How to Remove Prismatic Gem Dota 2

How to get and use the kinetic gems: "Dota 2"

Every player in "Dot" knows that this project is a great deal, it may depend on what kind of items you collect. Of course, it's also important and how you'll pump your character, but sometimes building skills isn't enough - to achieve excellence you need to be able to collect high quality and build efficient objects. In addition, you should note that many things are cells - they are designed for semi-precious stones that can give one or another character specific abilities, as well as to expand on existing functions and other options. But kinetic gemstones deserve special attention. "DotA 2" - a very nice game that will give you lots of fun, not only because of the fun gameplay, but also because of the excellent graphic components. And you can work this factor, but, of course, to a very small extent. And this is done with the help of the kinetic gemstones that are described in this article.

How do I get?

First of all, you need to know how to get the kinetic gemstones. "DotA 2" - a game in which the rare elements that you just don't get, so you have to work hard. So, during the game you can drop a treasure chest, and if its type is relevant, then opening it with a special key, you can find gems there. They come in a wide variety, but this article is about kinetic discussions. Each trunk is a three jewel, so you have a good chance of getting the one you want the most. However, while you don't even know what to give you with a kinetic gemstone. "Dota 2" is a pretty big project, so don't be surprised if you find out what this type of gem has to offer you.

Kinetic Gems and their Effects

So, it's time to find out what makes the kinetic gemstones. "DotA 2" - a game in which you can insert gemstones in a cell on topics that have already been discussed above. However, when it comes to kinetic gems, it is worth noting that your character's performance will not be affected. Then there is a logical question - why do they need them? In terms of use, they're not necessary, but from an aesthetic point of view - this is a real find. If you put such a gem in the subject cell that is your character, then it will change the animation of each of the action. This can be a movement and the effects of using spells and abilities of your own symbols, and much more. Usually you can customize your character's display in the game and not just you but all players will see who you will be playing with. Needless to say, how long the list of kinetic gems - "Dota 2" at the same time separates them from a very highly specialized group.

Each hero - his gems

As the gemstones fall in kinetic ("Dota 2")? Kunqu can get a type of gem, Klokverk - very different from Doom. Accordingly, we can conclude that each character has their own kinetic gem that has different effects on the hero and his animation. For example, the Juggernaut can find four different gems, each of which changes the effects of its ability, as well as the automatic display of attack, movement, and even equipment. Some characters only have one gem that suits them.


Also pay attention to the fact that the hero can use several gems at the same time, and here in the code of the game spelled priority. Some of the stones and their effects are more powerful than others so they appear in the first place.