How to run my first half marathon

From sports grouch to half marathon: I haven't been an exceptionally athletic person in recent years. Yes, I did sport, but more according to the motto: "What must, that must." How I managed to run my first half marathon, even as a complete beginner, you can read in this article. But that's not the point today, because in the summer I decided to conquer the 21 kilometers again. But this time I really wanted to finish a little faster and improve my pace.

After the half marathon in Bonn and the half marathon in Cologne were both canceled, I just ran my own half marathon at the beginning of October and was therefore even more surprised that I not only set my record over the 10 km (under 60 minutes), but also mine Personal best ran over the 21 km and reached the goal in 2:04:46. On my first half marathon, I was almost 15 minutes slower. In this blog post I will tell you how I managed to do this, what nutrition has to do with it and how you too can optimally prepare for a half marathon.

How do I run a half marathon faster?

Increase the frequency of training sessions

If you want to run a half marathon faster, the most important thing is to increase the frequency of your training first. In fact, when it comes to running, frequency comes before intensity. It is therefore important that you increase your running units each week. The speed then comes on its own - or at least almost 😉 I usually run 3-4 times a week.

Interval training

The fast runs really make the difference and that's the only way to get faster. I had to learn it myself first, because admittedly, such fast interval runs are no picnic, but definitely worth the effort! Once a week you should run several kilometers of training at intervals and steadily increase these intervals and of course also get faster in the intervals. How fast, you have to fix that to your current pace. I definitely recommend a running trainer who will create the training plan for you.

Strength and mobility training

What you shouldn't forget during running training is that your muscles are stressed very one-sided. It is therefore imperative to stretch and mobilize yourself regularly so that you remain smoother in your movements. Strength training is also a must when preparing for a half marathon. You should plan at least one unit of strength training and two units of mobility training per week. This is the only way your body can get faster in a marathon.

Why eating right is so important

In order for the body to be able to achieve top athletic performance, it must also be nourished and supported accordingly. I quickly realized that my body reacts differently to an early morning run than it does to an early evening workout after eating a high-energy lunch. Those who are very active simply have to pay attention to their diet in order to give the body what it needs at the moment. This can be energy in the form of high-quality carbohydrates before a sport session or protein to support the muscles after sport.

Prepare, perform, recover: the Orthomol multisport principle

I have been doing sport regularly for some time now and of course I trained a lot, especially in the time before my half marathon run. In order to increase my athletic performance and, above all, to support my body, I have dealt intensively with the topic of nutritional supplements in sports. Because you not only want to reach the goal of becoming faster, but in the best case also want to finish the half marathon healthily.

For me, the Orthomol multisport principle is a very well thought-out concept of a nutritional supplement for athletes. It consists of four components: Prepare (BEFORE sport), Perform (DURING sport), Recover (AFTER sport) and the “Daily Shot” to ensure the daily micronutrient supply. I've been testing this combination for a few months now and can therefore give you my honest feedback on the products here. On the Orthomol Sport website there is not only further information on the Orthomol multisport principle, but also trial sets can be ordered.

PREPARE: Full of energy before sport

Shortly before training, it is particularly important to have enough energy for the upcoming workout. So to prepare for a run or a workout, the Orthomol Sport prepare bar is great, because it provides a combination of valuable ingredients such as caffeine, creatine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for activation before exercise. It tastes deliciously fruity like dates and almonds. I ate the bar shortly before my half marathon - as my fast time shows, it was worth it 🙂

By the way: I also had the bar with me on my hiking holiday. A great source of energy that will fill you up and quickly give you a little extra power!

PERFORM: Persevere during training

One thing I've noticed in training over the past few months: As soon as I set out on longer distances, I get thirsty after about ten kilometers. No wonder, because after all, the body is running at full speed and loses a lot of fluid through sweating. Since a lot of electrolytes are also lost in the process, the Orthomol Sport perform drink powder is available. The content of the bag is simply dissolved in water and tastes super refreshing like currant, without tasting sweet. Perfect if you are not that into pure water.

"Well-dosed carbohydrates and a balanced combination of electrolytes with a moderate amount of caffeine help to keep athletic performance high for as long as possible."

I not only find the drink delicious, but also notice that it gives me even more energy and enables me to endure longer distances much better.

RECOVER: Regeneration after training

We are all familiar with the great feeling after a strenuous training session. But while we are resting, the body is already preparing for the next physical challenge. So that the muscles can regenerate well and the energy stores are recharged, I use Orthomol Sport recover after exercise. The powder is easy to dissolve in water or milk and makes a creamy, chocolaty shake. Not only does it taste great, it also contains a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids - so that nothing stands in the way of your next workout 😉

By the way: I have already tried many shakes and, if taste is important to you, I can particularly recommend this one. I think the chocolate taste of the Orthomol Sport recover is unique and the shake tastes delicious and creamy even with water. Of these three Orthomol Sport products, it is probably my absolute favorite.

Orthomol Sport - for your sporty everyday life

If you also want to do something good for your body and supply it with vitamins and minerals between workouts, I recommend the Orthomol sports bottles for every day. The complex combination of vitamins and minerals provides targeted support in terms of athletic performance, because micronutrients help the body to use the energy from macronutrients. The small bottles are super practical and are an integral part of my everyday life.

Tip! By the way, there is also aTrial setif you want to test the products first. 

I hope my tips have helped you and you now have a plan, with which you can start your next running training. Remember: it doesn't have to be a half marathon. A 5 or 10 km run can also be a great goal! I am looking forward to your experiences! 

Images: Rheinproduktiv