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A new bow

You have to jump against a wall and abseil after another small earthquake. You land at a sarcophagus and immediately get hold of a new bow and the ability Fear of the jaguar. From now on you can make very special arrows that will scare your opponents and attack their own colleagues. You need fabric and so-called arrow poison to produce it, which you in turn with the ability Owl's meal wins from the insects crawling around everywhere.

Next, keep left until you see the only mural in the oil fields called Mama Zara (Pantheon of the Gods 2 / Quechua) finds. In addition, the document is a few steps further north The truth (trinitiy). You then have to climb a tree from where you can see three enemies. Immediately try out your new ability and shoot the enemy near you with a fear arrow in the back. He then becomes paranoid, shoots blindly at his colleagues and dies after a few seconds. If one of the opponents survived the action, then wait until he is near you and kill him with a jump attack.

Then you should first take care of the guy who is crouching on your left in front of a yellow generator and is therefore an easy target for a silent attack from behind. Return and take cover next to the stairs that run northwest.

There you can see a few opponents from a distance, which you are slowly approaching. At the top you take cover by the stone and grab one of the bottles. Make a Molotov cocktail and wait until two or even three of your opponents are standing next to each other. With a bit of luck you will catch them all at once and run back to cover next to the stairs.

Now all surviving enemies in this area will gradually run down these stairs to look for you. Then you can grab each other one by one and kill silently. If you're still lucky, you won't even get caught.

However, if you have "bad luck", then this is not a problem either. In that case, flee to the left to the yellow generator and immediately keep to the right. This way you get to the stairs from the other side and can ambush the remaining enemies who have blindly chased after you from behind.

As usual, the danger is averted as soon as Lara stands upright again. Now you can go further west and squeeze your way through a narrow gap, whereupon Rourke contacts you. On the way to the southwest you come across the document one after the other A lost world (inside and outside), one archivistCard and a box with the relic Helmet (inside and outside).

Escape across the oil fields

You reach the end of the area and are suddenly attacked by a helicopter. In the following escape sequence, you have to pay special attention to the camera work: Every little movement to the left, to the right or upwards is an indication of the direction in which you have to run or jump next.

As soon as Lara falls into the water and gets out á la Rambo, you have a really good automatic rifle in your hand. With this you can effortlessly mow down all opponents that come towards you. In between, use various containers as cover, but hold back the wooden barricades. The Trinity guards destroy them within seconds.

The fight against the helicopter

In the end, the helicopter attacks you again, which you now have to destroy with all your might. Take the warning seriously: as long as it flies, new enemies will rush towards you! Furthermore, your target is more or less immune to your automatic fire rifle, which is why you need something “more powerful”.

Therefore, pay attention to the area below the helicopter, on which there are numerous barrels and which you can best locate with the help of your survival instinct. As soon as you destroy one, it explodes and the helicopter takes damage. Repeat this until it crashes completely and you get to during the final cutscene Mission of San Juan travels.

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