Instructions for rappelling the descender


1. Install the rope at the stand

Make sure that the abseiling station consists of two interconnected belay points. Make a simple knot. Tighten the connection knot of the two strands of rope.

Note: The knot at the end of the rope is a necessary precaution in certain situations (long descent, poor visibility, fatigue, etc.).

2. Install the self-locking system

The self-locking system serves as a backup for the user if he has to let go of his hands while abseiling (falling rocks, knots in the rope, etc.).

- If you install the Prusik sling first, you can then pull out some slack rope to make it easier to insert the descender.

- Fasten the Prusik to the safety loop of the belt using an anchor hitch so that it is not lost.

3. Install the descender

- Attach the fixed cord of the DUAL CONNECT ADJUST to the descender.

- Attach the descender to the rope and remember to lock the carabiner.

- Pull the rope taut between the abseil device and the stand and between the abseil device and the Prusik.

- Unhook the adjustable cord from the stand: you are now ready to abseil.

4. Reaching the next stand

In order to reach the next location as easily as possible, set the adjustable line of your DUAL CONNECT ADJUST to the maximum length.

When you are hooked into the stand and have positioned yourself comfortably, adjust the length of your lanyard.

5. Prepare the next abseil length

- Remove the rope from the descender and from the self-locking system.

- Fasten the two strands of rope to the stand so as not to lose them and to secure the following.

- If necessary, loosen the knots at the end of the rope.

- Thread the pull rope through the lowering ring.

6. Pulling off the rope

When the second rope is attached to the stand, pull off the rope.

The second one pulls on the rope, while the first makes sure that it runs unhindered through the ring. With the knot in place, the first person can begin installing the self-locking system and descender. When both strands of rope are pulled off, the first can abseil.