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5 mind games men play with women before a breakup (and how to deal with them)

When a man leaves you, your entire world collapses. You feel rejected and alone.

We have all experienced this dreadful feeling and the healing process that follows.

But what would happen if you could be one step ahead of the man who's going to break your heart?

What if you could foresee that he would leave you?

There would be no heartbreak even if you really loved him.

Because at some point you would notice that he was playing mind games with you to find an excuse to break up.

He's probably a weak coward who isn't man enough to tell you straight to your face that he wants to end the relationship.

So he resorts to the most disgusting and cowardly method of escaping the chaos he's in - playing mind games with you and trying to convince you that you have been the problem the whole time, so he's clean and dry get away innocent.

Most women don't realize they've been exploited in their relationship until after it's over.

Only then do they analyze what happened and they realize that they were not to blame for the things that happened.

They loved the man who took advantage of them so much that they couldn't tell that something was wrong.

They failed to realize that things shouldn't be the way they were.

Even if they had noticed that something was going wrong, they would not have admitted it to themselves, otherwise the perfect dream world in which they lived would have burst.

Sometimes it is easier to ignore the truth than to face it and feel the consequences.

It is therefore important that you take an objective look at your life.

Ignore the fact that you are in love, because love will blind you and then you will not see anything for what it really is.

Maybe because you don't want to or just can't.

There are many different ways men play with women.

Since we are all different, so are our actions. Different things get close to us, different things hurt us.

Emotional psychopaths and men who play games with people as if they were just objects and not human beings are smart enough to know exactly where they can hurt us the most.

These men do this because they want to break up with you and make it seem like it's all your fault.

Here are a few of the mind games they play to get what they want and to draw a clear line under the relationship.

1. He flirts with other women

He could give many reasons why he is doing this. But the most common reason is that he just wants your attention and because he wants to make you jealous - which is also wrong.

However, there may be another reason why he's doing this.

He wants to give you a subtle hint that he wants to end your relationship soon.

The thing is, if you ask him why he's doing this, of course he won't tell you the reason directly.

He will likely lie and portray himself as a victim so you feel sorry for him and leave him alone.

He will likely tell you that you don't care about him and that he feels lonely, while the truth is that he has had enough of you and will leave you soon.

And when he leaves you, you'll feel like a piece of dirt because you think it was all your fault and that you should have loved him more.

2. He makes you feel guilty

It will make you feel like you are completely worthless.

No matter how hard you try to make your relationship work, he will find a way to condemn your behavior.

He will blame you for everything that goes wrong.

Even if you are not in a good mood and pull yourself together over him, he will provoke you to drive you crazy so that he can be the victim again and you are the culprit.

He'll do this every day because he either wants to break up with you or because he wants you to break up with him so he doesn't have to be the one to end the relationship.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this is to stay out of touch with him and just leave him.

Even if that gives him the satisfaction that he didn't break up with you and got rid of you, it's still not worth your emotional breakdown.


3. He will lie to you all the time

He's probably going to have an affair, which is so obvious. You just know that he is cheating on you and that he is doing it on purpose.

He wants you to know because he's preparing for a breakup.

But the crazy thing is that he's going to lie to justify his intentions because he doesn't want to appear the bad guy even if he wants you to know he doesn't love you anymore.

He'll lie about where he's been and with whom - even if you smell another woman's perfume on him. He'll deny everything.

Don't stay with him to find out what's going to happen.

Don't give him another chance because he doesn't deserve it and probably because he doesn't want it either.

Don't let him mistreat you with his lies and make a fool of you. Never show him that his obvious lies can harm you and just end it.

And when he asks the reason what a mind game-playing psychopath like him is most likely going to do, just say, "That's why." Don't give him the satisfaction of seeing how hurt you are.

4. He will use the gaslighting method on you

That is the supreme discipline of manipulation. This is the meanest and most powerful mind game method there is.

The gaslighting method is a form of emotional abuse in which the perpetrator repeatedly manipulates situations to make you feel like you are crazy.

He will choose a situation and say one thing and do the complete opposite.

After that, he will convince you that you got it all wrong and that he never said what you think he said (or did what you think he did).

You can escape from this situation by making a note of everything.

You can't write down everything that happens in your life, but after a while the situations will repeat themselves and when that happens, write down what he said or what he promised you and compare your notes with what he ended up doing did.

You will realize that he is the problem and not you. He will play mind games with you so that after your breakup he will have the excuse that you are completely insane and that he had no choice but to leave you.

5. He provokes you

He will provoke you to make you angry and eventually use that anger against yourself.

No matter how calm you may be, after constant verbal and emotional provocation you will eventually lose your temper and go to the roof.

And that's what he wanted from the start. Since he has known you long enough, he knows exactly what is making you angry and he will use this against you.

Once you get angry, he will play the victim and make things different.

So you realize that this manipulation is the perfect disguise for a breakup, because only you can be the culprit.

You are constantly angry and yelling all the time.

On the surface, that's true, but if you analyze the situation more closely, you will see that he planned the chaos and is responsible for the overall situation.

All because he didn't have the guts to break up with you like a man.

He acted like an immature mother’s boy, like a real coward.

You don't deserve a coward, you deserve a real man.