel-Murray [edit | Edit source]

He's an intern at the Jeffersonian until the end of the sixth season and works on a few cases. In the 22nd episode of the 6th season he is shot. While Vincent is dying, Bones tells him that he is one of her favorite students.

Christine Brennan [edit | Edit source]

Christine Brennan, who was actually called Ruth Keenan, is the mother of Bones. Her death is being investigated by Bones and her team in the season one finale. It turns out that Christine was murdered by a professional killer named Vince McVicker. Her husband, Matthew Brennan or Max Kennan, buried her on the edge of a cemetery, where she is later found by the Jeffersonian and 'taken care of' in Limbus.

Matthew Brennan [edit | Edit source]

Matthew Brennan, or Max Kennan, is the father of Dr. Brennan, who appears frequently in the series and unfortunately often has to prove his innocence. Despite many arguments, they find each other again. Temperance increasingly entrusts her daughter Christine to him.

Russ Brennan [edit | Edit source]

Russ Brennan, real name Kyle Keenan, is the brother of Bones. He left her at the age of 19 to work. Bones, who was only 15 years old at the time, was placed in a foster family.

Christine Angela Booth Edit source]

Is the daughter of Bones and Booth. Bones gives birth to them in a stable when they have just returned from an assignment and cannot make it to the hospital. The name comes from Bones mother, Christine and her friend Angela. The older Christine gets, the more it becomes how much she resembles her mother.

Jack Hodgins [edit | Edit source]

Jack Hodgins is a forensic scientist in Jeffersonia. He has his own disgust laboratory, as he always calls it, and always calls himself the "king of the laboratory". Although by the end of season 3 this was all attributed to anthropologist Zack Addy, who was a good friend of his. He loves to conduct experiments, even if something breaks and explodes as a result. He has various relationships over the course of the series. Including one with Bone's best friend Angela. Which, however, was no longer there because of differences of opinion. However, he and Angela got back together and married in prison. At the end of the 6th season they had a child, whom they then named Michael (at the request of Angela and Hodgins) Starcarto (at the request of Angela's rocker father) Vincent (after a good friend of Hodgins) Hodgins.

Camille Saroyan [edit | Edit source]

Bones and Cam often clash at the beginning. But over time, they become good friends.

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • The character of Dr. Temperance Brennan is vaguely based on the life of bestseller author Dr. Kathy Reichs.
  • As a child, she often watched westerns.
  • She loves Munich and Bavaria.
  • She was inspired to her profession by "The Mummy" from 1932
  • She lost her virginity at 22
  • Her high school nickname was Morticia
  • She's afraid of snakes (But only when Booth is around)
  • She is a vegetarian (Emily is a vegan)
  • Her favorite color is green
  • She drives a blue Toyota Prius
  • Her favorite flower is the daffodil, followed by the lily
  • Your favorite planet is Jupiter