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The 14 best multiplayer online shooters in 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC

Borderlands 3

What is Borderlands 3? Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter from Gearbox. For many fans, the game is the epitome of the loot shooter genre, because the hunt for powerful and sometimes totally crazy weapons is one of the main aspects of the game.

What's the matter? The third part of the Borderlands series continues the story of the predecessor. This time the story spans several different planets. The location Pandora is also on board again.

The focus of the plot are the four new exterminators, who simultaneously represent the different classes in the game. They fight against the cult "Children of the Chamber", which is led by the Calypso twins Troy and Tyreen.

What you need to know about the story of the Borderlands series so far, you can find out here.

Platform:PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC
Publisher:2K Games
Business model:Buy-to-play
Genre:Multiplayer loot shooter

What makes Borderlands 3 special?


  • Collecting and hoarding weapons is the main aspect of the game
  • Four different characters that represent the different classes at the same time
  • Develop your own character with talent trees
  • Exciting setting in an apocalyptic scifi / western universe
  • Extensive co-op experience with different modes


  • Unlike the other parts, split screen is only horizontal
  • Few innovations compared to the predecessors

This is what multiplayer offers in Borderlands 3

Campaign: Borderlands 3 can also be played solo, but the series really impresses in multiplayer. Up to four players can fight their way through the brightly colored universe, just as many as there are different characters.

The players do not necessarily have to occupy all available classes. Duplicate characters are also allowed.

There is a local split-screen mode on the consoles, PC players have to be content with the online version. You can read everything about co-op here.

So that you have a lot to do in the endgame, there are the following features:

Is there PvP? The Borderlands series has always done without PvP. If you still want to wrestle with your fellow players, you can start crazy duels, for example to fight out who is allowed to have the special weapon that has just dropped.

If you prefer to play peacefully with your friends without quarreling about creaking, you can choose a mode in the options in which each player receives his own loot.

Borderlands 3 is also ideal for ...

... players who like to hunt for new, stronger but also crazier weapons. In addition, Borderlands 3 offers a graphical feast for the eyes for everyone who likes the special cel-shading look. Fans of realistic shooters could be disappointed here.

Borderlands 3 plays its cards especially in multiplayer. So if you like to travel with several friends and want to experience totally crazy and stupid adventures with an absolutely crazy sense of humor, you should stop by Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 talks about the future - so it goes with the shooter 2020 and 2021