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小 语种 德语 习题 练习 : 选择题 100 例

1. Hans is now a waiter in a large restaurant. He ........ much better there.

a. treated b. ordered c. deserves d. pays

2. How is your little son? - The ...... himself well: he's already starting to walk.

a. developed b. distinguishes c. compares d. understands

3. Is there a direct ........ by bus from your apartment to the train station?

a. Arrival b. Relationship c. Connection d. Right of way

4. Have you had the camera for a long time? - No, ...... since the day before yesterday.

a. only b. still c. only d. beautiful

5. How is the sick person? - His ....... is bad that he needs rest above all.

a. Need b. Damage c. Point of view d. Status

6. The test was ....... easier than I thought.

a. completely b. more c. very d. much

7. You're lucky I'm awake after all! I wasn't so late with your call ........

a. expected b. waited c. calculated d. thought

8. Did you find another apartment, or ........ are you still on Hamburger Strasse?

a. live b. live c. stay overnight d. find

9. He had to be, because in hand ......... he, as agreed, a newspaper.

a. gave b. was c. stayed d. held

10. I have nothing to do with the whole thing ...........

a. say b. employ c. work d. to do

11. ......... please be patient!

a. stay b. do c. Be d. To have

12. ........ you come a long way or do you live nearby?

a. Will b. Are c. Have d. stay

13. You should definitely check out the new film ..........

a. view b. see c. watch d. visit

14. The professor introduced his lecture with Einstein's .........

a. Words b. Words c. Vocabulary d. vocabulary

15. We met only a year ago in Shanghai ........

a. known b. recognized c. met d. accepted

16. Over three billion live on earth ..........

a people b. People c. Personden d. man

17. It was told that Mr. Li .......... go to the leader after class.

a. can b. should c. must d. may

18. What is right?

a. The difficulties have to be overcome. b. The difficulties must be overcome.

c. The difficulties seem to be overcome. d. The difficulties need to be overcome.

19. I can work in Germany. Yesterday I heard from the company ....

a. gets b. given c. said d. known

20. Peter passed the exam, he is not ........

a. failed b. failed c. liked d. to be difficult

21. Last Sunday I visited ...

a. two employees b. two merchants c. two travelers d. two boys

22. Is it allowed to have a friend to the party .....?

a. bring along b. bring along c. to bring d. to be brought along

23. That is .......... known.

a. general b. mean c. together d. together

24. The clock .......... no longer.

a. runs b. running c. goes d. strides

25. I did my best .........

a. done b. made c. created d. done

26. What is right?

a. The session could have started at 10 a.m.

b. The meeting will probably start at 10 a.m.

c. The meeting could have started at 10 a.m.

d. The session can have started at 10 a.m.

27. There is much in the text that ... we have not yet understood.

a. the b. the SC. what d. to that

28. The task .... a few days ago .....

a. is to be fulfilled. b. had to be fulfilled

c. has to be fulfilled d. has to be met

29. The test was much harder ..... we thought.

a. like b. as c. that d. as that

30. Do you know the people ... Hans lived for a year?

a. on them b. with you c. where d. both

31. Hamburg, ... he is coming, is a port city.

a. from the b. from which c. where d. Where

32. I heard that he was a very good student. This means.

a. he must have been a very good student.

b. he is said to have been a very good student.

c. he may have been a very good student.

d. he must have been a very good student.

33. What is right?

a. You shouldn't have said that! b. You shouldn't have said that!
c. You shouldn't have said that! d. You shouldn't have said that!

34. I swim, box and play tennis every day. And you? ..... you also do sports?

a. Play b. Do c. Drifting d. To do

35. Peter did an ... internship at a company.

a. four months b. four-month c. four months d. four month

36. I have to have my broken TV ......

a. to be repaired b. to repair

c. let repair d. let repair

37. Shall we send you the form? "- Yes, please ......"

a. You therefore b. You for it c. You therefore d. You for it

38. I am ... that you cannot come.

a. very sad b. a shame c. very sorry d. very unfortunately

39. You were asked: “How was it?” You answer:

a. Completely different from what I thought! b. Quite different from what I thought!

c. Completely different from what I thought! d. Completely different from what I thought!

40. Leave the house immediately ... I'll call the police!

a. or b. otherwise c. if d. rather
41. We haven't seen each other for 30 years. Nevertheless, I have it right away ......

a. known b. known c. met d. recognized

42. What can we not say when we talk about the weather?

a. It's raining b. It seems c. It thunders d. It lightens

43. "Would you like some tea?" - "To be honest ... I prefer a cup of coffee."

a. would b. would come c. liked d. would

44. During the exam you are allowed to use a dictionary .....

a. use b. use c. use d. apply

45. Miss Klein is ......

a. Secretary b. Secretary c. Secretary d. Säkräterin

46. ​​Oh, come to this window! From here ... you can see the Alps!
a. from b. to c. at d. because of

47. The accident was caused ..... human error.

a. from b. by c. at d. because of

48. Have you read this book yet? - I think that ... will be of interest.

a. the sieve. he you c. You yourself d. it she

49. Do I have to fill out this form too? - No that .... .

a. you don't have to fill it out. b. do not need to be filled in.

c. do not need to be filled out. d. do not have to fill out.

50. During a vehicle inspection, the police officer says to the driver: - "May I ... see?"

a. Your ticket b. Your driver's license

c. Your certificate of good conduct d. Your ticket

51 ..... A says, B must also say!

a. Who b. The c. What d. The

52. The government is facing ... decisions.

a. troublesome b. difficult c. tedious d. tried

53. After three weeks my landlady could finally change the bedclothes .....

a. change b. alternate c. swap d. switch

54. Lüneburg, .... I live now, is a pretty old town on the edge of the Lüneburg Heird.

a. in the b. where c. in the d. Where

55. Did you bring me the promised record today?

- Oh, I haven't ........ again.

a. thought about it b. thought of that c. thought of d. thought about that

56. If I had the time ... I would have liked to come to you.

a. would have had b. have c. would have d. would have

57. I have to go to the post office ...

a. to pick up a package b. to pick up a package

c. to pick up a package d. to pick up a package

58. There is no ... apple pie than the one my mother bakes!

a. best b. best c. better d. better

59. Is that all ...?

a. what you could learn b. that you could experience

c. that you could experience d. how much you get to experience

60. What is right?

a. A few more people rarely came. b. Only rarely did a couple of people come.

c. A few more people rarely came. d. Only rarely a couple of people were left.
61. If I had time ..... I would have come to you, but unfortunately it didn't work.

a. have b. had c. would have d. would have had

62. When I entered the room, I heard her ......

a. sing b. to sing c. sang d. sung

63. You drink .... coffee.

a. black b. black c. black d. black

64. The exam was ... when I thought.

a. more black b. very difficult c. much heavier d. very difficult

65. It ..... already in a high school ......

a. has occurred ..... b. has occurred

c. entered ... d. has ... entered

66. How is it in Berlin? I am sure that ..... you will like it.

a. it you b. Yourself c. he it d. it to you

67. Peter, are you ... interested in books? No, unfortunately not.

a. B. You c. d. them

68 ... do you need all the books? To study!
a. Why B. Where from c. Why d. Where

69. You can ... change the delay of the train.

a. not b. no c. none d. Nothing

70. The device is broken. It must ..... .

a. have it repaired b. for repair

c. to be repaired d. the repair

71. Paul could not come, he said that he was visiting ......

a. had b. has c. have d. have

72. Where were you .....?

a. Morning yesterday b. yesterday morning

c. morning yesterday d. Yesterday's lunch

73. You can work here. If that ..... I would be happy.

a. went b. go c. went d. would go

74. We're going to the cinema, are you coming with me? Yes gladly! I have time.

a. a lot b. several c. a lot d. more

75. Could you come tomorrow? Yes, that ... possible.

a. I would have b. would be c. would d. I would like to

76. When you have a ball in your hand ..... you can feel the pull of love.

a. hold b. were holding c. were holding d. held

77. Do you have lessons tomorrow? Yes, we have two students ..... math.

a. high b. higher c. high d. higher

78. He is very nice. I entertain .... .

a. like with him b. gladly with me c. like me with him d. like with me

79. I hope to be in Germany in the summer ......

a. to be able to drive b. can drive c. to be able to drive d. to be able to drive

80. How long does the performance last?

a. Two o'clock b. Two hours c. In two hours d. At two o'clock
81. This is Reihnstrasse, ..... I've lived for a year.

a. on the b. where c. in the d. on the

82 ..... I've seen once ..... I won't forget my face again.

a. Who that b. Whom whose c. Whom whose d. Who, be

83. The electricity value. ..... built six months ago.

a. will b. is c. was d. was

84. The problems ..... cannot be solved so quickly without your help.

a. are b. have c. would have d. would have

85 ..... my friends weren't in the dormitory, I went home straight away.

a. Because b. The SC. Nevertheless d. There

86. Why are you standing then? ......

a. Have a seat! b. Have a seat!

c. Take a seat! d. Sit down!

87. Is he no longer there?

a. Yes, it is already there. b. Yes, he's still there.

c. Yes, it is still there. d. Yes, it is already there.

88. Can you give me ..... professional advice?

a. as B. like c. a d. your

89 ... the laboratory sends me the test results, I'll call you.

a. As B. After c. As soon as d. As long as

90. What's the matter with him? - Nothing at all! He is annoyed ..... every little thing.

a. Because of b. about c. for d. against

91. In which cinema ..... the film?

a. running b. shows c. goes d. happens

92. What does “this is none of my business” mean?

a. I do not like it. b. I don't mind.

c. I changed my mind. d. This is not my business.

93. One of Joche's sisters is .....

a. Civil servant b. Officials c. Civil servant d. an official

94. Konrad Adenauer? Many consider him ..... one of the greatest German politicians of our time. But he ... can of course stand by.

a. from, over b. as, at c. for, about d. for, on

95. What is wrong?

When was the Federal Republic of Germany founded?

a. In 1949 b. in 1949 c. In 1949 d. 1949

96. Where is the mistake?

a. I know he's not home. b. I know he's sick.

c. I don't know yet d. I don't know if he's coming too.

97. What is wrong?

a. That is the man's opinion. b. That is the teacher's opinion.

c. That is the opinion of the student d. That is the opinion of women.

98. What is wrong?

a. The leading article was difficult to understand.

b. The leading article was difficult to understand.

c. This is a difficult editorial to understand.

d. The leading article is difficult to understand.

99. What is wrong?

a. He has the hope of going to Germany one day.

b. Hopefully he'll go to Germany one day.

c. He hopes that he will drive to Germany one more time.

d. If he had come to Germany!

100. What can not be said?

a. It finally seems to be feeling better again.

b. It seems that she is feeling better now.

c. It looks like she's feeling better now.

d. It looks like she's finally getting better.