How to Develop a Purposeful Focus Movie

A tagline is a powerful branding device that can capture the minds of consumers and help them connect you with the products you need. The ideal slogan is catchy, intelligent, and easy to remember. A slogan can often be a play on words, such as "SingleHop: We manage IT differently". This company is in information technology and has found a way to play around with this acronym. This technique should only be used if it is a natural fit. Develop a tagline as part of an intensive process and take plenty of time to ensure that the correct tagline is chosen.


Read your marketing plan and product descriptions for inspiration. Often times, a sentence about a product or a marketing statement can become a tagline. Your tagline should define your products and what they do. For example, if you make running shoes, a slogan like "We help you lead your life" is appropriate.


Understand your market as your demographics can influence your tagline. If you are attracting an older population, look for phrases that identify that group. The same goes for a younger audience.


Write down your ideas on paper, even if they turn out to be bad. Often times, adding or changing certain words can turn a bad slogan into a great one. The entire brainstorming process should be put in writing once the tagline takes shape.


Read out your potential slogans. What makes sense on paper can be fun.


Pick the top three slogans from your list and test them out with a focus group. Creating the best tagline is often a matter of trial and error. See which members of the focus group are responding and use this information to make your final choice. If none of the first three move the focus group, go back to the drawing board and start over.