Wall bracket for the whole house exhaust fan

Rotatable TV wall as a room divider

The "fulcrum" of a rotating wall is, in the truest sense of the word, a rotating mechanism that is able to support a wall and also easily rotate it.

Thrust ball bearings

I quickly found what I was looking for with this thrust ball bearing (cost: 15 € + 4.60 shipping) on ​​eBay. The thing holds a load of 600kg, which is more than sufficient for my wall with a width of 1.90m including TV and accessories.

Telescopic shaft SW40

A telescopic octagonal shaft known from roller shutter construction serves as the vertical axis of rotation for € 8 from the local hardware store.

Crank gear SW40

Since the wall was supposed to be rotated by a motor (initially), I bought a reconditioned SW40, 3: 1 crank gear for an inexpensive € 20 from MPS Elektro Rolladenbau.

Grill motor

An AC gear, grill motor 230V, 4 rpm, left and right rotation, torque> 60kgf.cm for € 15.29 on eBay (including shipping).