How to take Methergine after an abortion

Sex life after an abortion

Abortion - is a type of surgery, especially if performed after the 6th week of pregnancy. Female genital organs, despite the absence of visible lesions (wounds and sutures) enough serious injuries. Violation of the integrity of blood vessels, mucous membranes. I can only imagine the condition of the uterus - a wound that is invisible to the eye. In this regard, the likelihood of later inflammation and infection is quite high, so you should take all measures to avoid catastrophic consequences.

After an abortion, a woman must follow the rules of personal hygiene in addition to sex life after an abortion will be extended for at least three weeks, but it is better to wait until after the abortion of the first month, and then resume sexual relations. Time pressure to prevent sex not only prevents the development of gynecological diseases, but also the ability to get pregnant again. Particularly dangerous in this regard are sexual relationships after drug termination, because fertility will return in two weeks. After an abortion partner, it is best to abstain from unprotected sex for at least six months, even if there are plans to get pregnant. This is mainly due to the fact that the female body has not recovered, and therefore the risk of pregnancy pathologies too great. It is no coincidence sex after an abortion is an indication of the use of contraceptives, the use of which is categorical.

The most common contraceptive is the use of condoms. Condoms protect against and even sexually transmitted infections, but not by protecting themselves against pregnancy by 100%, but together with other contraceptives.

Use of the diaphragm - another method of contraception that cannot be used after an abortion (12 or more weeks of pregnancy) and two months. After an abortion, sex life, as we are sure gynecologists, should continue with the use of hormonal contraception. In this case, better oral contraceptives will use those in which low levels of hormones. After the abortion, regular oral contraceptives are needed to not only prevent conception, but also improve menstrual function, reduce the likelihood of developing inflammatory diseases.

After the abortion, they should not be installed as intrauterine devices as they aggravate the situation (the complication rate increases).

Sterilization of women - is perhaps the most radical method of contraception, according to which a woman can never have children, as this process is irreversible.

After a mini-abortion, sexuality must also be protected, as well as after drug abortion method. Although mini abortions and less traumatic, but the risk of infection is high. In addition, the chances of subsequent pregnancy are also very high.

After an abortion, loss of interest in sex

If some women after the abortion can hardly wait for the resumption of sexual relations, others, on the contrary, lose interest in sex. Lack of interest in sexual relationships - it is quite a predictable consequence of abortion. Since abortion is primarily a woman's life for life it leaves its mark. Eventually, of course, condition improves, but nobody forgets about the event.

Most couples when faced with problems caused by abortion and cannot cope with them because of this vacation. And if a woman miscarries in late pregnancy it only worsens the situation between the partners.

The age at which the expression was an abortion, the length of the relationship with the partner, whether the decision is mutual: actually how will be transported abortion influenced by several factors. After the procedure, problems caused by hormones develop, which is why a woman may lose interest in sex. Often times partners annoy each other, and sometimes hate.

Solve the problem of reluctance to make love, can be solved through fair frank conversation, so as to avoid criticism, but to focus on encouragement.