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Address wedding congratulations in a modern way

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This addressing for wedding congratulations is no longer up-to-date
It would be old-fashioned to address the wedding congratulations with "To the bride and groom", because all "To" additions are no longer up to date. "An die", "An den", "An das" - these expressions are no longer used in the modern letter style, but are omitted. Modern addressing for wedding congratulations
A compromise proposal is "To the bride and groom", because many people consider it important to use the word "bride and groom" when congratulating their wedding. But it is no less polite and also more modern to "only" choose a normal address.

Here it is up to you whether you put the name of the man or the woman in front of the wedding congratulations. Internationally, it is more common to name the man first. In Germany, the prefixed name of the woman is just as common for wedding congratulations and is perceived as more polite, because according to old tradition the bride still has a special status, which is also paid tribute with the wedding congratulations.

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