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1 time with rules, examples

The time in English - notation

Only the full hour is written and spoken with o'clock in English.

It's two o'clock, it's three o'clock, it's eleven o'clock.

From the 1st minute to the 30th minute you use past (German: after). One uses from the 31st minute to the full hour to (German: before).


Examples: Spelling of the time with past and to



It's five to one.
It's ten to two.
It's quarter to three.
It's twenty to four.
It's twenty-five to five.
It's twenty-seven to seven.

It's five past one.
It's ten past two.
It's a quarter past three / It's quarter past three.
It's twenty past four.
It's twenty-five past five.
It's twenty-seven past seven.
It's helped past eight.

There is also the option of specifying the English time without past and to (as is comparable with German).
You then say: It's five thirty-nine (5:39). It's ten-oh-three (10:03).

Tip: It is easier with the time, the first possibility with past and to good to learn.

Ante meridiem (am) and post meridiem (pm)

The English time is used to separate the time into morning and afternoon at the (ante meridiem) and pm (post meridiem).

It's 10 o'clock in the morning: It's 10 o'clock am. Or: It's 10 am.
It's 10 p.m.: It's 10 o'clock pm. Or: It's 10pm.

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