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The Truth About Bill Murray's Ex-Wives

Bill Murray married costume designer Jennifer Butler in 1997. They reportedly met while filming in 1988 Crooged and brought four sons together. After nearly eleven years together, the couple's relationship ended when both parties were accused of ugly behavior that was unfolding in the press.

Butler-Murray filed for divorce in 2008, citing her husband's alleged sex addiction, infidelity, alcoholism, and marijuana abuse as the reason for the separation. That same year, a neighbor called the police on St. Patrick’s Day because "Butler-Murray was allegedly drunk and two of her children ran to a neighbor’s house for help" The New York Post.

Neither Bill nor Jennifer were ever formally charged, and by June 2008 their divorce was finalized. According to PeopleShe was given "custody of her four children," along with homes in California and South Carolina. Murray paid her child support and a flat fee of $ 7 million. The actor told The Orange County Register that the collapse of his second marriage was "the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life."

Perhaps that is why Bill Murray is in no rush to tie the knot again. He told talk show host Howard Stern that he had been working on himself. When asked if this is going to be lonely, Murray said, "I don't think I'm lonely," while admitting that "it would be nice to go to some of these things and go on a date."