How to cleanse the body

Thoroughly cleanse your own body

Wash the towel regularly.What about the towel you use every time you bathe? How many times is it used before it starts to stink? It accumulates the dead skin cells and oils that are left over after a poor cleansing. To prevent this, you have to scrub yourself well with a rough sponge, washcloth, brush or similar object. The main thing is to catch as many of the peeled off dying and dead skin cells as possible, along with the oils, beforeyou use a towel.
  • To keep your body as clean as possible, it's important to wash your towel regularly and store it properly so that it dries completely. Wash your towel after 2-3 uses.
  • Never leave a wet towel on the bathroom floor or it will get moldy and dirty quickly. It is important to hang it correctly and let it dry completely.