Kazez nowhere man and a whiskey

Jack's Pirate Whiskey is now one of the classics on the German whiskey market. His hallmarks: predominantly young, strong smoky Islay whiskeys, a cheeky dog ​​and a continuation story on the back of the bottle. The full story of the stolen ship is probably only known to someone who has collected all the bottlings from this series by Jack Wiebers and read the back labels. And maybe one day someone will be able to tell me this story too. Until then, I'd rather tell you what I've got in my glass: Tasting Notes: Jack's Pirate Whiskey, Islay Single Malt, Sachsen Edition, 51.5%, Cask 097, sherry barrel finish, distilled and bottled in Scotland, 194 bottles of color : 1.6 dark mahogany aroma: lovage, fried oyster mushrooms, warm cigar ashes, musty basement rooms, old dust, walnuts and dried figs. Taste: sweet, with a lot of old wood and strong notes of sherry. Medium body, aftertaste: rather short Conclusion: mi