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New Year stencils on windows, how to decorate a window with paper elements, how to do it, and how to use New Year stencils on windows.

New Years is a magical vacation that every family looks forward to. And preparation for this event is necessary in advance. There are many secrets to give your home a magical atmosphere. On the eve of the New Year holidays, adorned with Christmas trees, decorate the walls with garlands and lanterns. Particular attention can be paid to the decoration of windows. Every year they encounter increasingly breathtaking patterns and images of the New Year theme. Create and in your house a fairy tale, but will help, these are the instructions and templates in this article. So on paper, scissors and work. A little from the history of window drawings The idea of ​​decorating windows for the New Year holidays originated in ancient times. Celts decorated shutters and shutters with fir branches to drive evil spirits out of their homes. For these purposes, the Chinese used ringing ornaments, they thought that ringing bells affects evil spirits in the same way. In Russia, Peter I was the founder of this tradition. He ordered that his house be decorated with trees and bright toys. The tradition beloved by everyone easily caught on and was established during the time of the Soviet Union. Our grandfathers and grandmothers painted toothpaste on the windows and cut snowflakes out of the album leaves. In modern times, the traditions of decorating houses for the New Year holidays have not changed, but have changed and endured a lot of innovations and changes. Nowadays, for the decoration of New Year's windows, the following methods are used:

  • Special dyes for windows that wash off without much difficulty;
  • There are many New Year-themed templates and stencils bought in stores on the Internet;
  • Themed stickers and bright toys on the windows.

Decoration of Windows with Paper Elements Paper -This is the best way to decorate windows for the New Year holidays. This material is the most economical and cheapest. In addition, children like to make something out of paper. The main thing in this matter is to act in accordance with the instruction. The most popular are the classic stars, a variety of jewelry, as well as original stencils. Stencils for windows made of paper or cardboard can be purchased in the store, found on the Internet or made yourself. Such details can be an excellent decorative element for decorating windows or balconies. Find a painterly pattern, transfer it to paper and cut out the outline. A ready-made stencil with a Christmas motif can be used in several ways:

  • just hang it on the thread in front of the window (on the curtain or curtain);
  • glue the stencil to the window with a solution of soap and water;
  • Circle the stencil around the contour and then paint the pattern with special colors.

How to make a New Year stencil yourselfSuch stencils are an excellent material for children's creativity. You can not just decorate the windows. New Year stencils are used to decorate mirrors, walls, paintings, postcards, posters and much more, which is enough for the imagination. Intricate figurines are even used to decorate festive dishes. First, choose any stencil and transfer it to paper (you can print it out or draw it by hand). For work, you will need scissors, thick paper or cardboard, ribbon (you can replace it with a regular one), PVA glue, and a board for creativity (cutting board). The cardboard box of the template can be replaced by a plastic folder. Such a product will last a lot longer. This stencil will not get wet, it will not break and it will keep its shape. It can be used for more than a year. Another advantage is that the window surfaces no longer have to be cleaned for a long time after the end of the vacation. It is enough to remove the paper composition from the window. After that, the paper has to cut out the template. Attach it to the cardboard and plastic folder. All of this construction should be placed on the blackboard for creativity. Start cutting out the part with a clerical knife. If the product has long straight lines, you can easily make the task easier with scissors. The purpose of the board is not to spoil your table. As a result, you will get the cut out part. In the creative design of the house, you can use both the external and internal parts of the stencil. You can create a large number of different stencils for Windows in this simple way. How can you use New Year stencils? The most effective option for applying New Year stencils is windows. There are many opportunities.

  • Take a small amount of toothpaste and dilute it in water until foam forms. Fix the stencils on the windows with duct tape and paint the shapes with an old toothbrush or small sponge.
  • There is also a second option for dental pastes for stencil coloring. But in this case you need the inside (cut out shape). You need to fix the pattern on the window and work the outer contour with a solution of toothpaste. You will get such a beautiful snowy silhouette. You can also use this technique to decorate mirrors.
  • This option is similar to the previous one, but for children itwill be more fascinating. In this embodiment, a paste and a toothbrush are used. But the drawing is not painted over; the solution is sprayed from the paste with a brush. To do this, tape a stencil on the window, dab the brush in a solution of toothpaste, and slide your finger along the bristles. Children will love to decorate the windows like this.
  • With the help of stencils, you can even decorate tiles. To do this, you can use regular paint, and you can also dilute it with shaving cream. This mixture is washed off very easily.
  • The easiest way to use stencils is to simply stick them to the glass with a soapy solution, or you can use double-sided tape.
  • Paper figures can be hung on a string or string. Place them under the ceiling, on a Christmas tree, or on walls. You can also use these templates to make a garland and hang it on the window.
  • Stencils for snowflakes Patterned in the New Year's stencils forsnowflakes become very popular. They allow you to quickly and effectively decorate the house, adding a mystery and wonder to the atmosphere. If you don't know which template to choose or how to go about it, you can use the examples below, which are great for working with children. Materials and Tools for Creating Templates In most cases, snowflakes are cut from white paper on Windows. But if you want you can stop on colored paper. If you work with children, you can invite him to paint a white snowflake with paints or markers. To make snowflakes you need paper, a nice stencil, scissors and a simple pencil. If you want to make a collage, a garland or a wreath out of the snowflakes in the future, then you will also need scotch, glue and threads. Instructions for making snowflakes on the window The easiest way to cut a beautiful and clean snowflake is to use the usual thin landscape paper. The sheet must be folded in half, then the resulting half is again folded in two. Keep folding the workpiece until you get a sheet ⅛ or get. As a result, the workpiece must be trimmed and excess material cut off. For now, you can cut out a shape from a landscape format in the form of a circle or a square. In combination with the method described above, a pattern must be applied to the workpiece. And after that, a snowflake is cut along the contour. To perfectly smooth the product, it must be turned and ironed. Below is a selection of snowflakes to use to create ornaments for the New Year holiday. Father's stencil Santa Claus stencils may not be necessary just for decorating windows. Use them as a new year coloring or drawings for creativity. No more ready-made stencils, you might need them next year. Well, if not to you, then to your relatives or friends who have just started mastering the technique of making New Year's patterns. Vytynanka - herringbone-herringbone-can be cut in two ways: by stenciling the silhouette or as a symmetrical shape, around the sheet is bent in the middle. To make a similar standing herringbonewith your own hands you need to cut two identical stalks of paper and glue them on a paper blank of an oval shape, preferably beforehand. Glue the Christmas trees together along the contour. Or you can do it differently by cutting out the stencils of the Christmas trees along with the stands. Balls on the Christmas tree Christmas toys, just like Christmas trees, can be cut through symmetry or through custom templates. Such decorations can be added to the composition on the window, Christmas decor, or you can hang them on a chandelier. Bells Create different bells using a template. If you glue the tracing paper from the inside, it can be used together with the backlight. snowmen Charming snowmen - this is another optionDecorating windows, because without them it is impossible to imagine our winter. Just cut out the symmetrical shape and you are done. You can try a little harder and create a whole family of snowmen. The process of making stencils with children if you ask me how to cut out stencils when a young child is around. There is one important rule - you cannot leave your baby alone, he should always be supervised. Support your child:

    • praise and motivate him even when he has failed;
    • prepare for the child all tools and materials, arrange a place for work;
    • discuss each step with the child.

    Before the New Year holidays, you will not have problems choosing jewelry for the home. Cover yourself with paper, scissors, call the child and send out templates with New Year's motifs. Here you will see, there will be a little time and you will enjoy beautiful openwork patterns on your windows. Such handicrafts will become more important to your baby than a nice toy from the store. Collective work and products from one hand bring the New Year mood into your house. As you can see, there are so many ways to use New Year templates for Windows. A very important point is that such creativity is accessible and exciting for your child. Your baby will remember the time spent with parents for a long time. He can make jewelry with his own hands, he can feel like a real magician, besides, this is another way to increase his self-esteem.