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Read the electricity meter: This is how it works.

How do you read the electricity meter? Why should you do this more often? Here you will find all the tips and information you need.

Read the electricity meter - this is how it works:

  • You have to read the electricity meter when you move, change provider or for the annual electricity bill.
  • Having the electricity meter read prevents your consumption from being estimated.
  • Reading it yourself regularly helps to avoid additional payments and to save energy.

Content of this page:

  1. Find and understand electricity meters
  2. Read off the counter or have it read off
  3. Change of provider and relocation
  4. Avoid back payments, monitor consumption
  5. Different types of electricity meters

Where can I find the counter?

The same question every year: where is the electricity meter? If you live for rent, you can find it in the flat (e.g. in the storage room), in Entrance hall or in basement, cellar. Sometimes it hangs in a separate house connection room, ask your landlord. If you live in your own house, you can usually find it in the hallway or in the basement, near the main fuse box.

What is electricity and what is gas?

It is easy to distinguish between electricity and gas meters: electricity meters show consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours), gas meters in meters3 (Cubic meter). Mostly are Electricity meter also made of black plastic, Gas meter made of metal.

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How do I read the electricity meter correctly?

To read the meter reading correctly, you need the meter number and the meter reading. The Counter number is important so that your consumption can be assigned to the correct consumption point, i.e. you. It is comparable to the house number. The Meter reading tells how much electricity you have used. To read the meter reading, please use the roller counter, which shows a combination of numbers, the current electricity meter reading in kilowatt hours (kWh). Please read the numbers only up to Decimal place from.

Where is the meter number?

Mostly in the lower part of the electricity meter, often near one Barcodes. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can find the meter number on your last electricity bill and, if available, on the reading card. Then you can compare. Especially if you several electricity meters (e.g. for heat pump electricity), you should ensure that the respective meter reading is assigned to the correct meter number.

Where is the meter reading?

This is the Counterthat rotates when you use electricity. In addition, the indication kWh stands for the Kilowatt hoursin which the consumption is measured. All you have to do is read the status up to Decimal point, you don't need the number after it.

Two meter readings.

If your electricity meter has two meter readings, you usually have one Double tariff meter. This is z. B. the case if you have a Heat pump or Night electricity heating use. You then have two different electricity tariffs: the high tariff (“HT”) for daytime consumption and a low tariff (“NT”) for nighttime electricity. Accordingly, you have to read two meter readings.

How do I report consumption?

You can check your meter reading by phone, by email or submit online. With ENTEGA this is done with just a few clicks in the Customer portalMyENTEGA. To do this, you only have to register once and you can then select your contract account at any time, enter the meter reading and send the meter reading to us by clicking on "Send meter reading". Finished. If you have a Reading card you can fill it in and send it back. Or just send us the meter reading via our contact form notify You can find it here.

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Estimate the meter reading.

The meter reading itself does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about power consumption. Because it is never reset and does not show the annual consumption, but one scrolling value. It is only helpful if you can use it note and then check again, e.g. B. after a year to the Annual consumption to find out.

What is the annual consumption?

You can find out your annual consumption by comparing the current status with the status a year ago, e.g. B. based on the annual Electricity bill. If your annual consumption has increased significantly, there can be various reasons. So you might just be using more electricity because more people live in the same household, look yours Habits changed or you yourself additional devices have acquired. Which of your household appliances are secret Power guzzlers can be determined with an ammeter. You can borrow the device free of charge from ENTEGA Points.

When does the operator have the electricity meter read?

Once a year. Either comes in Sales representative to you, you will be sent a reading card or your network operator will contact you with a request to read the electricity meter.

What if i'm not there?

Usually you don't have to stay at home to let the reader in. Rather, most providers suggest the meter reading read yourself. In the event of major changes compared to previous years, it may then be that someone to Verification come over. Alternatively, you can give your key a neighbours or, as a tenant, ask the property manager or landlord to open the door for the reader. Or you call the company and arrange one meetingfor whom you are there.

Do I have to let the electricity reader in?

Tenants in particular are noisy rental contract obliged to make the annual electricity reading possible. Strictly speaking, you don't have to let the reader in. However, if the network operator cannot determine the meter reading because you do not give him the opportunity to do so, he may do so estimate. To do this, it is based on the consumption values ​​of recent years. Having the electricity meter read is the better, because it is more accurate, solution.

What about con artists?

To get ahead Con artists To protect yourself, the following tips can help: Readers wear one ID cardthat you can let yourself be shown. They usually come at the same time of the year. If in doubt, don't open it, then the reader throws one Slip of paper in the mailbox and you can Network operator to ask. Readers don't insist on being let in. And they don't want to check lines or carry out repairs.

Why should I read?

You have to read the electricity meter at move, Change of provider or for the annual electricity bill. But it also makes sense to check it occasionally: You can check your consumption and electricity costs at any time.

Why is correct information important?

Reading the electricity meter correctly is important so that you only get the electricity payyou consumed to have. If you do not have your meter read, your consumption may be authorized by the network operator estimated which is not necessarily beneficial to you.

When is it estimated?

Your network operator will usually give you the option of reading the electricity meter. Not until you are repeatedly away from home, none alternative date proposal and do not transmit the meter reading yourself, consumption is estimated.

When changing provider.

Who the electricity providerchanges, e.g. B. because he would like to purchase green electricity from now on, he has to read the meter reading: The old provider can bill until the changeover, the new electricity supplier from this moment on. At ENTEGA, you can switch to cheap green electricity in just a few clicks using the tariff calculator. We also offer heat pump owners special tariffs for heat pump electricity, which are cheaper than normal household electricity, but also contain 100 percent ok-power-certified green electricity. If you enter your annual consumption in the tariff calculator, you will immediately know how much money you have compared to your old tariff save up can. For your change, ENTEGA will give you an attractive thank you New customer bonus*. Have you always wanted an electricity provider with a mobile phone as a bonus? We don't offer a cell phone, but we do offer products that are at least as interesting as an Apple iPad, a full HD LED television or a modern smartphone.

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When moving.

If you move, you should read your electricity meter reading when you hand over the key. That applies to abstract as for Indent. With ENTEGA you can move relaxed and take your electricity with you. You can find out how on our moving page. Moving is always a good opportunity for you Change of electricity provider. Only if you are not yet an ENTEGA customer. You should get your new one as early as possible so that we can start taking care of you when you move in Register electricity. Would you like to know more about this? Then we have even more answers to the big question “When to change electricity provider?”.

Online tariffs.

Many electricity providers offer pure online tariffs, with which you can easily regulate everything on the Internet. This is where you transmit your meter reading conveniently online, with us about the Customer portal MyENTEGA. We'll even remind you in good time when it's that time again. Another advantage: You don't have to worry about an appointment for the reader.

Avoid back payments.

If you record your meter reading regularly, you can keep your monthly payment adjust if necessary so that it corresponds as closely as possible to your actual consumption. This saves you bigger ones Back payments at the end of the year. You can do this at any time in the Meine ENTEGA customer portal by changing your discount with just a few clicks.

Observe consumption.

The regular controll Your meter reading has the advantage that you have a better overview of your consumption. You can see how your consumption is developing Power guzzlers identify faster and, if necessary, appropriate ones in good time Energy saving measures seize. Lots of tips for such measures as well as information about electricity, e.g. For example, how to calculate your annual bill yourself, see our blog.

Types of electricity meters.

Single tariff meter.

Single-tariff meters only have a roller counter. If you want to read your electricity meter, all you have to do is write down this one number up to the place before the decimal point. Because that is your energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). You don't have to write down the number in the red box.

Double tariff meter.

In addition to daytime power, you may also get nighttime power. For example, if you have night storage heating or a heat pump. Then you have either two single tariff meters or a double tariff meter with two counters. This means that the consumption of daytime and night-time electricity is measured separately. Here you have to write down both meter readings up to the decimal point.

Digital electricity meters.

In the future, they will be mandatory: Electricity meters that digitally record how much electricity is being used in the household at what time. While conventional Electricity meters can only record total consumption digital electricity meters also measure the power consumption of individual devices. You can find more on this topic in our blog article about three-phase electricity meters.

Advantages of smart meters.

Smart meter make it possible to generate even more targeted energy and thus CO2 to save. For example, if the consumption skyrockets when you switch on the old basement lamp, it might make sense to replace it with new LEDs. Reading the electricity meter is usually superfluous because “smart meters” can measure electricity consumption depending on the model automatically transmit to the network operator.

From smart meters to smart grids.

Used across the board, smart meters can form the basis for a modern power grid (Smart grid), in which electricity is made available as required and tariffs can be billed depending on the times of day. This could also be done fluctuating supply better match electricity from renewable energy sources to electricity demand. Smart meters have been available for electricity-intensive private households with an annual electricity consumption of over 6,000 kilowatt hours mandatory.

We'll tell you here how to read your gas meter correctly.

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Read the explanation of important terms relating to electricity meters.

Where can I find my meter?

If you want to read your electricity meter, you can usually find it in the flat or in Stairwell (for apartments) or in Hall or basement, cellar (Detached house). Tenants can also simply ask their landlord. The meter number can also be found on your last electricity bill, for example if you want to change the electricity provider and need it.

How do I read correctly?

You can see the meter reading on Roller counter read off. This is the moving number combination on the electricity meter. It shows the current status in Kilowatt hours (kWh). The number can only be read up to the decimal point. The meter number is the fixed number on the electricity meter.

How do I report my meter reading?

This is possible via phone, per e-mail or convenient on-line. For example, ENTEGA offers the MeineENTEGA customer portal, which you can use to send your data to us as an energy supplier with just a few clicks.

When should I read my electricity meter?

once yearly your electricity meter will be read by the network operator so that your consumption can be billed precisely. If you want to check your consumption, you should check your meter reading regularly read and compare. You can reduce it with energy-saving measures and, if necessary, adjust your monthly payments to avoid additional payments.

How can you read a digital electricity meter?

A digital electricity meter has a Display, on which the meter reading can be read. The display is clearly visible on the front of the counter.

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