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Friday April 13th 2012


Hey folks. BLOG is to be continued in english, because some very nice people (Yahooooo Maude ;-)) want to follow it, but lack knowledge of wonderful German language; -) ... what the f ...? :-P Thus, I decided to pop in the next comments in English (except the first sentence, though)! Hope your fine with that and please overlook the misspelling! Cheers

So my friends, now we are back in beautiful New Zealand and find it once again amazing. We are really lucky with our accommodation, the clinic is quite large and offers a lot of new experiences and we are really involved in the work on plastic surgery!

Staying here with natives is awesome, because you really get into it, like society, habits and of course: foooood! Bianca (the girl that owns the house we live in) is from India but living here for about 10 years and related to a Kiwi, so we have Indian food every day and it's great! We enjoy it so much. Govind, her housemate and the two Golden Retrievers complete the small family. The house it warm, comfortable and we have our own room each, so a little bit of privacy and silence - good to chill out after hard days.

View from Home in Manukau / Auckland

Dung boss ("The Boss")

Botanic Gardens (Where we use to walk the dogs with Bianca)

In the morning we get to Middlemore Hospital in about 30 Minutes, starting at 7am and rarely quitting before 5pm. So lots of work to do, but given the fact that we're really part of the team, the bullet isn't that hard to bite, though! So, no "hands of surgery" for MedStuds! Deadly cool!

Weekends: Last Friday we headed up to a place called Whangarei to see the territories in Auckland's north and mysterious places like "glow worm caves" and the "Auenland" ... moreover we got up to Kaloe and saw amazing beaches, deeply colored views of nature and had great sunsets all around! We just love it here! But coming home in about 3 weeks isn't too bad at all! I am really looking forward to come home. I guess Kay wouldn't mind to stay a little longer, though.

So here you are, some impressions from North Island New Zealand and don´t you ever dare to say, the North isn't as beautiful as the South ... it's just different!

Whangarei Sunset

Whangarei Harbor

Captain Kay

A good omen

Glow worm caves

Whangarei falls (not that spectacular ...)

Hundertwasser Toilets - in the Middle of Nowhere (the Viennese are simply net normal ...

Taupo Beach near Kahoe (We "bodyboarded" - absuf..ingamazing)

This is called "Hostel" ...

Shire / Hobbit land ...

East coast

We love this dog

Cheers, Goldi

Thursday March 29, 2012



Dear, interested readership, as promised, there are now some new photos from beautiful Australia to marvel at! In the meantime we are getting ready to take off from Sydney, when please see the countdown on your right (as of 31/3/12 :-P). Tomorrow I'm going to Auckland with Aerolineas Argentinas - that promises pure excitement! Today was in my case (Kay was more busy there) from eating cake, ward rounds, lunch with the team and packing up, in the evening we go to the Chinese farewell dinner with our dear PJ colleagues. Tomorrow the green north of New Zealand is already waiting - we are very curious, if the south and north island should differ like day and night ... but enough of the words, please enjoy the following:

Another picture from our tour from the Blue Mountains

Waterfall at Blue Mountains

Jervis Bay on the east coast on our tour to the Great Ocean road
On this way we drove through the night in order to reach Wilson's Promontory National Park the next morning ... Brownish water color through the tea tree oil.

The result at Wilson's Promontory National Park was worth the night drive 1000 times:

Waterloo Bay in Wilson's Promontory - one of the most beautiful beaches of our lives

Sunset at Wilson's Promontory, we sleep after 13 hours of driving, 48 hours without sleep, 6 hours of sun, 1 bottle "I'd rather not say" and 2 hours of surfing plus Highland Games ... as you can imagine, like marmots ...

Great Ocean Road ... all original pictures by the way!

Worm Bay near Petersborough - Great Ocean Road
Here we spend many hours without meeting a single person ... except for one who came out of the sea with a lobster in a sack ... almost a bit scary ...

Frisbee was our sport this week ... just like ...

... surfing!

Yeah where is the kay? Where is he? He can hardly see enough of the beautiful nature ...

That's them; "The three from the Great Ocean Road"

Sunset in Geelong - just before Melbourne

Melbourne - a city, young, fresh, green and sporty - you can endure it here

Lots of interesting people

... and Hannes and I (thanks Kaytschi for the photo)

... where Wimbledon takes place ... the professionals in front of the competition site

Sideways glances

So dear people - now you have got a small (and nice) insight into our days here in Australia. For the next month we will be firm on the news. Greetings from Sydney from your two boys (Kay is still at work as the harder one of us :-)) and see you very soon in Aotearoa (NZL), take care,

your Goldi

Monday March 26, 2012

We're back ps .....

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We're back !!!

Hey guys,

now we've been looking forward to torturing you in the last few weeks, almost months, and catching up a lot! This is now starting, although our upload options are still limited. They were also in the last few weeks, so we would like to excuse our laziness a little ...

Sydney is of course the Oberhammer or "The Shit" - in new German. In the first days here we explored the city center around the Sydney Harbor (u) r and many smaller districts such as "the Rocks" and the beautiful green areas such as Hyde Park or the Royal Botanic Gardens as well as Darling Harbor with the sunshine Hard Rock Cafe.



Then it went to Penrith, an hour train ride to the west of Sydney. When we arrived here, we marveled at our accommodation, 3 minutes away from the hospital, quite large and clean, with a kitchen, living room, etc. so a real small apartment - we didn't expect that, because there are some buildings around it that are more fearful and the area is probably not the safest either ... well let's see, fenced simma yes! News: In Australia and New Zealand, the "domestic abuse" rate is also quite high compared to Europe: a lot of space, few people, loneliness and alcohol contribute to it - you also learn that on such a trip! Here our apartment formed the aisle between the safe part of town where the hospital is located and Kingswood - that area just mentioned. A big plus of our residential area: ALDI store right nearby! In the summer we were able to get ourselves reasonably cheap in really mega-expensive Australia, but the prices there are also = Austria / Germany * 3 ... but at least.

The work here can be summarized relatively quickly, because like everywhere in Australia the motto is: "chill a bit mate" or "no worries buddy"! You can start your working day at 7am and be home again at 6pm - which happened quite often. Or leave around noon, which we also made use of, ... and enjoy the beautiful weather. However, you may have seen / read / heard in the news that we were occasionally closer to drowning than dehydration, luckily never at the weekend! Well, the main thing here is not to let any stress arise and with the many coffee brakes that are celebrated here, you don't have to have a guilty conscience towards the permanent employees interns, residents or registrars! The working atmosphere was always very friendly and collegial!


On the weekends we spent a lot of time on beaches like the legendary Bondi Beach, Manly Beach or on the fenced Shark Bay (to protect against the countless giant monster sharks that live there)! There (except logically at Shark Bay) we practiced surfing and playing Frisbee, but there is still room up on the board ;-) In between we went to the Blue Mountains, which are very reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, together with Stefan, He was also an Innsbrucker Studicus, we marveled at the monumental rock formations, countless beautiful, small tracks and various waterfalls around the small town of Katoomba.

In the past two weeks we have had visitors from Innsbruck. Mr. MSc Hannes Laucher did the honors and we immediately rented a car to explore the south coast of Victoria, or better said, Wilson's Promontory National Park and the Great Ocean Road for a week - we shouldn't regret it! Koalas, kangoroos, wombats and of course cockatoos romped about in abundance in this untouched nature. Conclusion here: Melbourne on the Formula 1 weekend ... speaks for itself!


A visit to the Sydney Opera House completely pissed me off. With remaining place tickets for students and a bit of meat due to the keen interest of other students, we enjoyed Mozart's Magic Flute on the floor of the mussel and yes - we felt a bit snobby ... now it's enough slowly!

More information and pictures, especially of the cute Australian residents, especially the laziest animal in the world - the wombat (or is it the koala after all?), Will follow in the next few days to give you an even better impression of beautiful Australia ! That these animals feel comfortable here among all the chilled people is not the least bit surprising!

Thanks for the patience as well as the reading and improvement be praised!

Your Goldi

Monday January 30, 2012

Carina *, Sebastian, Julian and Kay wish you a wonderful good morning from Te Anau;)

We'll tell you briefly about the last few days in New Zealand. When we arrived in Picton, Julian was already waiting for us with the little red speedster called Vitz, which was to serve us well for the next few days. From this idyllic little port town we went to Nelson to spend the night there.

The hostel "The Bug" got top marks.

Our next destination: The National Park: Abel Tasman. The best way to explore this coastal region is to paddle along the coast in kayaks, we were told - said and done. With luck on our side, the weather was fantastic, the sea calm and crystal clear, and our guide a real kiwi, we enjoyed the 2 days of nature and will rave about it for a long time. We enjoyed the overnight stay at the only backpacker boat in New Zealand to the fullest, there we met Carina, who we accepted into our travel company at the Pancake Rocks. This natural spectacle on the coast took our breath away.

Our way led over lonely roads to the mountainous region of New Zealand, over a short walk we reached the glacier tongue of the Franz Josef Glacier.
We are now just before Milford Sound, a fjord landscape that we will explore tomorrow.