What does the color loden look like

Material: 100% virgin wool, pocket trim: genuine leather


Not a fleece jacket like you are used to

Whether hiking, climbing, mountain biking or cozy mushroom picking - with our loden fleece jacket you are well equipped!

When it gets cooler, the fleece jacket is quickly thrown on and offers warmth without causing heat to build up. The jacket can be worn as a second layer under a hardshell, as well as an outer layer, e.g. as a replacement for a softshell jacket.

The material: No softshell, no hardshell, but lambskin from lambskin!

Our loden fleece jacket "Urs" is made from 100% pure new wool, it is breathable, warming and very robust. Due to the elaborate, double-sided roughening process of the loden, the jacket is pleasantly soft and is very comfortable to wear. Loden is a natural product and does not require a lot of care: Odors disappear in the fresh air and dirt is left to dry and then brushed out. What makes our special loden fleece so special are its climatic properties. The dense weave of the double-face loden and the fine pile on the surface make the jacket almost resistant to the penetration of wind - and all without a membrane! And precisely because we don't have to use a membrane, the loden fleece remains very breathable and ensures an optimal indoor climate.

Modern and well thought-out cut

The jacket has a modern cut and offers sufficient freedom of movement so that it is comfortable to wear, especially during sports or outdoor activities. Two large zipped pockets lined with real leather offer space for some utensils and warm your hands in winter. In the elbow, shoulder and neck area, we have additionally reinforced the outer fabric with covers made of normal loden, also made of pure new wool. In this way, the heavily used areas are additionally protected against wear and tear.

Size Chart

size Ready-made
chest waistArm lengthBack length
S.46104 cm100 cm65 cm67 cm
M.48-50112 cm106 cm65 cm69 cm
L.52120 cm112 cm66 cm73 cm
XL54-56128 cm122 cm68 cm75 cm
XXL58140 cm130 cm69 cm79 cm

Explanations of the size chart

In general, it is best to use your normal clothing size as a guide. In order to decide whether you want to wear the jacket more comfortably with a lot of mobility or rather narrower with a little less mobility, use the additional values ​​given as a guide.

Back length:
The back length value is measured from the lower edge of the collar and reflects the length of the hunting jacket.

Arm length:
The table shows the sleeve length of the loden jacket, measured from the shoulder seam to the sleeve hem.

The waist specification describes the waist circumference of the jacket. For the measurement, we placed the jacket on a mat, closed the zipper and measured from left to right at approx. Navel height.

The loden jacket is so designed that if you are between two sizes, we recommend ordering the smaller size. You can also give us a short call and we will advise you on the fit!

One jacket, two brands - why that?

To understand: The men's loden fleece jacket URS and the women's model ADELE were created around the same time as our outdoor brand STEINKAUZ was created. This is why they are partly available under the WALDKAUZ label and partly as a STEINKAUZ loden jacket. The hunting colors such as moss green and brown were assigned to one brand, the bright leisure colors to the other. The same can be found, for example, in the AQUARIUS rain cape.

The intention in this decision was above all not to mix up the things that are specialized for hunting in the KOWL with things that are not suitable for hunting. Conversely, this is not a problem, but no hunter goes to the hunt with clothing that immediately catches the game's eye and neither does he / she want to go with a shoulder bag where the lock only opens with an audible click! open. Hence, in our opinion, the necessary separation into TEST OWL and STEIN OWL.