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General information about climate change
The term climate change describes the global warming of the planet earth caused by humans due to the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Scientists began measuring and recording climate data as early as the middle of the 19th century. However, it was not until the middle of the 20th century that researchers warned about the consequences of climate change.

Causes of Climate Change
Climate change is caused by the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere through the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and petroleum. Global warming, also known as the greenhouse effect, is also supported by methane (CH4) emissions. This is produced in large quantities in animal husbandry, agriculture, landfills and sewage treatment plants.

Consequences and Effects
The consequences of climate change for humans and nature are considerable and numerous. For this reason, only a few effects are mentioned here as examples: Extreme weather phenomena such as heat waves, storms or torrential rains are increasing all over the world. The ice of the glaciers is melting just like the Arctic sea ice. As a result, the sea level is rising worldwide. But the volume of water in the oceans is not only increasing, the ocean is also warming up. This puts entire ecosystems such as coral reefs at risk. However, many scientists are also predicting colder winters for Europe and a drop in average temperature due to the slow ebb of the Gulf Stream, which is so important for Europe's climate.

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