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Website URL:

The web address varies depending on which fotocommunity page you click on the menu item from.

In order to be able to upload your photo to the fotocommunity, it has to be in digitized form are available on your computer.

quick start Guide

The prerequisite for uploading is that you are registered and logged in as a member of fotocommunity.

And this is how it works

  1. Open the "Upload photo" page (http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/cat/0/upload/1) by clicking on the link "upload" in the page header.
  2. Choose in the point "Image file" the image file of the photo from your computer that you want to upload.
  3. Choose under "Public Channel" the public channel (e.g. motifs, special, etc.) in which the photo should be published.
  4. Depending on the previously selected public channel, you then choose one "Public section" out.
  5. Select the desired folder for your fotohome under "fotohome folder" or select "in no fotohome"
  6. Finally, you forgive one more "Title" and a "Description" for your photo.
  7. Finally click on "OK" at the end of the page

If you want to correct a mistake, add something or delete the picture, you can do so via this info block, which you can find on the right below the large view

https://www.fotocommunity.de/img-info/ii/7/77/MeineFätze.PNG "alt =" Image: MeineFuellen.PNG "longdesc =" / info / Image: MeineFektiven.PNG "/>

of the photo, delete the photo or use "Change photo" to sort it somewhere else.


You need an image file. But where does it come from?

  • If you are with a analog camera you have to scan the picture or the slide. Alternatively, you can order a photo CD when developing your film. All photos are then also stored there as digital files.
  • If you have a Digital camera this step is not necessary. You can upload the digital file that is generated in the digital camera directly if your camera or the camera's memory chip is connected to your Internet computer.

The file name of your image file does not matter, as it is not displayed in the fotocommunity. The image files are given their own name, which is made up of a number (Photo ID) consists. Depending on the file size, file format and image size, uploaded images may be optimized after they have been transferred to the fotocommunity server in an automatic process without the possibility of intervention.

Supported file formats

Currently, only JPEGs with a maximum file size of 16 MB are supported for uploads.

Image and file size

In the upload form you can upload a picture (JPG file) with any edge length and a file size of up to 16MB. This file will be unedited, just as you uploaded it, backed up by fotocommunity as the original. For display in the fotocommunity, a copy of the file is automatically scaled down to a size of a maximum of 1000 pixels edge length and a maximum of 450kB file size. If you prefer to carry out the optimization to fotocommunity size (1000 pixels edge length / 450kB) yourself, you can upload the file you have optimized in addition to the original file in the upload form under "other upload options".

Your photo will then automatically be brought into the correct size (width x height) for display in the fotocommunity.

You can prevent the automatic optimization of your image by the fotocommunity server if you convert the image file yourself. The image file must meet the following conditions:
  • JPG format
  • Maximum file size 450kB
  • maximum 1000 pixels x 1000 pixel edge lengths of the image.

Only if your image file none of these values exceeds and im JPG format (JPEG) is stored, you prevent the automatic optimization.

Pitfall: Some programs do not display the final file size or display it incorrectly (Photoshop, for example). Please check the information with several programs, also at the file system level (e.g. "Explorer" - property display). The cause can be, for example, the addition of meta information (e.g. EXIF ​​/ IPTC data).

Attention: a special rule applies to panoramas!


When uploading, IPTC data will not be removed unless your image is automatically optimized.

Open the photo upload page

To upload a photo, click in the top right on: "Upload"

Details of the photo

On the photo upload page you have to provide some information about your photo.

It can either

  • to public discussion (public channel / section) or
  • in one private fotohome- Folders only appear for your profile visitors or visitors to your external fotohome or
  • both at the same time.

You can find this information on the photo upload page:

  • Minimum information
  • possible additional information

Of course, you can also change the title, description, fotohome folder or section later. Of course, you can no longer change the photo itself, otherwise the comments would no longer fit. Other versions require a new upload. You can also compare different versions, for example, to show the stages of processing.

Choosing a public channel

Photos in the fotocommunity must be assigned to a channel if they are to be discussed publicly. Choose a channel (Channel) that your picture fits best.

Tip: with the general search you can also search for sections. This may help you if you are unsure about the channel.}}

  • You can read more about channels here.
  • When selecting a section, you can see how you can search for a section independently of the channel.
  • If the selection list remains empty after a while, please check your JavaScript settings. Perhaps you also use a plug-in in the web browser that filters JavaScript.

Selection of a suitable section

The fotocommunity has a large number of sections, and at first glance it is not easy to select and / or find a suitable section. But it is worth choosing a section that fits as well as possible, because

Images in subsections are better perceived!

There are now two options for assigning your own photo to a suitable section:

  1. The sections of the fotocommunity are arranged in a so-called tree structure. This means that there is, for example, an "Architecture" section that branches out into further subsections. You can tell whether a section contains further subordinate sections in the selection list by the number in brackets. In the example below you can see that the "Architecture" section was selected first. A second selection list then opens with all subsections. Ultimately, the section "Bus stops" was chosen as the target for the picture:
  2. Especially as a newcomer to fotocommunity you can easily face the problem that you don't even know which sections actually exist and where they can be found. Here the "Section search"in the upload form. Remedy. Let's assume you have a photo of children. In the section search you can now simply enter the search term" children ". All sections on this topic will then be listed. Another advantage of the section search is the ability to across all channels to search. This means that even if you are initially in the Motive channel, for example, you will also see suitable sections in other channels with this option. If you then click on the section, the channel may be changed accordingly.

Note that in many sections the selection of the more specific sections is one offer is up to you, but not a duty. Please only load an image into a specialized section if it actually fits there. If it does not fit, then you simply leave the special selection offers untouched or switch them back to "Please select". This will reset this selection and your picture will appear in the higher-level section.

Selecting a fotohome folder

If you use the option of loading pictures into a personal fotohome folder, you can sort the pictures to a certain extent. Choosing a fotohome folder is optional when uploading an image. The picture can also be assigned to a fotohome folder afterwards without any problems.

An image can only be loaded into a fotohome folder if fotohome folders already exist. So these must in front created after uploading.

  • You can find out more about fotohome here.

If you do not want the picture to appear in the public discussion, then you set up the public channel Only in fotohome and select a suitable fotohome folder. The picture is then with a https://www.fotocommunity.de/img-info/ii/0/0d/Privat_-_nicht_in_Diskussion.gif "alt =" private "longdesc =" / info / image: Privat _-_ nicht_in_Diskussion.gif "/> marked. You you can still use it for FotoMails or in a cross-reference (depending on the settings of the selected fotohome folder).

Title and description of the image

Experience shows that photos with well-chosen titles and detailed descriptions attract more attention than photos with a short title and without a description. In addition, the photos can be found using the joint search using the texts.

Are of particular interest to other users

  • the Location,
  • the Recording dates (Camera type, aperture, exposure time, film),
  • if necessary, follow the steps in the digital editing
  • as special circumstancesunder which the photo was taken.
  • Are also popular specific questions, such as: Do you think the posture of the head and the positioning are so good? You can of course also write such a question yourself as the first comment under your picture and thus, so to speak, specifically open the discussion yourself.

In the description you can, for example, refer directly to the models shown, participants of joint photo tours, locations visited from the information area or other photos. This is useful, for example, if it is a continuous series or you want to compare a differently edited version. A preview image appears for photos. The number of such references is limited to four.

Licensing information

This function may have to be made visible by clicking on the [+].

You can exhibit your picture under different license models. The standard is that you as a picture author all rights keep. But if you want, you can too allow certain uses. Once you've decided on a license, you shouldn't change it again. It should be difficult if you withdraw a right that was once granted. Someone who has used your picture in the previous time with further rights is likely to notice this change from you by chance. So if you are unsure, reserve all rights. If someone is interested in usage rights, they can contact you and you can then still grant the usage rights and conditions in a specific case without any problems.

Publication limit

The fotocommunity has a publication limit (Upload limit) fitted. This is important so that there is a good balance between uploaded photos and comments.

Change the photo afterwards

It is not possible to exchange an uploaded photo for another photo, for example if you have subsequently optimized an image.

A change in the picture therefore requires an upload of the new one and, if necessary, deletion of the old one.

However, you can do the title and the description as well as the specification of the Channels, the section and the assignment in one fotohome folder change afterwards. To do this, click on your photo while you are logged in to view the Full view to obtain.

On the right below the photo you can see an information block https://www.fotocommunity.de/img-info/ii/7/77/MeineFätze.PNG "alt =" Image: MeineFFUNCTIONS.PNG "longdesc =" / info / Image: MeineFFUNCTIONS.PNG "/> Click on" Change photo "to get to the change page. It has a very similar structure to the photo upload page. There you can correct and / or change your information about the photo.

For example, to change the section, click in the field "section"to the new section and complete the step by clicking on"OK"click.

Delete the picture or take it out of the discussion

When you are logged in, click on your photo. Under the photo in the info block you will see an orange edit symbol:

Click the icon to go to the change page. There you can correct and / or change your details.

In the change window you will find the following options:

Permanently delete this photo
To delete your photo, select this point.
  • Danger: You can take this step irreversible do! If you delete a photo, it will be completely deleted from the fotocommunity server, including the image description, all discussions and, if applicable, a link in your fotohome and cannot be reproduced.
  • As the name suggests, the publishing limit is all that counts, so deleting a photo doesn't free up space.
    Exception: if you have a picture immediately after uploading delete - for example because you made a mistake when selecting the image or the automatic optimization did not work out well - you will not lose an upload. You have 30 minutes to determine whether the upload is OK or not and you prefer to delete the image again.
  • In terms of the total storage space for your photos (e.g. 350 in the Basic Membership), only the photos that are actually stored on our server count. So when you have reached the limit of the allocated storage space, you can create some space again by deleting it. If necessary, you should save discussions and other related texts on your hard drive beforehand.
Take this photo out of the discussion
If you have a picture in a public area, but e.g. no longer want to be able to write comments, you can remove the picture from the public discussion. requirement for that is that you have set up fothome as the picture there parked becomes.

In order for the image to remain on the server, you must then have a folder in your fotohome have selected. After confirming, the picture, including all comments, is available in your fotohome. However, no further comments can be written.

  • Images that are in the gallery will be removed from the discussion as well removed from the gallery. There is no turning back here either.
  • If you have the picture again want to share in the public area for discussion, then 14 days must have passed since the last upload of the image in the public area.

Notes on the protection of minors

All photos shown in fotocommunity are subject to the Youth Protection Act. That means:

  • No act outside of the act channel.
  • For photos from the area of Nude photography there is a separate channel that is not accessible to external visitors. Even with the free membership (Free Guest) it cannot be viewed. Photos from this genre that are placed in the sections not intended for this purpose must be moved accordingly. A profile picture cannot be a nude photo either, since the profile is generally accessible to all external visitors.
  • No pornography! The line between nude, erotic and pornography is sometimes difficult to draw. German law is partly in need of interpretation on this point. The following simple rule is therefore applied in fotocommunity: no obvious sexual act may take place in the photo, no vagina may be seen (including close-ups of the labia), no erect member may be seen.
  • Uploading photos with the representation of rough is also prohibited violence, violence-glorifying recordings as well as politically extremist material.

German law applies in all cases. The violation is reported immediately and without warning to the responsible authorities and at the same time to the provider used by the user. For this purpose, the access of the respective user is frozen for reasons of evidence and all existing data and IP addresses used are compiled as evidence. Regardless of this, the violation of these rules leads to immediate exclusion from the fotocommunity.

In fact, some art exhibitions contain pornographic representations, but they have been declared art there. Since the fotocommunity is a public Internet forum, we cannot offer this additional freedom that is granted in the context of art. We therefore ask you to observe the above rules.

Compliance with copyright law

It is not permitted to upload photos to fotocommunity that are subject to third-party rights. This is generally the case for all photos that were not created by you and you have not concluded a license agreement with the author for the distribution of the photo in digital media.

Even in the case of photos of works of art or architectural works, which are themselves subject to copyright, it is not immediately permissible to publish photos, even if you took them yourself. You can find out more about this from the collecting society Bild-Kunst. There are also a large number of image rights that must be observed for photos that are publicly distributed.

Uploading photos that you do not have the right to distribute in digital media is a violation of copyright and therefore punishable!

The same goes for them, of course Texts in the descriptions. Therefore, you cannot simply copy texts, e.g. from songs or poems, under your picture, unless they are your own and you do not have the express (written) permission of the author. Simply naming or linking the author is not sufficient.


Uploading photos requires the cooperation of many bodies. The fotocommunity itself can only work on the side of its server and programming. But also on your side and the places that are interposed for the transfer, a lot can go wrong or cause problems when uploading. It starts with the web browser with its JavaScript settings and goes through advertising filters to the firewall. Sometimes the browser cache just plays a trick.

Please note the following in case of problems:

There you can find out what you can do if, for example, selection lists remain empty or the menu does not work. Difficulties can usually be resolved easily and you only have to configure your computer accordingly once. You can contact support at any time for specific personal assistance.

See also

  • Explain to Fred with pictures on the topic of upload (http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/pcat/65751) and especially the file properties (file size, pixel dimensions) (http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/pcat/65752)
  • EXIF and IPTC metadata (e.g. with information on aperture, exposure time, focal length or GPS coordinates to localize the photo with Google Maps) are retained during the upload unless the image is automatically optimized.
  • Web browser, firewall, advertising filter, Java script, Java, browser cache, referrer, cookies as points that should be checked in the event of problems.
  • Compression and its consequences ... Or: How do I use the 130/260 kilobyte limit ... (http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/mypics/19037/display/832819)

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